The Washington Times - July 13, 2008, 12:29PM

DENVER — There’s been more than a little “chatter” about various glitches in first activating Apple‘s new 3G iPhone (no, I don’t have one yet) and then with the online “App Store” — is everything available, how come developers are or aren’t selected, are updates for software being posted.

For those who are waxing hot over all this, may I suggest — with respect — that the blessed thing has been out for only about 96 hours or so, and the App Store is in its “shakedown” mode as well. I’ll feel far less chartiable one week from now if I can’t update BibleXpress, but for now, I’m trying to be reasonable.


That said, I’ll offer Apple a free idea: let users see software version info on their devices (original and 3G iPhones and, where applicable, iPod Touch) so that we can know we’ve got the latest versions installed and not merely on our computer’s iTunes. Do you have ways the new iPhone and/or App Store can be better? Offer comments — respectful, please — below.

— Mark A. Kellner