The Washington Times - July 18, 2008, 03:38PM

B.P.R.D: War on Frogs, Dark Horse Comics ($2.99, one shot). Another dose of paranormal pyrotechnics takes readers back to the early days of Hellboy when a cult of mutated amphibians threatened to take over the world.

What’s the story? It picks up from the pair of online comics B.P.R.D: Revival found on ( and features Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense‘s member Roger the Homunculus against a pair of familiar, frightening frogs found under the ruins of Cavendish Hall.


Writing strength. John (B.P.R.D.: The Warning) Arcudi ghoulishly closes the books on the Cavendish brothers, but offers very little exposition for non-fans to care about what’s going in. However, the story works as a standalone piece and may even touch the tear ducts.

B.P.R.D: War on Frogs from Dark Horse Comics

Artist’s style. Herb Trimpe? That’s correct, Marvel zombies. The legendary illustrator of the Hulk, and the first man to draw Wolverine in print, offers his take on the Mignolian universe. Guy Davis acts as inker and helps a bit too much with the pencils, but Mr. Trimpe is still in the house, brother.

Pop-art moments. Mr. Trimpe delivers quite a battle sequence between the green, tongue-tentacled creatures and grey skinned hero. The final frame of the frogs demise really explodes off the page.

Read it or leave it? This is strictly for the hard-core Hellboy fan enamored with saber-tooth frogs, skeletons and Herb Trimpe. Did I mention Herb Trimpe drew the book?