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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is the Faith & Family reporter for The Washington Times. He can be reached at

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

KELLNER: Rugged notebook a promising model

The Durabook Pro 15T will set you back $1,339, and if you need a relatively light notebook that has some rugged features, it might be a good investment. Published January 26, 2009

KELLNER: Techies get a Lego up

Erin Hoover, a Northern Virginia Community College student, was making a sculpture from tiny Lego blocks. But she also was trying to make a point Published January 19, 2009

KELLNER: Tech stuff Obama should fret about

If all goes according to plan and schedule, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States at noon Tuesday. History will certainly be made with the swearing in of one of the youngest chief executives in U.S. history and the first black to hold the position. I've read about the meal he'll have after the ceremony, and the menu sounds great. Published January 18, 2009

FCC’s Martin heads to Aspen Institute

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin will end his nearly four-year tenure as head of the agency Tuesday and head to the Aspen Institute, the telecommunications think tank announced Thursday. Published January 16, 2009

KELLNER: iTunes change a happy note

Teresa Brewer sold a million copies of the pop song "Music, Music, Music" decades before Apple Inc.'s iTunes store was even a concept. After last week's announcements from Apple and some other industry players, the old tune came to mind. There are no nickelodeons now, nor will a 5-cent piece buy you a song. These are, however, great times for music lovers. Published January 14, 2009

KELLNER: IWork’s Pages ‘09: Nice price and easy

It's a personal quirk, but I've long had a "thing" about word processors. They've fascinated me, new ones are intriguing, and old ones sometimes evoke fond memories. (Where have you gone, oh XyWrite?) Published January 12, 2009

KELLNER: IPhone tops the best of 2008

If 2008 is remembered as the year of change, then the tech biz is an area where that change has manifested itself in abundance. Here's my take on the best of year that ended a scant seven days ago: Published January 7, 2009

American Orthodox install new prelate

About 300 members and friends of the Orthodox Church in America gathered Sunday at St. Nicholas Cathedral in the District to enthrone 49-year-old Metropolitan Jonah as the head of the church in North America. Published December 29, 2008

KELLNER: 3G iPhone best gift of year

Not that you'd care, necessarily, but I struggled with what to write about this week. Next Wednesday, I'll have some last-minute gift ideas, but today I wanted to present the top gift of 2008. What should it be? Published December 17, 2008

KELLNER: Lightweight, miniscreen PC netbooks compete

The netbook, also known as the "mininote" PC, is taking off. The netbook is a relatively small-screened, ultralight portable computer, with or without Microsoft Windows as the operating system. One research firm, DisplaySearch of Austin, Texas, said last week they expect as many as 14 million netbooks to be sold in 2008. Published December 15, 2008

KELLNER: Nikon’s D700 is stunning

This might move things into the territory normally occupied by, say, religious views, political preferences and, gasp, how we spend money. (Sex, after all, seems rather standard discussion fare in many circles nowadays.) But I have a current preference in cameras, and its name is Nikon. Published December 10, 2008

KELLNER: Vaccinate to play it safe against Mac attack

There was a slight kerfuffle in Mac-land as December began when Apple Inc. released - and then withdrew - a technical note suggesting that Macintosh owners should get and use multiple versions of anti-virus software to protect their systems. The "KnowledgeBase" article was removed from Apple's online services within 24 hours of its gaining media attention. Published December 8, 2008

KELLNER: You better back up, or else

This may not be the most "sexy" technology topic for the holidays, but, I promise, you'll thank me someday. If you're not backing up your computer now, you need to, and the sooner, the better. Published December 3, 2008

Black Friday tech bargains

Today's "nattering nabobs of negativism," to borrow Bill Safire's brilliant alliteration, are all over us, saying we shouldn't buy anything this year but instead hoard our pennies and burrow in for the long winter ahead. Don't you know there's a recession? Published November 26, 2008