The Washington Times - May 22, 2008, 10:32AM

Sen. Barack Obama‘s Florida fundraiser last night was greeted by Clinton-supporters protesting. Here are some key lines from a pool report by the New York Times:\ \ \

Pool Report\ May 21, 2008\ Maitland, Fla.\ \ Senator Barack Obama arrived at the Sheraton Orlando North, located in the suburb of Maitland, shortly before 8 p.m.\ \ \ A dozen or two protesters were on hand when the motorcade pulled into the hotel. Some appeared to be Clinton supporters, with their chants of “Count our votes, count our votes,” echoing the message on their signs. One woman’s sign had a slightly sharper version of a similar theme: “Count our votes, bonehead!”\ \ \ The event raised $475,000, according to campaign spokesman Josh Earnest. It drew contributions from 900 people, he said, in three tiers: $250, $1,000 and $2,300. (A local fundraiser who introduced Mr. Obama called it the largest Democratic presidential fundraiser in the history of the Republican-leaning county. Your pool cannot verify.)\

\ \ \ Reporter Sean Lengell was on the Florida campaign trail yesterday, and has this report in today’s paper: \ \ \

TAMPA, Fla. — Sen. Barack Obama, setting foot in the nation’s biggest battleground state for his first campaign event since the fall, offered an olive branch to Florida voters whose Democratic primary results still hang in the balance and attacked presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain.\ \ \ Even though Mr. McCain enjoys strong support in Florida, Mr. Obama has pulled ahead in national tracking polls. His advance further deflates his Democratic rival’s argument that she is better positioned to beat the Republicans in the fall.\ \ \ “It is good to be back. I know you’ve been holding down the fort,” Mr. Obama told a boisterous crowd of about 15,000 at the St. Pete Times Forum in downtown Tampa. The rally was his first public appearance in Florida since September, although he attended two fundraisers in November.\ \ \ “I am here to report that my debt has been paid off and my faith in the American people has been vindicated because everywhere I go people are standing up and saying we’re ready for change.”\ \ \ Florida Democrats overwhelmingly favored Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the state’s Jan. 29 contest, but she hasn’t reaped the benefit as Mr. Obama has pulled within 64 delegates from laying claim to the party nomination with the June 3 primary finish line fast approaching. Because the state broke Democratic National Committee rules by holding its primary too early, voters will have to wait until May 31 to know whether their votes count.\ \ \ Mr. Obama barely mentioned Mrs. Clinton but said she “has run an outstanding campaign and she deserves our admiration and our respect.”

\ \ \ Read Lengell’s full story here.\ \ \ Clinton also was in Florida yesterday, and her event in Boca Raton made the comedy shows because a man sitting behind her podium kept yawning.\ \ \ Here’s Leno’s take:\
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\ \ \ Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times