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Local news blogging: Okla. ACCORN planned state takeover

Documents recovered from an abandoned ACORN office in Oklahoma City reveal the organization's power-mongering plans to take over that state's legislature. According to Oklahoma Watchdog, which obtained some of the documents, ACORN had a five-year plan to obtain “power” in the state. The documents lay it out plainly: “Therefore, the route to power is twofold: First, build powerful city organizations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that can control these municipalities. Second, become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change who controls the state legislature.”     A limited number of Oklahoma bloggers attack the issue.

Local news blogging: Dems banana-split over public option

The Right is celebrating the democrat-led Senate Finance Committee failure to insert the public option into the Senate's health care reform bill Tuesday.  Twice, democrat dissent contributed to the committee striking down amendments promoting government-run health insurance programs by votes of 15-8 and 13-10.  Republicans say the Democrats appear weak. Democrats who voted against one or both of the measures, Max Baucus of Montana and Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Thomas R. Carper of Delaware and Bill Nelson of Florida, enticed bloggers in their respective states.

Nothing neutral about net neutrality

  So called "net neutrality" has been a buzz word among those on the left for several years now since the internet has proven to be the private sector's biggest success stories.   .

Local news blogging: 2016 Chicago Olympic Bid

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are traveling to Denmark this week attempting to lobby the International Olympic Committee into supporting Chicago as host of the 2016 summer olympics.  This is a hot-button issue in the Illinois blogs.

Earth to Krugman, stop whining

New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman "feels despair" over the fate of the planet due to climate change.  Has he bothered to reading the news lately?

Local news blogging: Polanski arrest

The arrest Saturday in Switzerland of American director Roman Polanski, who has been on the run since 1978 after pleading guilty to raping a 13-year-old girl, is becoming somewhat of a foreign diplomatic crisis.  Polanski fled the U.S. after the judge who presided over the case hinted he would refuse the district attorney's plea agreement set with Polanski and seek a stiffer sentence, possibly a maximum penalty. France and Poland, where Polanski enjoys dual-citizenship, are calling for his immediate release by pressuring the U.S. and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to intervene.  The U.S. is requesting Polanski's transfer back to the States. California bloggers uncovered some interesting nuggets in this controversial story:

Correction: Previous Entry

The previous entry referencing that the Capitol Hill switchboard was being used to push health care reform legislation was incorrect.  This is not the case.

Video: Another song by school children praising Obama

B. Bernice Young School in Burlington Township, New Jersey was under scrutiny this week after a video surfaced of their grade school children singing a worshipful like song to President Obama.  Another video appears to be making the rounds on the web today of another group of children singing a song to President Obama that has an idolizing theme. 

Local news blogging: Kirk appointment

Vice President Joe Biden may have to avoid swearing in today if a Massachusetts judge sides with the state's GOP. Mr. Biden is slated to swear in Paul G. Kirk Jr.  to a vacant senate seat left by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy at 3 p.m. today. The GOP's argument is the subject of an Associated Press story published in the Washington Times website Friday.  Massachusetts bloggers discuss the Kirk appointment: