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Cuomo on hook for nursing home deaths

While it is bad enough that former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo used his office to intimidate and sexually harass women, his downplaying of nursing home deaths and the lying about it (so he could profit from his then newly released book is a far worse crime (“Janice Dean, whose advocacy helped oust N.Y. Gov. Cuomo, struggles with forgiveness,” Web, Dec. 2).

Combat no place for political correctness

Obama’s Department of Defense announcement on Dec. 3, 2015, meant that regimental combat teams and special forces units became bureaucratic toys for those who wanted to imagine equal opportunity and affirmative action could coexist with warriors enduring the brutality imperative for victory.

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Kill the Department of Education

The best way to indoctrinate a population is through its schools and/or its media ("Time to end government's monopoly on education," Web, Sept. 20). Today both methods are in use, resulting in at least a generation of students ignorant of not only civics and history but morality as well.

Punishing the vaccinated

Tennessee and Alabama have taken the position that hospitalized COVID-19 patients who have been vaccinated cannot receive antibody medication until all the unvaccinated have received it. This seems like a bizarre way to encourage people to get the shot: "Get vaccinated. Then, if you get hospitalized, you'll be denied medication." Talk about a misguided priority system.

Trump the kind of 'crisis' we need

Correct me if I am wrong, but Donald Trump did not start any wars during his time in office. So, according to Bob Woodward, a "national security emergency" would have been required for Middle East peace accords to be brokered.

Iron Dome, aid to Israel crucial to U.S.

There is only one reason to cut $1 billion for Israel's Iron Dome from the government-funding bill, and that is to kill Israelis -- Jews, Christians and Muslim ("Legislative terrorists': Far-left Democrats push Pelosi to strip Israel aid from funding bill," Web, Sept. 21). While this would please anti-Semites inside and outside of Congress, it is incredibly short-sighted.

Ivermectin reduces viral load

As of Sept. 16, Uttar Pradesh was leading India in its use of ivermectin for COVID-19 -- and was the first state in the country to introduce large-scale prophylactic and therapeutic use of the drug. The state is practically COVID-19-free.

So many lies

The lack of truthfulness and competent leadership in the Biden administration is depressing. Ignoring the truth deniers in the administration and the sycophant liberal media, who can deny that the direction of our country is significantly different from the one promised by our president?

Left's 'essential' not so essential

The authority to tax is the power to control, contain and crush ("Tax hikes reveal Congress' economic ignorance," Web, Sept. 21). Whenever I hear that a politician wants to raise taxes, even if it's 'for the children,' I get the shakes, the willies and (if it's a progressive demand) full-blown delirium tremens. Call me an old fuddy duddy but I just don't trust politicians, especially ones that consider the donkey an attractive mascot.

Say no to more Democratic 'leadership'

I watched last week's Virginia gubernatorial debate knowing of Terry McAuliffe's close association with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, and knowing that McAuliffe was once Hillary's campaign chairman. The revelation the next day was amazing: The bogus information about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was funded by the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. The provider of the hoax information actually acknowledged, after years of lying about it, that his paying client was in fact the Clinton campaign.

Biden and team wasting taxpayer money

Hardworking taxpayers support our three branches of government, and the individuals these taxpayers elect are entrusted to spend dollars efficiently in order to cover real needs. Unfortunately, that is not always done, and with the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer spending sprees and Biden's policies, billions of dollars continue to be wasted. Specifically, I am talking about the billions of dollars worth of military weapons so generously handed over to the Taliban, and the enormous amounts spent on supporting illegal immigrants.

U.N. elites can take the bus

Those attending the United Nations General Assembly can lead by example when it comes to global warming and climate change. Hundreds of heads of state, ambassadors, military attaches and security personnel can give up the limousines taking them to and from their embassies, hotels and residences.

Biden not held to account for fiasco

As an immigrant to the United States myself, I believe that many immigrants have a positive impact on the United States. But reviewing the situation of Afghanistan and the influx to the U.S. of many Afghans, it is clear this is a humanitarian crises created by U.S. foreign policy.

Impeach Biden for treason -- now

Since coming into office, Joe Biden's administration has overseen the systematic dismantling of the nation left intact by his predecessor. Today's America is unrecognizable not only to Americans but to our allies around the globe, too. This reckless destabilization has had disastrous effects on our status among nations, our security, our economy, our education system and our national identity. We have an incompetent president, a delinquent vice president and a malfeasant speaker of the house. In short, we have a formula for disaster.

'Leaky' vaccines could be driving variants

Biden is not just playing deadly games with Florida; he is playing deadly games with the whole U.S. population ("Biden's playing deadly games with Florida," Web, Sept. 19). From the beginning of the pandemic a vaccine was offered as a way out. The term "vaccine" was soon part of political propaganda for political advantage. No distinction was made between the effectiveness of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and the mRNA or DNA vaccines offered by the three pharmaceutical companies. For most people, a vaccine is a vaccine -- and that would be a big, fat lie.

Corrupt from top to bottom

Former resident Trump would never be considered a politician. He is a successful businessman who transferred that acumen to the White House. The results were exceptionally productive for America, and a challenge for the rest of the world. Trump demanded results, and if they didn't come you'd be replaced rather quickly. That's how a business works. Failure is not an option.

Biden wholly unstrustworthy

"Biden taxes hit Wall Street, Main Street" (Page 1, Sept. 17) contains the line "The Democrats' plan also raises taxes on small businesses despite Mr. Biden's promises not to do so." Reading that, it struck me: The hallmark of Biden's presidency to date is the nearly uncountable number of times he has promised something, then broken that promise -- whether it was made during the campaign or during his presidency.

'Tax the rich' really 'Tax working people'

The Biden plan for paying for the $3.5- -$5-trillion spending plan calls for doubling the size of the IRS and hiring 87,000 new agents ("Biden's 'long overdue' tax hikes span from Wall Street to Main Street, from superwealthy to smokers," Web, Sept. 16). Also, as part of this plan Biden will open up to the federal government the visibility of all your bank accounts and transactions. This is a big step toward socialism and the United States becoming a police state.

What a puppet to pick

Biden's beady-eyed facial sneer looks more like Walter, the puppet character of comedian Jeff Dunham, every day. It's fitting, as we all know Biden is merely a puppet for his handlers Klain, Rice, Obama and Soros.

'Confidence' in Milley is worthless

The politicalization of America's military has been evident for decades, but the latest revelation, that Gen. Mark A. Milley had been secretly talking to his Chinese counterpart of his concerns over his then commander in chief (Donald Trump) is an immediate and fireable offense.

Taliban has no better friend than Biden

Let me get this straight. From recent congressional hearings, we learn that President Biden's best defense for his decision to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban is essentialy, 'Trump made me do it.' How pathetic. The next thing you know, he'll blame the disaster on climate change. This is not "Profiles In Courage."