The Washington Times - May 20, 2008, 12:53PM
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Picture%203.jpg ABC News popular vote totals
State Date Obama Clinton Spread\ Popular Vote Total 16,108,538 49.3% 15,512,424 47.5% Obama +596,114 +1.8%\ \ Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 16,442,622 49.3% 15,736,286 47.2% Obama +706,336 +2.1%\ \ Popular Vote (w/FL) 16,684,752 48.5% 16,383,410 47.6% Obama +301,342 +0.9%\ \ Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 17,018,836 48.5% 16,607,272 47.3% Obama +411,564 +1.2%\ \ Popular Vote (w/FL & MI)** 16,684,752 47.6% 16,711,719 47.7% Clinton +26,967 +0.08%\ \ Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 17,018,836 47.7% 16,935,581 47.5% Obama +83,255 +0.24%
Sen. Barack Obama is expected to declare tonight that he has crossed a pivotal threshold toward becoming the Democratic presidential nominee, though his rival may trounce him by double digits in Kentucky and disputes his math.\ \ Despite the expected Kentucky loss, Mr. Obama will have earned the majority of pledged delegates that can be won through contests, a milestone that many superdelegates have said they will use to determine their support for the senator from Illinois or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.\ \ “A clear majority of elected delegates will send an unmistakable message: The people have spoken, and they are ready for change,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe told supporters yesterday.\ \ Mr. Obama hedged and told reporters that he won’t be claiming “victory,” but the campaign said he will be breaking a psychological barrier that makes him the inevitable nominee. He will make the announcement from Iowa, the scene of his first win this year and a state that his camp considers a battleground in the fall election.\ \ The Clinton camp said no such barrier will be broken.\ \ “Not so fast,” Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson cautioned in a memo yesterday, calling the Obama milestone a “slap in the face to the millions of voters in the remaining primary states and to Sen. Clinton”s 17 million supporters.”
The independent political arm of the nation’s largest government workers union has taken out a $1 million loan to replenish its coffers after spending millions of dollars backing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and criticizing her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, according to campaign records.\ \ Despite the union’s endorsement of Mrs. Clinton, state chapters of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) in Illinois and Oregon have broken with the national leadership in recent months and thrown their support behind Mr. Obama.\ \ Filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that the union’s political group, AFSCME People, took out a $1 million loan on Feb. 25 from Amalgamated Bank in New York while spending more than $2 million to sway the Democratic contest. The expenditures included more than $200,000 in negative mailers against Mr. Obama in New Hampshire, Iowa and Ohio.\ \ Several AFSCME vice presidents worry that the move could hurt the union if Mr. Obama secures the Democratic nomination.
here Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times