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Wesley Pruden

Wesley Pruden

American journalist legend and Vietnam War author James Wesley Pruden Jr. is Editor Emeritus of The Washington Times. Mr. Pruden’s first job in the newspaper business dates back to 1951 as a copyboy at the now defunct Arkansas Gazette where he later became a sportswriter and an assistant state editor. In 1982, he joined The Washington Times, four months after the paper began, as chief political correspondent. He became assistant managing editor in 1983, managing editor in 1985, and editor-in-chief in 1992. He retired in January 2008 and became editor-in-chief-emeritus. Mr. Pruden is known for his coverage of President Ronald Reagan. In 1991, he won the H.L. Mencken Prize for excellence in writing and commentary. Mr. Pruden writes a twice-weekly column on politics and national affairs for The Times.

Articles by Wesley Pruden

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives for a rally at East High School in Youngstown, Ohio, Saturday, July 30, 2016. Clinton and Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., are on a three day bus tour through the rust belt. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Neither wit nor humor, but a lot of lyin' goin' on

Wit and humor have been drained from our politics, and this year it's just as well. There's not much to laugh about. Either candidate would be something of joke enough in any other year. Published August 1, 2016

Warren G. Harding (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Donald Trump, the unstoppable force of nature -- maybe

The dogs bark, the flies scatter, the gasbags at the conventions send enormous clouds of toxic waste to hover over Cleveland and Philadelphia that won't dissipate until Labor Day, and the caravan moves on. Election Day approaches, and rarely have so many been so disappointed with the choice before us. Published July 28, 2016

Tim Kaine (Associated Press) ** FILE **

A sad tale of two disposable veeps

A governor is always a good choice for a vice president. He (or she) has learned how to run an administration, how to work with a cranky legislature and understands staying close to the people who elected him. There's no Praetorian guard to keep him separated from the people. Published July 25, 2016

Sheldon Adelson. (Associated Press)

Now it's time to pay for the fun

Money is not the mother's milk of politics, as the bundler's cliche goes, but homemade vanilla ice cream, rich and creamy. Donald Trump hasn't been getting any. Not much and not lately, anyway. Published July 21, 2016

Bob Dole (Associated Press) ** FILE **

The last yelps of sore losers

Time is running out for the sore losers in Cleveland (and other places). Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and attacks on him now, deserved or not, are attacks on the party and can only cripple the chances of taking back the White House. Published July 18, 2016

Boris Johnson. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

A rousing week for the Gaffe Patrol

The Gaffe Patrol, that brave and courageous squadron of the media that sets out to seek and destroy politicians and others who inadvertently say something to offend the code of political correctness, has had a remarkably good week here in the Lower 48. Published July 14, 2016

Chief Justice John Roberts. (Associated Press)

The election to terrify us all

This might be remembered as the year when they gave an election and nobody came. The millions stayed home, the champagne went uncorked, and everybody lived in semi-misery ever after. Published July 11, 2016

Trey Gowdy (Associated Press) **FILE**

The lawbreaker 'too big to jail'

James Comey continues to supply the champagne at Hillary Clinton's headquarters, after making sure she wouldn't have to spend Election Night in a 5 by 7 jail cell. That wouldn't be big enough to accommodate her pants suits. Published July 7, 2016

Theresa May. (Associated Press)

It's always 'Look for the woman'

Trying to sound wise about another country's politics is usually a fool's game, and from this side of the Atlantic it looked like Boris Johnson had a lock on becoming the next prime minister in London. He was the face of the successful effort to pry Britain from the moldy clutches of Europe, and who could stop him? Published July 4, 2016

A workable alternative to synthetic soldiers

The Obama administration's big idea, proudly disclosed Thursday that "transgender individuals" -- not to be confused with "men" and "women" -- can now serve openly in the U.S. military services. This ends one of the last bans on service in the nation's armed forces and opens a new chapter of men at arms. HMS Pinafore goes to war. Published June 30, 2016

Chicken Little

Nobody does hysteria like the media

Chicken Little will have company when the sky falls on the British isles and the world ends, which the European Union, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and Barack Obama can now say with confidence will be at 2:20 in the morning next Thursday (just in time for the late final editions). Published June 27, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

The bad moon rising over Hillary

Hillary Clinton won't be able to say she didn't see the bad moon rising. Donald Trump gave her a blistering introduction this week to Presidential Politics 102, which differs in a remarkable way from Politics 101, which she encountered in her first attempt in 2008 and before that as the managing partner in Bubba's two campaigns. Published June 23, 2016

Boris Johnson. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

It's crunch time in Old Blighty

This is do-or-die week in Old Blighty. Our British cousins will decide Thursday whether to reclaim their birthright, voting to leave the European Union and the Germans, French and an assorted gang of easy riders, and reclaim their status as a world-power capable of sitting on its own bottom. Published June 20, 2016

Sen. John McCain. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

New brand and colors for the Pity Party

The Republicans are trying out new branding and new colors for November. The Stupid Party has become the Pity Party. Hanging tough is too much trouble for gentlemen. Published June 16, 2016

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Obama won't let tragedy in Orlando go to waste

Tragedies are usually sad for most people. But the opportunists always take to heart the famous advice of Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago and once President Obama's top aide: "Never let a tragedy go to waste." Published June 13, 2016

George Washington (Image: The White House) ** FILE **

And now the real fun begins

The primaries are at last over, and not a day too soon. Now Democrats and the Republicans can turn to dismantling each other in pursuit of the presidency. This should be a campaign to remember. Published June 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton. (Associated Press)

Dick's hatband gets a little tighter in California

The race for California's delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Cleveland six weeks hence is tighter than Dick's hatband, and nobody's head hurts more than Hillary's. Published June 6, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

There's upset in the air in California

The acrid odor of Democratic panic, as real as the aroma of burned flesh and cordite on a battlefield, hangs over California in a dark cloud of confusion and uncertainty. "This is how it smelled in '64," says a stunned Democratic observer in Sacramento, "with [Barry] Goldwater charging and [Nelson] Rockefeller on the run." Published June 2, 2016

Theodore Roosevelt (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Big-time football and the schools for scandal

Bill Clinton and his friends probably feel themselves entitled to a little chuckle over the plight of Kenneth Starr, the plotter of the impeachment of Mr. Clinton. The wheel that goes around comes around, and all that. Published May 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton (Associated Press) ** FILE **

The Clintons and the comeuppance at hand

Reckoning comes late to the Clintons, but it comes. Bubba has skated past a lot of transgressions, always counting on his gift of gab and his deep-dyed Southern charm to escape retribution. He played the charm card with consummate skill: "Aw, shucks, what can you do with a good ol' boy like me?" Published May 26, 2016