The Washington Times - June 4, 2008, 10:31AM

Sen. Barack Obama this morning is speaking at AIPAC and little has changed since last night - he has the delegates for the nomination but Sen. Hillary Clinton still has not acknowledged that math. And his aides said he is still waiting for that face-to-face chat with his rival.

I have a Web story up with an update about the brief Obama-Clinton phone call and setting the day’s scene.


Read it here.

The Clinton campaign blog is filled with comments from supporters who want her to battle to the convention.



The Obama Web site proudly proclaims, “We did it.”


Here is my story from today’s paper.

I was traveling all day with the Obama campaign yesterday and didn’t get a chance to blog amid the busy end to the Democratic primaries.

I’ll be posting some video soon, but I wanted to flag a piece I wrote about Clinton’s biggest fan - traveling press aide Jamie Smith. Most reporters know Smith as the loyal, ever-cheerful woman who helps us get our jobs done on the trail.

For the debut of our new “Plugged In” weekly politics section, I profiled Smith and offered some details of her background and spirit.

In between fittings for her bridal gown, Jamie Smith had her Blackberry in hand, pulling together last-minute details for reporters who would travel with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa over Thanksgiving weekend.
While most people kicked back in pajama pants with turkey sandwiches to watch football, the spunky Clinton aide left her family to return to Des Moines, where she endured complaints about the food, access to the presidential hopeful and scary motorcade drivers.
That was just par for the course.
After celebrating her 30th birthday last year at the Iowa State Fair, it was only natural that amid a long campaign, Ms. Smith skipped a honeymoon after her New Year’s Eve nuptials and drove to the Hawkeye State for the caucus.

Read the whole profile here.

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times