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A real traveling salvation

Is deliverance at hand for airport-bound travelers carrying computers with them? A Harrisburg firm believes it is.

Stop red eye now!

There's no excuse for leaving "red eye" in photos anymore. This isn't as big as stopping the abuses in Darfur, but a social movement may be needed.

Get Firefox 3 (if you can!)

Firefox 3 is a new Web browser worth playing with -- and using. But in its quest to set a Guinness world record, users may find the cyberspace equivalent of a "busy signal" today.

Are laptops useless?

One computer magazine editor says laptop computers aren't for everybody. True, but the fellow is selling computer users short in many instances.

The Remarkable Mr. Ballmer

If there is a prize for being a "digital raconteur," Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corp. is a leading contender, if not the overall winner.

MacBook Air ad parodied

A tip of the hat goes to veteran tech journalist Dan Farber of C-Net, whose blog entry notes a sp...