The Washington Times - June 25, 2008, 04:17PM

In one of my lives, I regularly receive news releases and photographs. My jaw dropped at one snapshot received today: The “red eye,” or reflection of a camera’s flash in the pupils of a photo subject, was highly visible.

Friends, there’s just no longer any excuse for this. Fixing the problem is very simple, and very do-able. Just about any digital camera  I’ve seen will come bundled with software that allows you to correct this.


And, there’s tons of commercial software for this. I can recommend three solutions: On the Mac platform, Apple’s iPhoto will easily do the trick. Adobe’s excellent Photoshop Elements is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac users. Corel’s PhotoAlbum 6 is another Windows-based option, and retails for only $29 in its “full” version.

You can likely find all of the Windows programs at any Costco or Sam’s Club, among other venues, not the least being local computer stores and online at If you’re stone-cold broke (not impossible these days), check out the freeware GNU Image Manipulation Program, more commonly known as, I kid you not, GIMP. There are versions of this Photoshop-like software for Windows, Linux and Mac, and you can find several red-eye removal tutorials for the GIMP program here.

This is not a world-shaking problem, but the people you photograph — and the people who see your photographs — will be grateful, I promise!