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Trump allegations nonsense

The resurrection of stale, unsubstantiated sexual-harassment allegations are just the latest attempt to drive President Trump from office. Mr. Trump’s resignation has been called for and demands have been made for an investigation. But there is nothing to investigate. There is merely a desire for smear campaign employing rehashed stories.

Tax meat, dairy for better health?

With the annual tax-filing date just around the corner, pundits are searching for ways to make our tax code fairer and more reflective of our social incentives and burdens. In this regard, there is a growing interest in a tax on meat, eggs and dairy products designed to curb the self-destructive health impacts of the consumption of fatty animal-derived items and effectively compensate society for the associated, devastating environmental impacts.

Hollywood the ultimate in hypocrisy

There is no shame in Hollywood. It is not enough that we are in the midst of an avalanche of sexual-predation revelations, but now Hollywood is pouring accolades and rave reviews on “Call Me By Your Name,” a film that depicts the sensual affair between a 17-year-old boy and 24-year-old man (“Acclaimed film of boy-man love raises hackles in Hollywood,” Web, Dec. 12). There is even talk of an Academy Award nomination for best picture, and the film has garnered three Golden Globe Awards nominations.

Jerusalem move a win for democracy

The Second Intifada, started in 2000, saw the murder of 1,000 Israelis and the self-defense killing of 3,000 Arab terrorists attempting to butcher Israeli civilians. PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat planned the intifada before going to Camp David to meet President Bill Clinton and then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Though they got everything they claimed they wanted (to the West, anyway), Arafat feared that signing an ‘end-of-conflict clause’ would lead to his death. So he went home and launched his suicide bombers.

Amendment rewrite harmful

Bill of Rights Day is this Friday, Dec. 15. It reminds one how far this country has departed from first principles. The 2015 gay marriage ruling complete a rewrite of the First Amendment, which used to say and mean, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press … ” We are familiar with the word “expression,” and it seems an innocuous expansion. However, “expression” enables a nearly unbounded multi-billion-dollar pornography industry.

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Give Lee credit for contributions

The pell-mell rush to remove any public reference to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is as thoughtless as it is short-sighted. There were reasons other than romanticizing slavery that led to honoring Lee. The post-war Lee is a figure that all Americans should appreciate.

Bolster Japan to weaken N. Korea

As a counterweight to China and North Korea we should encourage Japan to build up its military capabilities. Japan should increase its front-line military personnel from 250,000 to 350,000 and increase the number of tanks from 700 to 1,000 and armored vehicles from 3,000 to 4,000.

Terrorists use families as shields

Hezbollah is a large Shiite military/terrorist organization with headquarters in Lebanon and funding by Iran. It is the major power broker in Lebanon and has supported Iran's efforts in Syria to stabilize the Assad government by fighting against the democratic forces and the Islamic State there.

Democracy for Rohingya, too

Let us recall when Western parliamentarians eulogized 'democracy' advocate and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. This was, after all, the lady who when asked about Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya people, claimed they were interlopers.

Navy War College better than ever

Although I enjoyed reading Col. Anderson's op-ed on the U.S. Naval War College, I do wish it was based on fact and not ignorance ("The Naval University for Conflict Avoidance," Web, Sept. 5). The Naval War College of course studies and prepares for war. In fact, we have greatly expanded the war-fighting component of our curriculum in the past year, and had Col. Anderson researched his topic rather than seeking mere sensationalism he would have known better.

Learn from the past

Ed Rendell and Judd Gregg give an excellent bipartisan list of solutions to the national economic-security threat we face from Congress failing to raise the debt ceiling ("Playing politics with the nation's financial future," Web, Sept. 5). But they miss at least one solution that could solve many other problems: early investments in prevention.

Good riddance to DACA

Once again President Trump has made rule of law paramount in determining his administration's policies, this time with respect to the blatantly unconstitutional and unlawful actions taken unilaterally by former President Obama to shield illegal aliens from immigration laws passed by Congress ("Mexico says it will embrace Dreamers 'with open arms,'" Web, Sept. 5).

Pro-illegals stance often selfish

Stories citing the strong, promised southern-border stance of President Trump reveal that many business owners, unable to fill their employment needs with illegal immigrants, are hiring American workers and paying them more. Who could object to this development? A few, as it happens.

Treat Kim like bully he is

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has again tested a nuclear weapon, claimed to be a hydrogen bomb. He may forget that the United States has about 5,000 nuclear weapons, some of which are being decommissioned but still number high enough to reduce North Korea to a fairly unpleasant place to live (although the dictator has really already achieved this).

Globalization unstoppable

The Sept. 4 article "BRICS countries urge U.N. reform, cooperation on terrorism" (Web) states that these nations "pledged their opposition to protectionism " They can't realistically do anything else, given globalization's momentum.

Whither goest peaceful resolution?

The fact that the Trump administration gave Russia only 48 hours to close its consulate in San Francisco and other properties in Washington and New York is completely unacceptable. This unwise decision perfectly shows how this administration is implementing "infant diplomacy" in a way that is more suitable to North Korea than the United States.

Rewrite DACA

Even under ideal circumstances, raising children is a difficult task. But millions of families gladly accept the task of bringing children into our world, doing their best to give them a good upbringing. To me, that is where Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has failed.

Left has little to rail against

Remember the "Bimbo Eruptions" during the President Clinton years? Bubba would transgress and Hillary would move in for the reputational 'kill' of the woman he dared harrass. The recent eruption in the Trump era was over the stiletto heels that Melania Trump wore boarding Air Force One.

Battle school indoctrination

A number of schools have become indoctrination centers instead of centers of learning "Kindergarten girl afraid she would turn into a boy after transgender lesson, mom says," Web, Aug. 29). Variously, homosexual and transgender ideology or Islam is being pressed on children without parents being aware it is being done, or else it is revealed to parents well after the fact.

Work with, not against, president

The inflammatory rhetoric and baseless criticism by Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives against President Donald Trump from the time he won the 2016 election until now serves only one grossly inappropriate purpose: to prevent the fixing of the multiple domestic and international problems that were either created by or worsened by President Obama.

McConnell totally disconnected

Charles Hurt's column ("There are no decent plans in Congress, just lies, intraparty squabbling," Web, Aug. 28) succinctly nails the many absurdities Washington has been foisting on the American people since the November 2016 election. One of these is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mocking the president's "excessive" expectations. Sen. McConnell is so completely disconnected from the will of the American electorate that it never occurred to him the president's posture could simply be mirroring its expectations.

Trump right to pardon Arpaio

After watching the news media accuse President Trump of wrongdoing for pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, I can't stand by without bringing up what President Obama did.