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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

'Bailout' by another name sounds sweeter

Washington struggled Tuesday for a solution for the Wall Street mess but settled on what to blame for the failure of a $700 billion package - the word "bailout." Published October 1, 2008

Talk radio voices bailout anguish

The Wall Street crisis has raised the volume on talk radio as listeners from the heartland to Manhattan weigh in, suspicious and clearly vexed. Published September 30, 2008

Voight plays Washington, slams anti-American films

It's colossal, it's stupendous. In exactly five days, Jon Voight will become the ghost of George Washington, leading a forward attack on those who would sully America. Published September 28, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend: VP debate

Thanks to drama, intrigue and maybe Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s mouth and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's lipstick, 93 percent of us say we're likely to watch the presidential and vice-presidential debates. More than two-thirds also say the debates will help shape their vote. Published September 28, 2008

Positive candidate likely to win race

The mighty pundits have plenty of competition for the American attention span. For better or worse, analysts of many persuasions are weighing in on the presidential election as a cultural event - and the diverse factors which could determine the victor. Published September 28, 2008

Women more likely to rule roost

Talk of sex and power is not confined to the political realm alone these days. Research released Thursday suggests the nation should brace for more findings on such matters. Published September 26, 2008

Majority fears bailout will benefit culprits, poll finds

Americans may not understand the Wall Street financial crisis, often described in ambiguous, alarming terms by the news media. But public concerns are pronounced. A confused nation is getting fearful, according to research released Tuesday. Published September 24, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend: Dude Mood

"Troopergate" looms, perhaps, and there have been whispers he is Alaska's "shadow governor." But let us consider Todd Palin, who has emerged as the potential dream man of 2009. He is a "turbo-hottie," noted one gal pal in a hushed tone. Published September 21, 2008

Isolation literally leaves one cold

The cold shoulder, frosty manners, chilly reception, icy stare - there's more to those metaphors than just evocative adjectives. Published September 19, 2008

Current TV plans to 'hack' debates

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin got hacked. So did PayPal, Victoria's Secret, the Department of Defense and some 21 million other people in recent days. For the most part, "hack" alarms a public fearful that their privacy could be compromised by canny online invaders. Published September 19, 2008

Palin triggers feminism reversal

The old partisan thinking about motherhood and the workplace has been rapidly reversed in America by the McCain-Palin ticket. Published September 17, 2008

Cutting 'back fat' all the rage

Forget mommy makeovers, lip plumps, breast enhancement, thigh reductions and tummy tucks. Published September 15, 2008

Palin magnified to iconic status

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a cultural force in lipstick and high heels, the symbols of her feminity magnified by the press to iconic status. The media are fixated on the Republican vice-presidential hopeful, and coverage has been accused of being sexist and critical as partisan potshots turned to headlines. Published September 12, 2008

Obama 'lipstick' comment offends GOP

Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday blasted his Republican opponents' change message, but the analogy he used - "lipstick on a pig" - offended female Republicans, who said they saw an effort to compare the GOP's vice-presidential candidate "to a pig." Published September 10, 2008

MSNBC's co-anchors cut feeds theories

Less than a week after Sarah Palin's vice-presidential acceptance speech allusion to the liberal media prompted chants of "NBC, NBC, NBC" from Republican convention goers, MSNBC has dropped Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as co-anchors of its major political coverage. Published September 9, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend: Hot for Palin

Vice President Hottie. The Conservative's Dream Girl. The adorability factor of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is harder to manage than it looks. Published September 7, 2008