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Trail Times Archive: October 2008

  • Whoops! Michelle Obama gets crowd size wrong

    Campaign yanks Web video where first lady hopeful overstates size of Miami rally. Published October 22 2008

  • McCain campaign events need a droopy-drawers rule

    Several of the eight young men standing behind the stage in Goffstown, N.H, this morning with M-A-V-E-R-I-C-K spelled on their chests had a droopy drawers problem. Published October 22 2008

  • Biden blasts robo-calls

    VP nominee and MoveOn urge action, plus a look at swing state ground game. Published October 22 2008

  • Bringing the surge back into the discussion

    A third-party group is expanding its attacks on Barack Obama and the war on terror to Colorado and Ohio. Published October 20 2008

  • McCain's Hispanic strategy failing

    A new poll of Hispanic voters finds Barack Obama is clobbering John McCain. Published October 20 2008

  • McCain supporters call early voters 'cheaters'

    Video from the trail shows a heated scene across street from polls. Published October 20 2008

  • NYT's scoops on Cindy angers McCain camp

    If the political mudslinging wasn't enough between the presidential candidates and their vice-president picks, the focus is now sticky on an accusation of media bias with The New York Times as the target. Published October 18 2008

  • Joe the Plumber for Congress?

    Despite being arrears in taxes and potentially in violation of license laws for being a plumber — or maybe because of that — some folks say Joe the Plumber, real name Joe Wurzelbacher, is needed in Congress. Published October 17 2008

  • Would the GOP disenfranchise Joe the Plumber?

    The Ohio Democratic Party says a Republican lawsuit to try to clean the voter rolls in Ohio could end up snaring Joe the Plumber. Published October 17 2008

  • Red state tour

    On the road again to find out what's turning these red states purple. Published October 17 2008

  • 'Joe the Plumber' is here to stay

    John McCain wasted little time in further elevating "Joe the Plumber," taking the newest unlikely political star's case to voters in Pennsylvania. Published October 16 2008

  • Money sense at the debate

    Debate-watching with a crowd at Kazi’s, a downstairs restaurant bar in Northwest Washington, D.C. Published October 15 2008

  • Barr debates, sort of

    Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Bob Barr will stage his own virtual debate during the televised debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. Published October 15 2008

  • MoveOn sends e-mail from 'Karl Rove'

    Liberal group sends fake Rove e-mail urging fired-up Obama supporters to stay home. Published October 15 2008

  • A stolen election?

    Republicans are crying foul on voter registration fraud, are they laying groundwork to challenge election? Published October 15 2008

  • Obama 369, McCain 143

    Democrat wins more "votes" at Capitol Hill burger joint. Published October 14 2008

  • 'W' doldrums

    Here is the rare survey that might bring at least a small grin to someone in the White House. Published October 13 2008

  • Team Obama targets teens as secret weapon

    Campaign ad stars teenagers aiming to have "the talk" to influence adult voters. Published October 13 2008

  • 'Cheers' stars hit the campaign trail

    Everybody knows their names as Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammer and John Ratzenberger pick their candidates. Published October 11 2008

  • Palin to appear on "SNL"

    Word on the campaign trail is that Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on "Saturday Night Live" Oct. 25, spoofing herself and her look-alike, Tina Fey. Published October 11 2008