The Washington Times - April 25, 2008, 02:33PM

The Democratic Senate campaign arm took a shot a Sen. Elizabeth Dole, North Carolina Republican, for refusing to condemn a political ad sponsored by her state party that includes inflammatory video from Sen. Barack Obama’s pastor condemning the United States.

Dole said she is choosing not to insert herself in the tangle because the ad, slated to run on Monday, attacks the two Democrats running for governor and is unrelated to her own senatorial campaign. Likely GOP presidential candidate John McCain urged state party officials to stop the ad. The spot lambastes the two Democratic candidates, Richard Moore and Bev Perdue, for both endorsing Obama, who has refused to completely renounce Wright.


“I am concentrating on getting my work done here in the Senate, and I’m just not going to get into refereeing a third-party political ad that has nothing to do with my race,” Dole said yesterday.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) pointed out today that Dole’s state party was heavily involved in her last campaign.

“Elizabeth Dole simply isn’t telling the truth when she says the North Carolina Republican Party has nothing to do with her race,” said DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller. “They spent nearly $50,000 getting her elected in 2002 and are certain to play a role in this year’s campaign as well. Elizabeth Dole has the power to stop this ad with one phone call, and instead of making phony excuses, she needs to do it immediately.”

Mark Stephens, a consultant for Dole’s campaign, echoed the senator’s reasoning for not inserting herself into the ad war and forwarded The Washington Times a letter sent today to Jerry Meek, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, urging him to shun all third party political advertising.

“They’re talking the talk; this alllows them to walk the walk,” said Stephens, who said the North Carolina Republican Party, The National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Republican National Committee have all said they would not involved in Dole’s race as long as their Democratic counterparts pledge the same.

Here’s the ad, taken from the state party’s homepage:\ \ \ \ \ \ Carrie Sheffield, Web editor, The Washington Times