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Andrew P. Napolitano

Andrew P. Napolitano

Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is an analyst for the Fox News Channel. He has written seven books on the U.S. Constitution.

Articles by Andrew P. Napolitano

Cancelling Free Speech Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Silencing free speech on college campuses

Last week produced news about the suppression of speech on university campuses. There, the suppression usually occurs through the power of intimidation before the speech is given. Published March 3, 2021

MAD Scientist Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Do American citizens own their faces?

After listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci suggest last weekend that we should expect to be wearing two masks on our faces everywhere we go until the end of 2022, I began thinking again about first principles. Published February 24, 2021

Coming abortion wars illustration by Linas Garsys / The Washington Times

Biden and Democrats reignite the abortion wars

There have been rumblings among Democrats to make it more difficult for the Supreme Court to invalidate or permit states to gnaw away at Roe v. Wade. Published February 10, 2021

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Did Trump commit a crime by exhorting the crowds on Jan. 6?

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offered his understanding last weekend of President Trump's alleged role in the Capitol riots when he said, "If inciting to insurrection isn't impeachable, I don't know what is." Published January 13, 2021

Illustration on the impact of Christmas by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

A 'what if' Christmas in America

What if Christmas is a core belief in a personal God who lived among us and many times offered a freely given promise of eternal salvation that no believer should reject or apologize for? Published December 23, 2020

Illustration on Trump pardoning himself by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Can the president pardon himself?

Most presidential pardons -- indeed all pardons that President Trump has issued -- have been for specific crimes of which the subject of the pardon has already been charged and convicted. Published December 9, 2020

US Constitution (illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington TImes)

Questions for Thanksgiving Day 2020

What if the government's true goal is to perpetuate its own power? What if the real levers of governmental power are pulled by agents and diplomats and by bureaucrats and central bankers behind the scenes? Published November 25, 2020