The Washington Times - March 4, 2008, 03:05PM
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It’s Super Tuesday: The Sequel, and voters in four states today will potentially decide who will be the Democratic presidential nominee.\ \ \ Polls in the biggest states of Texas and Ohio show Democratic Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton locked in a tight race. She is expected to win Rhode Island and he is expected to win Vermont.\ \ \ Mrs. Clinton, of New York, holds a slight lead in Texas based on poll averages and a bigger lead in Ohio.\ \ \ Her advisers are expressing confidence this morning, but the Obama team points out she trails the Illinois senator in the delegate count and that isn’t likely to change tonight unless she wins both states in a major blowout.\ \ \ Top Clinton surrogates including the former president have said both Texas and Ohio are must-wins for the former first lady. Her campaign has raised expectations for Mr. Obama, saying recently that should he fail to use his momentum and war chest to win all four contests it proves voters want the race to continue.\ \ \ A new poll shows more than two-thirds of voters want Mrs. Clinton to stay in the race if she wins one of the big states. There are a handful of elections on the horizon, but the next contest with a big delegate prize is April 22 in Pennsylvania.

here today yesterday Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times