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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

YOUR TECH: Sprint's Palm Pre still in early stages

Perhaps, I'm thinking, this is a pre-release Palm Pre I have in my hands. That has to be it. Why else would Palm and Sprint ask us to fork over $300 for the new phone, with a promise to refund $100 when you mail in a form, and commit to a two-year service contract worth about $2,400? Surely this thing isn't the final, shipping, product, right? Published June 10, 2009

KELLNER: MiFi is intriguing, frustrating

A little more than five months ago, at the tail end of December, the folks from Novatel Wireless came by and demonstrated the MiFi 2200, a "personal" wireless hot spot, one that promises to put the speed of the Internet in a transceiver the size of a credit card, albeit with the thickness of several such cards. Published June 8, 2009

YOUR TECH: Building a system in steps

If the word "staycation" has entered the lexicon thanks to the challenges of today's economy, I guess there had better be something to make staying home worthwhile. Published June 3, 2009

KELLNER: Microsoft's Bing offers new search

The buzz was about Bing on Thursday as Microsoft Corp.'s Steve Ballmer took center stage at the D: All Things Digital conference near San Diego to announce the next step for the Live Search technology. Come Wednesday, Bing should be available to one and all at Published June 1, 2009

BlackBerrys in bed? Danger lurks

If you bring your laptop computer or cell phone to bed, your partner may resent more than just the fact that you are working late. You might bring along a computer virus or invite an identity thief to jump in. Published May 27, 2009

YOUR TECH: Cool-er not as hot as Kindle

You remember that kid in high school who tried really, really hard, but never quite got it? I think I've found his digital cousin. Published May 27, 2009

KELLNER: Operating systems offer some gains

I don't know how Charles Darwin would explain it, but imagine that we're each born with an "operating system." For most of us, this inner programming works well, even if it becomes a bit bruised and battered over the years. We adjust and move on. Published May 25, 2009

'Mormon Radio' online, set for HD channel

Thousands of Washington-area members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now have a high-definition radio service to call their own. Published May 20, 2009

YOUR TECH: Annoyances come with new GPS

Is it too much to want everything to work as imagined, if not as designed, in a new $400 GPS unit? I'm not sure it is, especially when it comes to TomTom's new GO Live 740, a unit that I like a lot, but want to like even more. Published May 20, 2009

KELLNER: Tech innovation from the courts?

Last week, Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner for competition, announced that the European Union has levied a $1.45 billion fine against Intel Corp., the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip maker, for obstructing sales of computer chips by other makers, specifically Advanced Micro Devices, headquartered next door to Intel in Sunnyvale. Published May 18, 2009

Federal workers throw out millions of pages a day

Federal employees every day print millions of pages that are instantly discarded or recycled, costing the government an estimated $440.4 million each year, a study released Tuesday said. Published May 12, 2009

KELLNER: Kindle DX hype soon to be tested's new, larger — and more expensive — Kindle DX electronic book reader holds a lot of promise for those who've yet to commit to e-books. Whether it can deliver remains to be seen. Published May 11, 2009

YOUR TECH: An app for every need

In a magnificent coincidence of bad timing and bad judgment, two events converged to form a not-so-perfect public relations storm in the land of iPhones last week. Published April 29, 2009

KELLNER: Competitors soften Microsoft's roar

The impressive news last week that Microsoft Corp. posted its "first ever" decline in year-over-year quarterly sales and that revenues fell 6 percent, has set many tongues wagging in the tech world. Published April 27, 2009

KELLNER: DIY hard-drive replacement

One of the interesting things about many desktop computers is that a number of their parts are user-accessible. With a good set of instructions, you can open a "standard" desktop computer and add a part or replace one. Published April 22, 2009

KELLNER: A pioneer in car radio

"You know that you'll lose your AM and FM with this," Chris Caracofe told me, in a matter-of-fact way, as we walked from the Crutchfield showroom in Harrisonburg, Va., to the car-stereo installation area. He paused. Published April 15, 2009