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Cheryl Wetzstein

Cheryl Wetzstein

Cheryl Wetzstein, a Washington Times staff member since 1985, is manager of special sections in The Washington Times' Advertising and Marketing Department.

Previously, she spent 30 years as a Washington Times news reporter, covering national domestic policy, in addition to being a features writer, environmental and consumer affairs reporter, and assistant business editor.

Beginning in 1994, Mrs. Wetzstein worked exclusively on welfare and family issues such as child support enforcement, abstinence and sex education, child welfare, sexually transmitted diseases, marriage, divorce, cohabiting and gay marriage.

She has won several newspaper awards, including 1977 Cub Reporter of the Year and 1983 Heart of New York award, both from the New York Press Club.

Articles by Cheryl Wetzstein

WETZSTEIN: 'Poor outcomes' of pornography

If pornography was accurately advertised, it would be touted for its amazing ability to make people feel bad about themselves, develop secret lives, do bizarre sexual things to themselves and others, and eventually lose any interest in making love with an actual person. Published May 3, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Courts tip scale on gay marriage

On Monday, gay couples flocked to Iowa state offices to pick up their marriage licenses. The mood is especially celebratory because Vermont lawmakers recently legalized gay marriage, and state leaders in New York and Maine are calling for it, too. Published April 28, 2009

'Morning-after' pill available to minors

The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that the "morning-after" birth-control pill now will be available to teenage girls as young as 17 without a prescription. Published April 23, 2009

Author decries tolerance for porn on campuses

Michael Leahy, founder and executive director of Bravehearts ministry on sex addiction, has written three books on the deleterious effects of pornography. Two of his books, "Porn Work: Exposing the Office's #1 Addiction" and "Porn University: What College Students Are Really Saying About Sex on Campus," are out this month. Published April 23, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Adoption success a reality

I recently wrote about how domestic infant adoption is "vanishing" in America. The April 12 story was based on federal data (kindly chased down for me by Jo Jones, a researcher at National Center for Health Statistics) that found that fewer than 7,000 newborns are placed for adoption each year. Published April 14, 2009

Mother arms parents for 'culture battle'

Parents who feel outgunned, outmaneuvered and just plain defeated by today's lightning-fast, multitasking, techno-wizardry world have an ally in Rebecca Hagelin. Published April 12, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Breakup rules not accepted

Sometimes a cure can look worse than the problem. That seems to be the case with a massive legal guidebook on how to handle family breakups in our brave new world. Published March 31, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Game warnings need obfuscation

Here comes Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, the latest version of the bad-boy video game parents are forever warned about. Published March 22, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Sex ed a great divide

Congress has been up to its eyeballs in sex education lately. On Wednesday, the National Abstinence Education Association brought 500 teens to Capitol Hill to talk about how they manage to not “do it.” Published March 17, 2009

WETZSTEIN: U.S. needs pact based on family

Today, marriage is something to delay — or avoid — and if it is achieved, with easy divorce, it may not last. Worst of all, children are no longer viewed as assets; they are million-dollar "liabilities." Published March 15, 2009