The Washington Times - June 29, 2012, 04:31PM

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey addressed the New York Young Republican Club on Wednesday evening at the club’s annual dinner. The former George W. Bush AG did not discuss the “fast and furious” scandal in his speech other than briefly implying that Attorney General Eric Holder, the center of the storm of the botched gun walking operation investigation, would be the subject of House contempt charges the following day.

However, Judge Mukasey did talk about the administration’s response to recent classified national security intelligence leaks. Mukasey quoted President Barack Obama’s answer to a reporter who first asked about the intelligence leaks.


“’The notion that my White House…my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive,’” Mukasey cited Obama as saying.

Mukasey then explained, “Now notice, first of all, that’s not accurate denial. And you notice, secondly, that it’s ambiguous and it uses the word ‘purposely’ and references simply to the White House rather than the people who work in the White House nor does it include anybody in the administration. It might be in the executive office building across the street or anywhere else in Washington.”

The Obama Justice Department appointed two U.S. attorneys to investigate the White House leaks, but Republicans pointed out that one of the U.S. attorneys based out of D.C., Ronald Machen, donated thousands of dollars to the president’s 2008 campaign and vetted vice presidential candidates for Obama as well.

“Now when you consider the outcome to that process, you kind of wonder if this is the guy you want investigating the leaks. I mean, this was the guy who came up with Biden,” Mukasey quipped.