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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

YOUR TECH: Wishes for 2010

Now that the presents are, by and large, distributed, unwrapped, appreciated and/or returned, what items should you start thinking about for next year's holiday wish list? Published December 30, 2009

KELLNER: Best and worst of '09 is same item

As the year-end "best and worst" lists roll out, may I offer a short take on what is at once the best technology of 2009 and also the year's worst. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the "netbook." Published December 28, 2009

KELLNER: Last-ditch holiday gifts

Tick, tock, tick, tock - the clock is winding down, relentlessly bearing down on the "deadline" of Dec. 25. What to do? Herewith, some last-minute suggestions. Published December 23, 2009

KELLNER: Google promises a future on a cloud

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc., wants us all to live in the clouds — the realm of cloud computing where our data (read, our very lives) reside on a server somewhere out there. Published December 14, 2009

Google CEO backs Obama recovery plan

Nearly a year into the Obama administration and two years into the "great recession," a tech industry leader is endorsing the way the White House is managing the U.S. economy. Published December 7, 2009

KELLNER: Thanks for year's best technologies

While 2009 has turned out to be a rather dismal year for millions of Americans, there are still things I believe we can all appreciate that have come from the tech sector this year. Published December 7, 2009

KELLNER: Go all-out for holidays

This isn't the winter of our discontent, otherwise known as 2008, so perhaps more buoyancy is in order as we prowl the malls and make our gift selections. Published December 2, 2009

YOUR TECH: Sonos hits high notes

Minutes before the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys were to square off Sunday, the strains of Frederic Chopin's "Andante Spianato and Grand Polonaise for Piano & Orchestra" drifted through the house. Then came the "Gavotta" from Igor Stravinsky's "Pulcinella," with clarinets and oboes in delightful harmony. Then Mozart's "Haffner" symphony. Published November 25, 2009

KELLNER: USPS redesigns to aid Mac users

There are many reasons why the proud service Benjamin Franklin founded is on the ropes. One small part might be the agency's cavalier attitude toward customers seeking to integrate today's computer technology with its services. Published November 23, 2009

KELLNER: Library in your pocket

Books are great things, but they aren't always cheap, nor are they always easily portable. What's the answer? A small firm in Bellingham, Wash., 90 miles north of Seattle, might hold more than a few keys. Published November 16, 2009

YOUR TECH: Microsoft keypads evolve

It's interesting, at least to me, what a difference a new peripheral can make. And, it's kind of reassuring that Microsoft Corp.'s keyboards, however they evolve, continue to deliver some great, common-sense value to consumers. Published November 11, 2009

KELLNER: New Apple mouse really is 'Magic'

Even though a computer mouse rightly can be thought of as one of the more peripheral of peripherals, a new one just arrived that can honestly claim the adjective "transformative." Published November 9, 2009

YOUR TECH: iPhone is gift of decade

OK, so Election Day was Tuesday, and we haven't even hit Veterans Day yet, let alone Thanksgiving, so talk about Christmas and Hanukkah may be a bit premature? Published November 4, 2009

YOUR TECH: Adobe photo sets bar

Would it be too much to say that Adobe's newest version of Photoshop Elements, No. 8, list price $99.99, is the Big Mac of home photography software -- something that's consistent no matter where you go? Published October 28, 2009

Evolving eReaders could be holiday hit

More than a decade after the first, furtive attempts to crack the consumer electronics marketplace, the eReader finally appears poised to break out from its nerdy niche and become a holiday hit with broad appeal. Published October 26, 2009

KELLNER: Linux hits user nerve

For a good part of last week, your reviewer's musings about Ubuntu Linux was among the top five most-read stories on Since the other top stories concerned health-insurance reform or the H1N1 vaccine and similar weighty topics, the presence of a geek-oriented column came as a pleasant surprise. Published October 26, 2009