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Carleton Bryant

Carleton Bryant

Carleton Bryant is a senior editor at The Washington Times, where he oversees the National and Metropolitan desks. He also serves as the newsroom's internship coordinator. He has served as an assistant managing editor; a National, Metropolitan and Features desk editor; an assistant National desk editor; and a reporter on the National and Metro desks.

Articles by Carleton Bryant

OUT OF CONTEXT: It’s time someone told the truth about getting older

Last weekend I reached a magical age — the one that lets you say you're turning fortysomething for the last time; the one that Romans enumerated as "IL" or "XXXXIX" or "XLIX," depending on who was chiseling the stone; the one where you get your AARP application promptly in the mail. Published February 15, 2009

OUT OF CONTEXT: Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

I was talking to a friend about the conceit of our technological supremacy over that of past generations - you know, the belief that if a modern man went back in time, he could take control of society because of his technological superiority. Published January 11, 2009

OUT OF CONTEXT: Time will tell, so get your subscription today

After more than 100 years of automotive history, evolution by now should have come up with a squirrel fast enough to cross the street without getting hit or smart enough not to set foot on the road in the first place. Published November 16, 2008