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Cheryl Wetzstein

Cheryl Wetzstein

Cheryl Wetzstein, a Washington Times staff member since 1985, is manager of special sections in The Washington Times' Advertising and Marketing Department.

Previously, she spent 30 years as a Washington Times news reporter, covering national domestic policy, in addition to being a features writer, environmental and consumer affairs reporter, and assistant business editor.

Beginning in 1994, Mrs. Wetzstein worked exclusively on welfare and family issues such as child support enforcement, abstinence and sex education, child welfare, sexually transmitted diseases, marriage, divorce, cohabiting and gay marriage.

She has won several newspaper awards, including 1977 Cub Reporter of the Year and 1983 Heart of New York award, both from the New York Press Club.

Articles by Cheryl Wetzstein

Technology to track, curb child porn

Pedophiles can be chased down, prosecuted and put behind bars, but in too many cases, their hideous handiwork still roams the world. This revictimization of children is about to end, thanks to a new technology called PhotoDNA. Published February 8, 2010

WETZSTEIN: Child sex abuse lives on, online

A new technology developed by Microsoft should be able to purge Masha Allen's hideous photos — and thousands of other child-pornography images — from the Internet. Published February 2, 2010

With 1-child policy, China 'missing' girls

Chinese boys now outnumber Chinese girls by the millions, and the impact of the lopsided sex imbalance is starting to spill beyond China's borders. Published January 27, 2010

WETZSTEIN: Dire results of 1-child rule

As I was reading recently about China's tens of millions of "excess" men — thanks to that nation's one-child policy — I came across yet another interesting development. Published January 26, 2010

Women try product to aid libido

How does it feel for a married woman to have low sexual desire?"It's terrible," says Kim, a California woman who has been treated for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Published January 22, 2010

Obama plan funds nurse visits to new moms

It's a scenario repeated thousands of times in the past 30 years: A young, poor, pregnant woman agrees to have a nurse visit her in her home. Published January 12, 2010

WETZSTEIN: Program needs to include dads

I thought 30 years of "no man in the house" social policy showed that when fathers are ejected from poor homes, it leads to misery among men, women and children, not to mention generational poverty. Published January 12, 2010

WETZSTEIN: Interaction key to happiness

Has your family been hammered by layoffs? Does someone you love suffer from depression or a stress disorder? Is an emotional malady — anger, fear, despair — wreaking havoc in your world? In other words, are you unhappy? Published January 5, 2010

WETZSTEIN: Making it pay to have children

Families with high school students and college-age children may want to consider an idea from historian and author Allan Carlson about the high costs of college. Mr. Carlson suggests that the federal government establish a debt-forgiveness program for college-educated married couples who have a child. Published December 29, 2009

WETZSTEIN: 'Tablecloth' is a love story

The story passed around the Internet about love and a tablecloth looks like an urban legend, but it is probably grounded in truth. Published December 22, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Youth take risks with birth control

A new report on unintended pregnancy suggests American young people are in a "fog" over contraception and they need more education on how to avoid premarital or unwanted pregnancy. I think American youth may not be not as foggy as they appear. Published December 20, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Bill may change relationship talk

Who knows where the debate on health care reform will be by today, but tucked inside the Senate bill is a small but revolutionary provision that, if enacted, could change the national conversation on teens and sex. Published December 13, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Taming the infidelity tiger

Golf star Tiger Woods' admission of "transgressions" -- and a growing list of infidelities -- may soon land him in a very expensive divorce court. Or, if wife Elin is magnanimous enough to give her husband and father of their two babies another chance, they might land on Oprah's couch, where he can do a full public grovel before an outraged audience. Published December 8, 2009

WETZSTEIN: STD exams needed early

A prominent medical group recently suggested that American teenage girls and college-age women avoid getting gynecological exams for cervical cancer until they turn 21. Published December 1, 2009

WETZSTEIN: 'Thankful Pilgrims survived miseries'

Thanksgiving time has come again. Amid the countless directions our thoughts go at this time, allow me to reprise an earlier column about the origins of this national holiday. Published November 29, 2009

WETZSTEIN: The language of Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving 2009 comes into view, we the people, hard-wired to connect, are beginning to gather together out of love and friendship and gratitude for God's blessings. Published November 24, 2009

WETZSTEIN: Sperm donation testing falls short

Height and intelligence may always top the list of desirable qualities in male gametes, but without a full report card on genetic health, sperm donation is buyer beware. Published November 22, 2009