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[Audio Update 10/16] O'Reilly guest hurls racial slur at Juan Williams, brags on Twitter

Juan Williams and Warren Ballentine joined Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Thursday to debate accusations of so-called racist statements (all of which have been debunked or put into context)being attributed to conservaitve talk radio star Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Williams defended Mr. Limbaugh, while Mr. Ballantine attacked Mr. Limbaugh.  Newsbusters writer Mark Finkelstein noted towards the end of the debate, Mr. Ballantine, an African American author and talk radio host made a racial slur towards Mr. Williams.

UPDATE: Balloon boy found

An unusual rescue effort is playing out near Denver.  A six-year-old-boy has accidentally lifted off in an air balloon crafted homemade by his Fort Collins family.

Off the beaten path online: The rise and fall of ObamaMarketing...

Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: The rise and fall of ObamaMarketing, Will Obama give credit to Bush for Dow 10k since the administration keeps passing the buck on the poor economy?, Lindsay Graham gets tagged a "traitor" for supporting climate change legislation.