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Banning Tlaib, Omar a mistake

Keeping two anti-Semitic Democratic congresswomen from entering Israel was a mistake (“Rashida Tlaib won’t travel to Israel despite approval to visit family,” Web, Aug. 16). It is a mistake even though they did not request any meetings with government officials or briefings from Israeli experts — in other words, they did not plan a fact-finding mission, but rather a propaganda extravaganza.

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Hungary important U.S. ally

Ambassador April H. Foley's cogent op-ed ("Orban in Washington," Web, May 12) sets forth with great clarity why positive re-engagement by the United States in Central and Eastern Europe — most recently manifested by President Trump's invitation of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to the White House this week — is welcome.

Warren ensuring own loss

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is one of a multitude of Democrats hungering for Oval Office gold and, unlike many of the horde of wannabees who remain anonymous, is loud, proud and unbowed even when wrong ("Warren's anti-Fox sneer the kiss of campaign death," Web, May 14). She was wrong when proclaiming her ethnicity to be Native American (a claim the Cheyenne Nation ridiculed), has been woefully misguided in her economic pronouncements, and now falls flat when scorning an appearance on Fox News. I guess she can assert consistency as a virtue, but when one's campaign is consistently wrong, it tends, as Nobel-Prize-winner Bob Dylan sang, to sink like a stone.

Stop China in its tracks

China dreams of the day it dominates the U.S. Its predicted year for such domination is 2049, exactly 100 years from its Communist Revolution in 1949. Thus, the current trade negotiations carry with them much more than either the American public or the world knows. By using the leverage of a strong economy here in the United States — which President Trump has brought about through his policies —America can do much more than win the trade war. We can break the chains of any domination expected by the Communist Chinese and the evil world order they would institute.

Dems distracting from crucial work

Perhaps now even the anti-Trump Republicans can see the stress and problems the partisan divide has caused and continues to cause domestically and internationally. There is no question that the rogue leaders of the CIA, FBI and Department of Justice were out to prevent Donald J. Trump's election success — and then, after he won anyway, remove him from office. They must be held accountable.

Hillary Clinton's interview with the FBI has been the subject of much criticism. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

A lesson from baseball

Politics is a lot like baseball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The difference is that if you lose, "there's no crying in baseball," as Tom Hanks reminded his ladies of the diamond in the movie "A League of Their Own." In baseball, you're supposed to hitch up your pants and move on to the next town, the next day and the next game. In politics you're allowed a few tears, and the Democrats know how to turn on the waterworks.

Masculinity saved lives

Forget the false narratives of toxic masculinity, #MeToo, campus sexual assault, intersectionality hierarchies and all the others of the over-the-edge, feminist/progressive ideologues. Let us instead return to the reality of the Greatest Generation and all the contributions that boys and men have made to Western civilization and contemporary society ("Teen who charged attackers was lone death in school shooting," Web, May 8). Celebrate boys, men, fathers and traditional masculinity.

Look closer at Tlaib et al.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Michigan Democrat, was sworn into Congress on her personal Koran. "My swearing in on the [Koran] is about me showing that the American people are made up of diverse backgrounds and we all have love of justice and freedom," Ms. Tlaib told the Detroit Free Press. "My faith has centered me. The prophet Mohammed was always talking about freedom and justice."

Left might've still lost

In her column "We've got the horse right here" (Web, May 8), Suzanne Fields notes, as many have noted before her, that the Democrats are still angry Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election because the Electoral College (and not the popular vote, which she won) determined the winner.

Shut down terrorist schools

The mind-boggling video showing children in a Philadelphia Muslim school engaged in outright murderous, terrorist statements and chants as part of a supposed "performance" should prompt the Department of Justice and the FBI to act swiftly to shut it and similar schools down ("Muslim American Society says 'disturbing' video of children wasn't vetted," Web, May 5).

Barr smear last-gasp move

The Democrats in their infinite hatred for President Trump reminds me of an old story where a dog chases a bus until he catches it. Once that happened, the question posed was, Now that he caught it, what is he going to do with it?

Cure this 'disease'

Having once been a Democrat, I have started to delve into why that party has slipped into political deviance. I read somewhere that being a Democrat is akin to having a disease with physical and mental ramifications. It is "transmitted" through exposure to CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times. If you haven't been "vaccinated" against fake news, you're in danger. Scientists ought to identify it as "Psychogullibilitis" and work diligently for a cure, before the disease becomes an epidemic by the 2020 elections.

Let go of 'collusion' rant

The Mueller report has cleared President Trump of the allegations, made by sore-loser headmistress Hillary Clinton, that Mr. Trump enlisted the Russians to help him win the 2016 election. The damage to Mr. Trump and his administration caused by the false narrative during the two years of the Mueller probe can't be called justice. It was an injustice of the highest order — legally, morally and constitutionally.

White or wheat? Doesn't matter

Have you ever wondered where this "healthy whole grain" stuff comes from ("With Trump rollback, school lunch could get more white bread," Web, May 2)? Just Google "healthy whole grains masturbation" and up comes Sylvester Graham (as in graham crackers) and on down the page the Kellogg family and John Harvey Kellogg (of the Kellogg Co.) come up. Nevermind the nutrition implications here because they are nearly all bad. The school lunch program is based on the anti-masturbation diet that goes all the way back to the early 19th century. This is your government and this is what passes for evidence-based nutrition. There is none, and it basically follows from a cult turned into a very profitable corporate enterprise.

Clinton's 'obsession'

Now America has definitive proof, from her own mouth, that Hillary Clinton is delusional. She has actually said publicly that she is living "rent free" in President Trump's head, due to his "obsession" with her email situation. Why does she insist on humiliating herself?

Biden is the immoral one

I find Joe Biden's accusations of President Trump to constitute a very strange double standard on many levels ("Joe Biden uses Trump's signature phrase against him: 'Make America Moral Again,'" Web, April 30). First, I find it very ironic that the ex-vice president would set himself up as a moral judge. His faith says that abortion is the killing of babies, yet he has been in leadership positions in a political party that not only supports abortion, but now also supports the killing of babies after their birth. That is immoral.