The Washington Times - August 28, 2012, 05:37PM

TAMPA, Fla. — No Republican National Convention would be complete without Chuck Woolery, the long-serving daytime game-show host turned conservative activist.

Mr. Woolery, that rare Hollywood Republican, looked tanned, fit and dimpled as he hit “Radio Row” at the Tampa Convention Center, ready to plug Generation America, the conservative alternative to the retiree organization AARP.


“AARP’s a little bit — well, they’re left and we’re right,” said Mr. Woolery, the longtime host of “Love Connection” as well as the original host of “Wheel of Fortune.” “Same kind of service, same kind of thing, but people now have a choice. It’s like me—I have certain values and traditions I like in my life, and if I’m in a senior’s program, I would like for them to reflect that.”

Mr. Woolery, 71, now hosts a politically themed radio show and posts video commentaries on the website “Save Us Chuck Woolery.”