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Don’t replace Lee statue

When replacing the Robert E. Lee statue in the U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall Collection, suggestions such as Pocahontas, Maggie Walker and several other diverse dignitaries have been made.

Shutdowns hurt more than help

The lockdowns are not working. In fact, they are hurting the economy more than they are preventing the spread of the virus. The lockdowns only delay the spread of the virus; they don’t actually prevent it. The same number of people will eventually get infected. We don’t know that breakthrough vaccines are safe, and there is evidence that people can get infected even after antibodies are present.

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) lines up under center during the second half an NFL football game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Brian Westerholt)

A Panther goes down: For Luis Moreno Jr., principle is more important than profit

The corporate world of professional sports is a sad place these days. And perhaps it has always been so, but now the public is better attuned to the hypocrisy with which decisions are made. The National Basketball Association and Nike, for instance, are happy to provide a platform for the ugliest critiques of America, while happily ignoring the genocide their financial overlords, the Chinese, currently carry out on the Uyghur population.

Make IRS disclose compromises

So the IRS is not telling parents when their minor children's identities have been stolen ("Audit: IRS doesn't alert families of kids with stolen identities," Politics, Sept. 15). At best, the agency will tell parents that 'someone's' Social Security number has been compromised from their tax return. This is nuts and should be rectified by Congress right away. A law should mandate that the filer of the tax return be notified if any Social Security number on their return is compromised.

Waters wants total takeover

It seems the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters are now following the orders of Rep. Maxine Waters, who in 2018 shouted at her followers to let Trump supporters know "they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

Marxism -- or else

No one can deny that our democracy is under siege by the far-left, democratic socialist. If you don't believe me, just look at the pandemonium and insurrection taking place in our major cities under this 'mobocratic' rule. Mobocracy is burning our cities, damaging private and public properly, and destroying statues and the historical heritage of our country — all because some people hate America and want to replace democracy with Marxism.

Idiocy of NFL

I just finished reading the news that Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside a Los Angeles hospital chanting "We hope they die," referring to the two L.A. County sheriffs deputies who were shot by an assailant who apparently doesn't know how to properly wear a pair of trousers ("Police search for deputies' attacker," Page 1, Sept. 14).

Democrats, start fretting

Recent polls at both the Garner College of Journalism and the Manhattan College of Communications show President Trump well ahead of Joe Biden by as many as 14 points in some swing states. In Pensylvania, Ohio, Florida and Nevada, Mr. Trump holds at least an eight-point lead among every group surveyed. In West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, the president holds commanding leads of nine, 11 and 13 points, respectively, according to unnamed pollsters. In the age group of 25-45, both men and women are crossing political lines, with Mr. Trump gaining a nine-point lead over Mr. Biden.

Less marriage, lower incomes

The report on the new study discussed in "Lower-income workers deterred from marriage" (Nation, Sept. 11) concluded that those eligible for welfare programs are less likely to marry than those who are better off financially. This is reminiscent of past decades of government welfare policies that provided increased payments to women having another child if the father didn't live with her. It produced women who were dubbed "Welfare Queens" and had large numbers of children in order to get bigger welfare checks.

'Progressives' worship money

Liberals and progressives who masquerade under the name of Democrats have a long-standing problem with Christianity, which they are constantly attacking. Christianity was chased out of public schools long ago, and the name God seems to be an anathema to the left (everywhere except on the dollar bill).

Boomers should applaud Trump

Let's face it: Many of those who came of age during the 1960s were pot-smoking, Grateful-Dead-listening, dancing-on-Volkswagens hippies who spat on Vietnam veterans and loathed a warmongering president. Yet today these same baby boomers loathe a peace-loving president who has made peace deals and desires to end the endless wars in which we find ourselves. What changed? Is it because this president is foul-mouthed in private? Is it because the media told everyone to hate the bad, orange man?

Fed up with 'protests'

Since March there has been a run on guns and ammunition. Doubt me? Go try to buy either — any type, any caliber. First-time buyers are the majority. Ask yourself why. Then ask yourself why the current violence and mayhem are limited to Democrat-run cities and states, specifically places where George Soros has installed leftist prosecutors and idiot mayors and govenors who refuse to enforce the laws. Notice that antifa and Black Lives Matter travel in mobs and pick on the elderly and frail. What courage. Then ask yourself whether this is really a "popular" uprising — you know, not "community organized"' from Kalorama and funded by Soros Inc. If it is indeed grassroots, why are these antifa/BLM punks being bused all over the country to do their dirty work?

Truth will back Trump

Bob Woodward's latest liberal-support book has arrived just in time to join all the others in disparaging President Trump's run for a second term ("Fauci denies Trump downplayed COVID: 'I didn't get any sense that he was distorting anything,'" Web, Sept. 9). Mr. Woodward's "Rage" provides questionable fodder for gullible idiots to digest as truth, yet anyone with half a brain can see his menu is inedible.

Why not net launchers?

Why has it not been suggested that police use net launchers and/or tranquilizers/sedatives to dispel rioters ("Rochester police leaders retire after suffocation death," Web, Sept. 8)? With multiple police officers on the scene and time to respond before Jacob Blake reached his vehicle, a net launcher would have worked. With Daniel Prude, a sedative likely would have worked.

Atlantic piece a desperate grab

Democrats and Never Trumpers cannot get any lower than to accuse President Trump of insulting our fallen troops ("Should Americans believe Trump or The Atlantic?" Web, Sept. 9). Why would Mr. Trump want to do that? And why would former National Security Adviser John Bolton want to lie for Mr. Trump after what's transpired bewteen them? Mr. Bolton says The Atlantic story is not true.

Left wants Trump out at any cost

By this point in time, it should be obvious that the talking points from the CIA's Project Mockingbird surface verbatim across America's radio and TV/cable outlets to create crisis after crisis allegedly caused by President Trump.

Only Trump can end violence

Violence, destruction and mayhem taking place in urban centers across the country are undermining our democracy and destroying our way of life. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other U.S. cities are undergoing unceasing violence by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and similarly ideologically abhorrent groups. What will it take to stop this unmitigated hate and destruction when the mayors and governors of these states and cities refuse to face what has been done to people's property and lives? There is only one person who can put an end to this crisis of major proportions, and that is President Trump.

Farrakhan's slander dangerous

We Whites hear constantly about how much of what we do or say is racist, either consciously or unconsciously. In his July 4 speech, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan warned people of color about a plan to kill billions of them by vaccination, and he named Anthony Fauci, and Bill and Melinda Gates as among those people behind it.

Keep schools open

Several years ago, I happened to mention to my doctor that my hay fever allergies were bothering me much less and I was happy about that. However, he told me that it was an indication my immune system was "closing down" as I got older. That was the first I ever heard of this problem for senior citizens. This is now obvious to all in the death statistics from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stop violent, anti-White thugs

The truth of what Black Lives Matter and Antifa actually represent has been conveniently hidden by these organized terrorists' sleight of hand. We are now witnessing what I firmly believe to be a nationwide assemblage of assorted thugs who are violent racists and Black supremacists.