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The Water Cooler is written by Washington Times staffers.

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1998 Jennings "killing" column debated among bloggers

It seems the Water Cooler is taking criticism for a recent post regarding Safe School's czar Kevin Jennings 1998 essay in the Advocate magazine, but what about the 1998 essay itself?  A conservative response from gaypatriot.net provides an interesting point of view missing from the debate.

What About Us

So the White House declared war on Fox News for its editorial content and not our editorial page? Why not us? 

Mark Steyn on Obama's Nobel

The most popular headline at the Real Clear Politics Web site the other day was: “Is Obama Becoming A Joke?” With brilliant comedic timing, the very next morning, the Norwegians gave him the Nobel Peace Prize.

NY's GOP ACORN endorsed candidate

New York's 23rd Congressional District seat was recently vacated by Republican John McHugh after President Obama appointed the upstate New York former congressman to be the Secretary of the Army.  A special election to be held on November 3 is scheduled to fill Mr. McHugh's old seat.  However, conservatives and GOP activists are not necessarily thrilled with the New York's GOP local county committee chairmen's nomination for the GOP candidate.