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Wesley Pruden

Wesley Pruden

American journalist legend and Vietnam War author James Wesley Pruden Jr. is Editor Emeritus of The Washington Times. Mr. Pruden’s first job in the newspaper business dates back to 1951 as a copyboy at the now defunct Arkansas Gazette where he later became a sportswriter and an assistant state editor. In 1982, he joined The Washington Times, four months after the paper began, as chief political correspondent. He became assistant managing editor in 1983, managing editor in 1985, and editor-in-chief in 1992. He retired in January 2008 and became editor-in-chief-emeritus. Mr. Pruden is known for his coverage of President Ronald Reagan. In 1991, he won the H.L. Mencken Prize for excellence in writing and commentary. Mr. Pruden writes a twice-weekly column on politics and national affairs for The Times.

Articles by Wesley Pruden

PRUDEN: Surrendering an ally is no strategy at all

Barack Obama has come up with an interesting strategy for dealing with the evildoers of the world. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Surrender your friends, if necessary. Published April 16, 2010

PRUDEN: Chance for 41 votes and a spine

Alexander Hamilton thought "the judiciary will always be the least dangerous institution to the Constitution" because it has neither "the sword nor the purse." He never imagined that judges could, or would want to, steal from Congress the power and authority to write the nation's laws. Published April 13, 2010

PRUDEN: No nukes not good news

America will survive the Obama administration, though it might test the limits of the patience of the divine providence that has protected our republic so far. Published April 9, 2010

PRUDEN: Some presidents talk too much

What this country needs, in addition to the elusive nickel cigar, is a president with less presence and more absence. Not just from Barack Obama, but from whoever follows him as well. Celebrities, even presidents, can be too much among us. They, like us, suffer for it. Published April 6, 2010

PRUDEN: Easter in Jewish Jerusalem

Celebrating Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most important holy day for Christians of all denominations, can be deadly in the Middle East. Reciting a Scripture or humming a hymn could cost your head in Saudi Arabia, and you could risk other highly valued body parts in the similarly benighted ninth-century neighborhoods abounding in the lands of caliphs, imams and ayatollahs. Published April 2, 2010

PRUDEN: Can Israel survive friends like these?

This is the moment a certain number of a certain breed of Democrats have been waiting for. The latest outburst of bad feeling between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu can be the cover they seek for finally putting the Jews in their place. Published March 26, 2010

PRUDEN: Now comes November

Now the real fun begins. President Obama and his Democratic legion, frightened with good cause, want the health care "reform" debate to be over and done with. "It's time to move on." Lots of luck with that. Published March 23, 2010

PRUDEN: Into the twilight zone

Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote for Sunday, maybe to vote by not voting. The president has canceled his trip to Asia and the atmosphere in Washington grows surreal and surrealer. The speaker yearns to be a suicide bomber, blowing up her party's November prospects, or at least the leader of the Democratic squadron of kamikaze pilots. Published March 19, 2010

PRUDEN: The suicide mission for the Democrats

This is the week of decision, the ultimate showdown over Barack Obama's government takeover of health care and a big piece of the American economy. It's only the latest of a series of ultimate showdowns, but eventually one of them will live up to the hype. This could be the one? Published March 16, 2010

PRUDEN: 'Tis better to kill the health care corpse now

Almost nobody is happy with what Sarah Palin dismisses as President Obama's "hopey-changy stuff," but the worst outbreak of hopey-changy just won't stay dead. The president's health care "reform," regarded as road kill only a month ago, is headed for a close vote in the House that he might still win. Published March 12, 2010

PRUDEN: Joe's Israeli adventure

Good old Joe. The vice president is off to Israel to play kissy-face with hosts who are in no mood to pucker up. And for good reason: There's abundant evidence that President Obama is no friend of the Jewish state, and the Israelis must decide whether to believe Joe Biden or their own eyes and ears. Published March 9, 2010

PRUDEN: No flip-floppery, just flim-flammery

If someone is determined to embrace suicide, there's not much someone else can do about it. If a gun isn't handy, a knife will be, or a bottle of sleeping pills, or even a video of a speech by Joe Biden. If you're Barack Obama in a vengeful mood, you just shove a health care "reform" that nobody wants at reluctant congressmen in your party. It's just as effective and just as quick. Published March 5, 2010

PRUDEN: An FDR lesson Obama missed

Barack Obama is trying to be the new FDR before the concrete settles around his image as the new Jimmy Carter. History will ultimately decide, but last week's celebrated health care summit made him look more like Mr. Jimmy than FDR. Published March 2, 2010

PRUDEN: Time for a nap, then a retreat

Only an hour into the great health care summit and Barack Obama, though trying to stay awake, thought he could safely call it a success. Joe Biden had slipped into the land of dreamy dreams, and the president, resting his chin on his hand, was trying hard not to nod off. The C-SPAN camera caught nap time for all to see. Published February 26, 2010

PRUDEN: Laying a trap for Republicans

Barack Obama has laid a not-so-clever trap in this week's "health care summit," and it doesn't take someone smarter than a Republican senator to figure out how to escape from it. Published February 23, 2010

PRUDEN: Obama's two-step to the right

A deathbed conversion is better than no conversion at all, unless the convert survives and retreats from his new convictions. Barack Obama is hale, healthy and very much alive, for which we can be thankful. His agenda is not so slowly assuming room temperature. Published February 19, 2010

PRUDEN: The red-hot scam unravels

Not everybody is on to the global-warming scam, not yet, but all the people — or enough of them — are getting there. Published February 16, 2010

PRUDEN: Scaring a president straight isn't easy

Barack Obama dropped by the White House press room the other day to stick it to the Republicans in the name of comity and fellowship. He offered to cooperate with the Republicans in the Mafia spirit of making an "offer you can't refuse." Published February 12, 2010

PRUDEN: Hatching the Silly Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, but a lot of little guys with a big idea are still trying to suit up the worst idea of the season. So is a certain senator who ought to know better (and probably does). Published February 9, 2010