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Deborah Simmons

Deborah Simmons

Award-winning opinion writer Deborah Simmons is a senior correspondent who reports on City Hall and writes about education, culture, sports and family-related topics. Mrs. Simmons has worked at several newspapers, and since joining The Washington Times in 1985, has served as editorial-page editor and features editor and on the metro desk. She has taught copy editing at the University of Maryland at College Park.

An occasional panelist on Roland Martin's “Washington Watch” and Denise Rolark Barnes' “Let's Talk” weekly news analysis cable-TV programs, Mrs. Simmons has also appeared on BET's “Lead Story,” “Real Time with Bill Maher” and Mr. Maher's “Politically Incorrect,” “America's Black Forum,” Fox News' “The O'Reilly Factor,” “The Right Side with Armstrong Williams,” C-SPAN's “Washington Journal,” and “This is America with Dennis Wholey.” She also has been a guest radio commentator on NPR, WAMU, WMAL and WOL.

Mrs. Simmons attended the University of the District of Columbia and Trinity College. She and her husband, who live in Washington, have four children and two grandchildren. Contact Mrs. Simmons at [email protected].


Articles by Deborah Simmons

SIMMONS: On school choice, Ryan earns an A+

Now that Republican Mitt Romney has hit the reset button in his run for the White House by selecting Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, let's start our discussion with a key domestic issue: education. Published August 12, 2012

SIMMONS: D.C. tax on commuters, revisited

Let's pick up where we left off Monday, encouraging Congress to go slow with future discussions regarding a new tax — a D.C. commuter tax. Published August 8, 2012

SIMMONS: Hill should go slow on commuter tax for D.C.

This presidential election year brings more of the usual chatter about D.C. rights, and Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican, has added a new twist by raising the specter of a D.C. commuter tax. Let's not tempt the devil or ignore the details. Published August 5, 2012

SIMMONS: How to make our schools a lot better

At a time when school districts like the District's are considering closing dozens of schools and making sure the cap is tightened on the red-ink bottle, Americans who participated in a report released Thursday by the Fordham Institute have a few curt messages. Published August 2, 2012

SIMMONS: School reform impossible without a plan

Students who attend traditional D.C. Public Schools are still struggling academically, but they may have turned a corner, if recently released data can be believed. Published August 1, 2012

SIMMONS: Mayor better be on the job for jobs

Mayor Gray still has head above the scandalous waters of a public corruption probe, but time will soon tell whether the jobs programs he has in place will actually deliver what people want: a J-O-B. Published July 29, 2012

** FILE ** D.C. Council member Tommy Wells  (T.J. Kirkpatrick/The Washington Times)

SIMMONS: Donor ban on corporations no solution

If you believe in free speech as it relates to campaign funding and have any measure of a stake in what happens in the nation's capital, Monday is the day to speak now or risk having your mouth duct-taped. Published July 22, 2012

SIMMONS: No rush to judgment on Gray

Robert S. Bennett, attorney for Mayor Vincent C. Gray, released a fairly interesting statement Thursday morning regarding his embattled client. Lay off, he said — though not in those words. Published July 19, 2012

SIMMONS: A Gray rally protesting ‘persecution’

For all intents and purposes, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray has zipped his lips amid the federal investigation that uncovered the machinations of a shadow campaign that led to his victory in the 2010 Democratic primary. But his supporters are making plenty of noise. Published July 18, 2012

SIMMONS: Ending complacency on HIV means embracing abstinence

Just days before the nation's capital hosts the XIX International AIDS Conference, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced a major ad campaign to combat what it characterizes as "the two major obstacles to HIV prevention — stigma associated with the infection and complacency about the epidemic." Published July 17, 2012

SIMMONS: Return on investment in D.C. schools: D-

In case you missed the really big news about per-pupil funding and the D.C. Public Schools (DCPS), allow me to announce that the Obama administration has let the proverbial fat cat out of the bag: The U.S. Census Bureau reported June 21 that DCPS leads the nation in per-pupil spending, to the tune of $18,667 per student, per year. Published July 1, 2012

SIMMONS: How Mendelson handles schools to test leadership

Thanks to my colleague Tom Howell Jr. and News Channel 8's Bruce DePuyt, D.C. stakeholders have a pretty good idea of the priorities new D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson plans to focus on following summer recess. Published June 27, 2012