The Washington Times - October 28, 2011, 03:20PM

After a brief scare among his Twitter followers, Ryan Pearson settled one of the more pressing preseason questions for George Mason basketball fans on Friday.

“The beard is going to be here all year,” Pearson said.


You can get a look at Pearson here, but Mason’s mane man has even more facial hair these days than he had in that photo.

So what could have prompted him to ditch what was undoubtedly months of work? It’s a sensible answer, but even more impressive is just how attuned to public opinion the preseason all-CAA forward really is.

“We had pictures yesterday and I was debating yesterday to cut the beard or to not cut the beard,” Pearson said. “A lot of my followers weren’t happy when I put ‘To cut the beard?’ up there. A lot of people who retweeted it were like ‘Nah, don’t cut the beard. Fear the beard. We’re all for the beard.’ So I said ‘You know what, I’m not going to cut it.’”

And with that, score another victory for the power of Twitter.

—- Patrick Stevens