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CBO puts hefty price tag on emissions plan

When the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a climate bill last month to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, Republicans - and a few Democrats - predicted that it would impose huge costs on the American economy. Published June 9, 2009

Lawmaker joins push to up cost of drilling

A powerful congressional chairman has joined a growing number of Democrats who want to sharply increase the cost of drilling leases that the government provides on federal lands, a move vigorously opposed by Big Oil and Republicans. Published June 1, 2009

Panel OKs cap-and-trade proposal

President Obama's plan to arrest U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions took a historic step Thursday as the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed a proposal to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and establish a marketplace that would allow companies to buy and sell the right to pollute. Published May 22, 2009

Waxman outlines modified climate bill

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman announced details of a compromise climate-change bill that he says he has the votes to pass through his committee by Memorial Day. Published May 13, 2009

EPA rapidly reversing Bush policies

The Navajo Nation plans to earn $50 million annually by building a coal-fired power plant on its New Mexico reservation. But its plans hit a snag earlier this week, when the Environmental Protection Agency, citing air pollution concerns, moved to revoke a Bush administration permit and block the project. Published May 1, 2009

Senate budget revives 'nuclear pork'

Nuclear energy advocates quietly slipped an extra $50 billion for an Energy Department program into the Senate's budget blueprint last week. Published April 8, 2009

Coal is winner even in 'green' Congress

After two years of campaign rhetoric and months of hearings, Congress is set this week to begin testing whether it can turn the push for renewable energy sought by President Obama into reality. Published March 31, 2009

U.S. declare truces on offshore energy

The Interior Department and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, announced today that they would resolve a turf battle over offshore alternative energy that threatened the Obama administration's push for wind farms off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Published March 17, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Infighting trips up energy plans

Bureaucratic infighting is holding up one of the Obama administration's top goals in renewable energy - the construction of wind turbines off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts that would generate clean electricity and create "green" jobs. Published March 12, 2009

Shell Oil exec sees 'cap-and-trade' win

Shell Oil Co. President Marvin E. Odum said Wednesday that President Obama probably will win approval as early as next year for his signature environmental goal, a "cap-and-trade" system to reduce greenhouse gases. Published March 5, 2009