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EDITORIAL: President Obama's blame game

President Obama is the most audacious president in memory, mostly because he knows that no matter how outlandish his pronouncements, there's a willingness among Americans to grant a little more indulgence. Mr. Obama's cockiness was on full display Thursday when he told an audience at Prince George's Community College in Largo that when his signature health care law crashes and burns it'll be the fault of the Republicans. Published September 27, 2013

EDITORIAL: Terror in Nairobi

The bloody siege of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, ended this week with at least 70 dead and hundreds wounded. For a hundred tense hours, heavily armed Islamic radicals abused, taunted and killed hostages in an upscale shopping center much like the malls in suburbs across America. What happened there has lessons to be learned here. Published September 27, 2013

EDITORIAL: Muslims in Seneca Falls

Some things just naturally go together: coffee and cream, boys and girls, cowboys and Indians, ham and eggs, salt and pepper. But say "Islam," and nobody thinks "women's rights." The U.S. Department of Interior is trying to change that, and taxpayers are paying for it. An hour's drive southwest of Syracuse, N.Y., the Women's Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls is the latest Obama administration venue for promoting "the religion of peace." Published September 27, 2013

EDITORIAL: McAuliffe's tap dance

Ayear ago, when Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor of Virginia, was a cog in the Obama campaign, he insisted that Mitt Romney had to come clean with his financial documents. "By not releasing them," he said, "the imagination runs wild." Published September 27, 2013

EDITORIAL: No escape from Obamacare

Americans want relief from Obamacare, but they probably won't get it. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to shame his colleagues out of the bad health care idea — for 21 hours — but senators by act of Congress have no shame. The White House isn't budging from the Oct. 1 implementation date for Obamacare. This puts House conservatives in a pickle of considerable size. Published September 26, 2013

EDITORIAL: No sanction for greed

The Internal Revenue Service, scarred by scandal and incompetence, apparently still has time on its hands. The IRS wants to shut down kitchen-table accountants who earn a little extra cash helping friends and neighbors prepare their tax returns every April. The agency's lawyers tried Tuesday to persuade a federal appellate court panel to apply a law, enacted three decades before there was an income tax, to back an IRS regulation imposing training and fees on anyone who fills out a tax return for someone else. Published September 26, 2013

EDITORIAL: An opportunity for Iran

Hasan Rouhani, Iran's new president, made his debut on the world stage at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, calling for "a framework for managing our differences." He didn't offer the olive branch President Obama wanted. If Tehran is genuinely interested in improving relations with the United States and the West, Mr. Rouhani and the ruling mullahs could prove it with a small gesture. He could free a Christian pastor who on Thursday marks his first anniversary as a political prisoner in Tehran's notoriously evil Evin Prison. Published September 26, 2013

EDITORIAL: The sacking of Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner, the scourge of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, sacked herself Monday before the bureaucracy could do it. She apparently got a tip about what was coming and decided to take the money and run. She keeps the pension she earned for 34 years with the federal government. Published September 25, 2013

EDITORIAL: Teaching Norfolk a lesson

The city of Norfolk suffered a seizure earlier this month, and Virginia can celebrate, along with Bob Wilson and his shop, Central Radio. The Virginia Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the city's attempt to take Mr. Wilson's land and give it to real-estate developers is against the law, so knock it off. Published September 25, 2013

EDITORIAL: Remembering the Constitution

Everyone can use a reminder of the principles that made America the exceptional nation. That's why Congress established Sept. 17 as Constitution Day, marking the anniversary of the adoption of that remarkable document. Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College in California's Central Valley, learned the hard way that eternal vigilance is the price of protecting the founding document. He was arrested on Constitution Day for handing out pamphlets with the text of the Constitution. Published September 25, 2013

Emily Miller speaks at the Heritage Foundation. Sept. 13, 2013.

VIDEO: Emily Miller speaks at Heritage Foundation about her book 'Emily Gets Her Gun'

Emily Miller spoke at the Conservative Women Network Luncheon sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and the Heritage Foundation about her book 'Emily Gets Her Gun ... But Obama Wants to Take Yours." She spoke about why women need to fight back against the assault this year on the Second Amendment. The video of the September 13 event at is below. Published September 24, 2013

EDITORIAL: Here come the clowns

The circus comes to town Tuesday, and the music from the Big Top, adorned with pretty flags and colorful banners, wafts across Manhattan's Turtle Bay neighborhood. The main attraction is the prospect of a meeting between President Obama and Hasan Rouhani, the new president of Iran. The credulous world pants in anticipation of a deal over Iran's rogue nuclear program, but expectations always crash in disappointment at the United Nations. Published September 24, 2013

EDITORIAL: Countdown to collision

Washington politicians are masters of illusion. They hem and haw over budgetary "cuts" while spending more than ever. Words are flying over a government shutdown, focused on next week's convergence of deadlines for funding the federal bureaucracy and opening day of Obamacare. We can expect noise and not much action. Published September 24, 2013

EDITORIAL: Aiming at the wrong target

With Republican friends like these, Ted Cruz needs no Democratic enemies. Once word leaked that the maverick Republican senator from Texas would appear on "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace says his email inbox bulged with "unsolicited research and questions" to use against him. The unsolicited material came not from Democrats, but from Republican elites. "I will tell you I have never in my time in Washington seen a party so upset with one of its own members," Mr. Wallace says. Published September 24, 2013

EDITORIAL: No penalty on convenience

Hard work and innovation have always been the key to success in America. Entrepreneurs stay up all night working on their better mousetraps, looking to get the edge over the competition. The government stays up all night, too, always on the scout for ways to get a bigger piece of the pie it had nothing to do with baking. Published September 23, 2013

EDITORIAL: Justice outraged in Benghazi

Ayear after the terrorist assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi left four Americans dead, including the ambassador, justice for the victims and their families is still denied. Several Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee had better things to do than even to listen to families of the fallen speak at a hearing Thursday in Washington. Published September 23, 2013

EDITORIAL: The too-powerful Fed

President Obama is been shopping for a replacement for the chairman of the Federal Reserve, to be installed once Ben S. Bernanke rides into the sunset in January. Given the names floated so far, the printers where the currency presses are shouldn't count on a break any time soon. Published September 23, 2013

EDITORIAL: Amnesty, or else

Red lines aren't limited to the Syrian chemical arms sites. Illegal immigrants and others pushing for amnesty are laying down vivid red markers of their own, telling congressional Democrats that under no circumstances should they allow the enforcement-only Safe Act to become law. Seven protesters were arrested when they chained themselves to the White House fence to emphasize the point on Wednesday. Published September 20, 2013

EDITORIAL: A new labor coalition

That was the scent of desperation wafting through the Los Angeles Convention Center last week, taunting the once strong and proud AFL-CIO. The unions' annual meeting usually attracts the movement's militant fringe, the better to present demands for bigger government handouts and to engage in free-market bashing. This time was different. The unions need allies so desperately that it wants to absorb liberal advocacy groups as "union affiliates," to give standing to groups that have no actual union standing. Published September 20, 2013

EDITORIAL: An abuse righted

Retired congressmen usually have it made. They either return home for a quiet life of leisure or head to K Street for a lucrative lobbying career. Former majority leaders have their pick of seven-figure opportunities. But not always. Tom DeLay, the former Texas congressman famous for his unbending conservative ways, has spent the past decade with neither a job nor a day's rest, fighting for his very freedom. The nightmare ended Thursday. Published September 20, 2013