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Trail Times Archive: October 2008

  • McCain and Keating: 'Till death do us part'

    In 1986 John McCain wrote an apology note to Charles H. Keating Jr. for his Senate campaign having overstepped its bounds. Keating responded with a handwritten note — addressed to "senator," seven months before McCain won his Senate seat — telling him not to sweat it, "I'm yours till death do us part." Published October 9 2008

  • Debate Nielsen numbers game

    Vice-president trumps president on the American audience applause meter Published October 8 2008

  • "Barack Obama's friend tried to kill my family."

    The McCain campaign has released a statement from John M. Murtaugh, who as a child had his house firebombed by the Weather Underground and who links the group's founder, William Ayers, to Barack Obama. Published October 8 2008

  • Foreign policy matters

    The question was, how can America act as a peacemaker? Published October 7 2008

  • Drink away the sorrows?

    A group of young 20-somethings, concerned with the economy, don't have much confidence in the candidates' solution to the troubled economy. Published October 7 2008

  • McCain also said U.S. troops killed civilians

    John McCain in 2000 said because of tactical decisions U.S. troops were put in the position of killing civilians in Kosovo — something awfully similar to the comments for which he's now attacking Barack Obama. Published October 7 2008

  • Obama leaves a bigger deficit

    A new analysis says Barack Obama would save less, and leave the country with a deeper deficit, by 2013. Published October 6 2008

  • Palinpalooza: Guv jokes she's keeping SNL writers employed

    Sarah Palin tells Nebraska voters she goofed her CBS interviews as fodder for Tina Fey. Published October 5 2008

  • NC Gov. Easley on McCain: "Stubborn old mule"

    Barack Obama makes surprise visit to NC Dems' dinner, governor mocks McCain. Published October 4 2008

  • An eyeful of Ifill

    First there was Fake Sarah, now it's Fake Gwen. NBC's Saturday Night Live has quietly admitted it has cast singer/actress Queen Latifah to play PBS correspondent Gwen Ifill, who moderated the vice presidential debates. Published October 3 2008

  • Palin, Biden just miss each other at airport

    VIDEO: The two VEEP planes land in exact same spot before debate. Published October 2 2008

  • Ben Stein: Bailout the beginning of socialism

    Hollywood actor and conservative star Ben Stein is no fan of the Wall Street bailout, and tells my colleague, David Eldridge, it's the beginning of American Socialism. Published October 2 2008

  • Sarah Palin steps to the line

    I've seen this scenario before: during March Madness. The number-one seed has begun to assert itself, regained the lead, and is on the verge of putting away the underdog. Published October 2 2008

  • At betting booth, odds are against Palin

    "On the eve of the vice presidential debate, Sarah Palin is already a heavy underdog, according to the odds makers at BetOnline.com." Published October 1 2008

  • How to elevate a controversy

    The McCain campaign has deployed a former Army helicopter pilot who actually was shot down to take aim at Joe Biden's claims he was shot at in the Green Zone in Iraq and was in a chopper that was forced down in Afghanistan. Published October 1 2008