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Ed Feulner

Ed Feulner

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Exceptional America Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

FEULNER: Still the exceptional nation

Americans hardly need an excuse to display the flag, but few occasions bring the red, white and blue out in fuller force than our national birthday. Published July 3, 2014

President Lyndon Johnson first spoke of "The Great Society" while giving the University of Michigan Commencement in 1964.               University of Michigan photo

FEULNER: Assessing the ‘Great Society’

One of the lessons I learned in my first management course is you can't improve something unless you can measure it. Let's apply that to government. Published June 23, 2014

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., talks to children's advocates, business leaders and educators about steps that can be taken to boost child wellbeing in New Mexico during a round table discussion in Albuquerque, N.M. Monday, April 14, 2014. (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan)

FEULNER: A costly way to limit free speech

Imagine if Congress passed and the president signed a law making it a crime to utter "false, scandalous and malicious" statements "against the government." Published June 9, 2014

FEULNER: Tiananmen Square, 25 years later

It's one of the most iconic images of the 20th century: a man standing perfectly still, facing a large tank as it bears down on him. Published June 2, 2014

This undated photo provided by Bonhams shows The New-England Chronicle's  page-one publishing of the Declaration of Independence two weeks after it was signed, from  the archive of Eric Caren, who has amassed what is considered one of the largest private collections of historical papers in the United States. The Boston newspaper, which could fetch as much as $80,000, is one of 300 items from the Westchester-based Caren Archive being auctioned in April at the Manhattan location of Bonhams. The items for sale range from Revolutionary War documents describing the battles of Lexington and Concord to a mug shot of Western outlaw Butch Cassidy. (AP Photo/Bonhams)

FEULNER: Inspiring patriotism that is ‘informed’

Conservatives believe that America is an exceptional nation because, unlike any other nation, it is founded on an idea — the idea that "all men are created equal" and are endowed by their Creator with "certain unalienable rights," among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Published May 19, 2014

FILE - In this March 20, 2014 file photo, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks during a press conference at his official residence in Tokyo. Japan is marking the 67th anniversary of its postwar constitution on May 3, 2014 with growing debate over whether to revise the war-renouncing document as Abe pushes for an expanded role for the military. Abe’s ruling conservative party has long advocated revision but been unable to sway public opinion. Now he proposes that the government reinterpret the constitution so it can loosen the reins on its military without having to win approval for constitutional change. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayash, File)

FEULNER: Reassuring anxious Asian allies

President Obama's most recent visit to Asia probably struck many Americans as simply the latest round of executive-level diplomacy — basically the kind of trip abroad that chief executives have been making for decades. Published May 5, 2014

FILE- In this June, 8, 2010 file photo, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, right, poses with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street in London. For the past three decades, many Britons had hoped the rigid class system that defined their country from Dickens to “Downton Abbey” was finally dying. Now they fear that class, their old bugbear, is back on the rise. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File)

FEULNER: Remembering Margaret Thatcher a year after her death

It's no secret that your average politician avoids plain speaking at all costs. He mouths platitudes that sound good, but which enable him to dodge accountability and turn whichever way the wind happens to be blowing. Published April 7, 2014