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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

YOUR TECH: Stream wireless radio

Utopia as defined by St. Thomas More may not be within our immediate grasp, but a version of paradise is as close as your computer, your broadband Internet connection and a Wi-Fi router. Streaming Internet radio, to which your own computer-based music easily can be added, is, I believe, the next big thing. Published October 21, 2009

KELLNER: Ubuntu Linux powers up

Just how important are computer operating systems, anyway? We're going to get an indication Thursday morning, when Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to launch Windows 7, successor to the much-maligned Windows Vista. Published October 19, 2009

YOUR TECH: Early start to holidays

Everything seems to be starting earlier this year, so why not add holiday buying advice to the list? After all, I recall seeing Halloween items on sale just after Memorial Day -- or was if after Bastille Day? -- so why not get a jump on your Christmas list? Published October 14, 2009

YOUR TECH: $150,000 buys quite a view

If you have an extra $150,000 or so you don't know what to do with, there's a nifty new plasma-based television-and-speaker combo I'd like to have. E-mail me, and we can work out delivery. Just kidding. Published October 7, 2009

KELLNER: Technology sector hiring, expanding

If you're looking for work in the tech services sector, Todd Thibodeaux has good news for you: There are jobs to be had, and the sector is poised for continued growth. Published October 5, 2009

KELLNER: iPhone adds Navigon

You've already spent $199 or $299 to buy a 16- or 32-gigabyte Apple Inc. iPhone 3Gs. Now, here's a question: Should you spend an equal, or greater, amount to buy a stand-alone GPS for your car, or should you add a $90 program to do the same thing on the aforementioned iPhone? Published September 30, 2009

YOUR TECH: Pair print, digital texts

I've been thinking about digital rights. Lots of folks are getting exercised about their digital rights, including authors and publishers. Nascent proposals by Google to digitize millions of out-of-print and so-called "public domain" books, the growing popularity of e-readers, and even the predicted end of paper-and-ink publishing overall loom large in the information firmament. Published September 23, 2009

KELLNER: Lightroom shines as photo software

The new version of Adobe Lightroom is spiffy, smooth and a must-have for those who work with images on a professional or even an advanced-amateur basis. Published September 21, 2009

YOUR TECH: HP debuts laptops for fall

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday unveiled several new portable computers for the fall season, among other items. I had a preview showing of several new HP mobile computers last week, and what I saw was, at first glance, impressive. Published September 16, 2009

KELLNER: Upgrade Mac without a hitch

Apple's Macintosh OS X version 10.6, more commonly known as Snow Leopard, is perhaps the smoothest computer operating system upgrade in recorded history, at least in this reviewer's "recorded history." Published September 14, 2009

YOUR TECH: Apple's iPhone a travel necessity

Get your epithets ready: I'm a fan-boy, I've "drunk the Kool-Aid," I'm a sellout. Lob whatever insult you wish, but I'll stick to my guns: The Apple iPhone might be the only thing a world traveler needs to pack to stay in touch from the world's most remote corners. Published September 9, 2009

KELLNER: Connecting to Net on an African trip

Botswana has great cellular data service. Wi-Fi at my hotel in Zambia was usually better than expected. And as you might expect, Johannesburg has excellent connections to the Internet and beyond. Published September 7, 2009

YOUR TECH: Heavenly non-sound

At 34,000 feet, the new Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones can block the most rambunctious child's shriek or a woman complaining to her significant other or just about any other ambient noise that might keep you from enjoying your flight. Published September 2, 2009

KELLNER: Acer's 'netbook' good for travelers

Usually a trans-Atlantic flight while seated in coach means a loss of productive computing time. But various micro-notebook computers boasting Internet connectivity of some stripe are changing things, at least for this road warrior. Published August 31, 2009

KELLNER: Sony fires back at Amazon

There's an old proverb about the dangers of waking a slumbering tiger, with the effective punch line being that you might not get a friendly greeting. Published August 26, 2009

KELLNER: What free software will and won't do

As back-to-school shoppers exhibit parsimonious traits in the face of uncertain economic times, the question arises: Can you do what you need to do with a computer for less money, or even no money? Published August 24, 2009

KELLNER: Travel tech tools a lifesaver

Continuing developments in technology make my work a tad easier, and that's a good thing for periodic business travelers as well as those who are constantly on the road. Published August 17, 2009

YOUR TECH: Cell phone controls alarm system

You see the commercials on television, the fliers in the mail and in newspaper inserts, and you've probably noticed the signs in many yards across town: Home alarm services are kind of big these days, and with reason. The recession, it's speculated, is driving a spike in break-ins and burglaries, so protecting your home and family is important. Published August 12, 2009