The Washington Times - March 11, 2008, 09:44PM
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose official place of work is in the Northern California city of Sacramento, reportedly spends nearly every night in his Los Angeles-area mansion.\ \ \ The distance between the two cities is about 360 miles one way!\ \ \ The governor uses his own money to pay for his Gulfstream flights, which price out at about $10,000 an hour.\ \ \ Good thing he earned some major cash as a bodybuilder/actor.\ \ \ But, the environmental costs are high. Flying TO AND FROM WORK is not very ecologically sound, as our Perezcious readers know!\ \ \ The governor’s staff says he purchases “carbon credits.” Such credits are aimed at offsetting the greenhouse gases generated by his flights but do nothing about the particulates and smog-forming compounds released into the air.\ \ \ The reason the Governator gives for the ‘commute’? It’s so he can spend time with his family. Admirable but can’t the family move up to Sacramento?\ \ \ Arnold recently made the cover of Newsweek for being ‘green’. Looks a little hypocritical to us!
— Andrea Billups, The Washington Times SEE RELATED: