The Washington Times - July 4, 2008, 01:33PM

SOUTHAMPTON, BERMUDA — There might be better places to spend a Fourth of July than this British “overseas territory” (the politically correct term that replaced “Crown colony” a few years back), but I’m having trouble thinking of one. Work, believe it or not, brings your correspondent to the Fairmont Southampton resort, and here I’ve discovered a couple of things about technology in the mid-Atlantic.

One is that it’s available. The Fairmont people have, helpfully, included high-speed Internet in each of the nearly 600 rooms here. However, it’ll set you back $14 per day unless you sign up for the cost-free “Fairmont President’s Club,” which gives you a code to use and avoid the charge. It’s a clever marketing idea: get a guest’s information in exchange for free connectivity, but why not? Bermuda is beautiful but expensive: there’s little here that seems to be a bargain, so saving a few bucks in paradise is a good idea.


Cellular service is also good, with a local carrier picking up my AT&T Wireless SIM easily. I can only pray that the roaming charges won’t break the bank.

But, hey, it’s beautiful, sunny and warm here. The cares of the world are far away (locally, I’m told, gas is about $8 a gallon, so why am I complaining?) and I may get to enjoy some “down time” once work is done. Being able to connect from far away, however, is a plus

Mark Kellner, The Washington Times