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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

KELLNER: Bundles a boost to users

There are certain things I'm a sucker for and one is the periodic "bundles" of software offered to Mac users at a ridiculously low price. Published August 10, 2009

YOUR TECH: T-Mobile challenges iPhone

Almost as impregnable as Fort Knox, Apple Inc.'s iPhone gains a new challenger Wednesday. It's the $200 myTouch 3G from T-Mobile and Taiwanese phone maker HTC. This is the second T-Mobile phone to sport Google's Android operating system, and it's a worthy competitor to the Apple product, far more so than the much-hyped Palm Pre. Published August 5, 2009

KELLNER: Yahoo deal ushers the end of an era

About fifteen years ago, I received a nice e-mail from a one-time graduate student in electrical engineering at Stanford University. David Filo was thanking me for the kind words I'd expressed about the search engine he and partner Jerry Yang had created, called Yahoo. Published August 3, 2009

Yahoo ends era with Microsoft link

Yahoo Inc.'s 15-year battle for online search supremacy ended with a whimper Wednesday when it signed away control of its trademark search platform to Microsoft Corp. Published July 30, 2009

YOUR TECH: Online budget, banking help

The numbers aren't encouraging: 71 percent of American employees are living paycheck-to-paycheck, according to results of a 2008 Getting Paid in America survey, conducted online by the American Payroll Association, a trade group. Published July 29, 2009

YOUR TECH: Dueling printers: HP-Kodak

The folks at Kodak have been rather intense this year in advertising their ink-jet printers as being less expensive to operate than those of rival manufacturers. I haven't heard any caterwauling from rivals Epson or Brother, but the people at Hewlett-Packard's ink-jet division, which, after all, invented the category, were none too pleased. Published July 22, 2009

YOUR TECH: D5000's versatility is impressive

What's the greatest feature of the new Nikon D5000? For starters, it can handle just about any task you throw at it, from landscapes to portraits to close-ups. Its built-in metering and autofocus features complement a 12.3-megapixel capacity, fast shutter speed and excellent image stability. Published July 15, 2009

KELLNER: Google to launch Chrome OS in '09

Google's announcement Wednesday that it would launch a computer operating system for developers to work with this year, and for the rest of us "in the second half of 2010," sent shock waves through much of the computer world. Published July 13, 2009

YOUR TECH: Satellite car TV offers 22 channels

It was fitting perhaps that Winston Guillory, president of Dallas-based RaySat Broadcasting Corp., dropped by just before the recent holiday weekend to demonstrate the AT&T CruiseCast service. Published July 8, 2009

Outwit your inbox

The daily flood of e-mail messages — like the McDonald's sign, "billions and billions served" — is unrelenting and frustrating to many. Published July 6, 2009

KELLNER: Speed, space and browsers

The recent arrival of updated versions of two popular Web browsers,'s Firefox 3.5 and Apple Inc.'s Safari 4.0, is perhaps more noteworthy than might first be imagined. Published July 6, 2009

YOUR TECH: 3GS just the best of its ilk out there

It would be painfully easy to say the iPhone 3GS, released last month, is just a better smartphone than any of its rivals, rattle off the assorted features and leave it at that. Published July 1, 2009

Egypt sends emissary on high-tech mission

Tarek Kamel, Egypt's minister of communications and information technology, was in Washington and New York last week to boost the nation's profile as an information technology, or IT, hub. Published June 29, 2009

KELLNER: Nikon's Coolpix snaps in a pinch

As with every Nikon product I've used, I can find little fault with the Coolpix P90. The kind of photo-grabbing power in this unit is rarely seen at this price point, and the firm's commitment to ease of use is evident in just about every feature. Published June 29, 2009

YOUR TECH: Newest Kindle worth its price's new Kindle DX is a great buy in e-book readers, even if the $489 price is 36 percent greater than the $359 price of its predecessor, which was released in late February. Published June 24, 2009

KELLNER: Opera browser OK, but iPhone sings

Last week's release of a new Web browser from Opera Software is very good, but I don't hear any angelic choirs. By contrast, the new operating system for Apple's iPhone, OS 3.0, certainly hits all the right notes. Published June 22, 2009

YOUR TECH: MacBook Pro worth price

Apple Inc. is a company that not only knows the basic recipe for a good product, but continuously works to refine and perfect that recipe without making a mess of things. Published June 17, 2009

KELLNER: A tale of two smartphones

Even before the confetti from the June 6 launch of Palm's Pre smartphone had been swept away, Apple Inc. came along to pop the last remaining Pre balloon. Published June 15, 2009