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Banning Tlaib, Omar a mistake

Keeping two anti-Semitic Democratic congresswomen from entering Israel was a mistake (“Rashida Tlaib won’t travel to Israel despite approval to visit family,” Web, Aug. 16). It is a mistake even though they did not request any meetings with government officials or briefings from Israeli experts — in other words, they did not plan a fact-finding mission, but rather a propaganda extravaganza.

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Stop cozying up to Kim

While there are many actions in President Trump's foreign policy that are positive, certainly these positives do not include his willingness to meet with the most vicious of dictators, a man noted not only for violating human rights but also for the murders of his own people ("Defector says Trump is 'legitimizing' Kim Jong-un regime," Web, July 6).

Sore since 2016

Disappointment that Donald Trump was elected president initiated a cascade of hysteria among the critical caste ("Michelle Obama's whiney sour grapes tell on Trump," Web, July 8). Much of the criticism is tinged with more than a tincture of bitterness. It is briny, sour and nasty, with hints of minced dreams gone to weed. It reeks of disappointment and jealousy, of burnt fantasies. It is scented with the nastiness of hyperbole and lubricated with ridiculous over-reach.

Left's ideas defy common sense

Twenty presidential candidates tell us that "evil corporations" make too much money and must be taxed to strip profit. A 70 percent rate has been suggested. But if such a policy were instituted, would not those businesses (and the jobs associated therewith) flee America's shores to seek a more favorable business climate? They were doing so in record numbers until 2016, when that trend was reversed (for the time being, anyway).

Population declining anyway

Your editorial, "It happens every summer" (Web, July 2), which addresses climate change, contains the following excerpt: "Blythe Pepino, a 33-year-old Londoner, started Birthstrike in 2018 to voice her view that reproducing consigns the next generation to suffer the consequences of climate change and will inevitably produce heat waves, floods, droughts, famine and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Her pledge to forswear childbirth has been echoed by 450 others caught up in climate fear."

Time for term limits

In the late 1940s, Congress amended the U.S. Constitution to limit presidential terms to only two. They forgot to limit themselves to two terms as well.

Biden had his chance

There is a most serious and dangerous threat to the United States — but it isn't coming from Iran, North Korea, China or Russia. It's coming from the far-left Democratic Party.

Murder latest symptom of crisis

Venezuelan navy Capt. Rafael Acosta was murdered after being arrested and tortured by Venezuelan counterintelligence agents who accused him of plotting against President Nicolas Maduro ("Death of Venezuelan navy captain draws US condemnation," Web, June 30). It was part of the Maduro government's crackdown on military personnel who may no longer be loyal to the socialist dictatorship, as well as the counterintelligence G-2 Cuban agents' efforts to keep the military in line with spies.

The best there is

America bashing is the main theme of the Democratic Party today, and when you add the new socialist element, the party gets even worse. When I take an honest look at my country, it's not all good, but it's not all bad, either. It is by far the very best there is in the world.

Today's Democrats are tyrants

As a life-long registered Democrat and retired academic who grew up in California when it had the best public education system in the country and was a lovely place to live for the vast majority of the population, I watched with incredulity the recent Democratic presidential debates ("The noisy parade of the debutantes," Web, June 27).

Trump's many accomplishments

Last month the Dow celebrated its biggest June in 81 years. Forgoing expected U.S. military action and steadily increasing economic sanctions has Iran slowly losing the fight against the free world. Kim Jong-un welcomes the first sitting American president into North Korea for talks and thetrue beginning of a relationship.

Define 'white supremacist'

I was surprised to see "More white supremacist propaganda showing up on US campuses" (Web, June 27) in my Washington Times, which usually has such high standards. Nowhere in this article is "white supremacist" defined; nowhere is an example given. The current "college viewpoint" has struck me as one that applies the label "white supremacist" to anyone who does not agree with the current far-left mood on campuses.

The other side of forced busing

I watched last week's Democratic 2020 presidential debates ("Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden on race," Web, June 27). During them, Sen. Kamala Harris told a story about a second-grade girl bused to a school as part of an effort to force integration, and she was that girl. What she didn't say was that she was bused to a better school and it helped her get where she is today.

No qualified candidates

In 2015-16, there was a herd of 17 Republican candidates for president who negated each other by sharing campaign funding, diluting votes in the primary and electing the least-qualified individual. We now suffer with a president who does not understand the workings of our government, has fired or forced the resignation of approximately 25 key personnel, and regularly attacks the press, judiciary and our intelligence agencies.

Here we go again

Haven't we already heard what today's Democrats are spouting? True, it was about a century ago, but we know about the Nazis. Their real name was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Originally, they were anti-big business, anti-bourgeois and anti-capitalist. Then, they became anti-Semitic. Oh, wait. There were also the Bolsheviks. They overthrew the czar during the "Great Socialist Revolution." Once again, they were anti-bourgeois, anti-big business and eventually anti-Semitic.

Start deportations now

Congressional Democrats claim illegal-alien children are being housed in unacceptable conditions thanks to the Trump administration. However, the fault for these living conditions lies squarely with the left. Because of their twin goals of open borders and massive amnesty, they have refused to address the invasion — in spite of pleas from the administration and others. Initially, they denied the crisis' existence, calling it Trump-manufactured.

Trump averted leftist triumph

American columnists and scholars are right that President Trump should not let Iranians take military action without a U.S. response, and precise proportionality really does not matter except to liberal Democrats and the drive-by media. A considerable number of socialist and left-leaning Americans, especially in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, consider Mr. Trump — not Iran — the main enemy.

Reparations don't make sense

All things and events are relative, whether in the course of human events or in Einstein's general theory of relativity involving both dimensions of time and space. Slavery of generations ago is a national embarrassment. No one is proud of it. And realistically most Americans are tired of being reminded of those events by today's race-baiting cottage industry, as Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee forges forward in her role as its vanguard proponent for slavery reparation payments ("'Why not now?' for slavery reparations, House panel is told," Web, June 19).

'Governor' an absurd NBA title

How much more politically correct can we get ("NBA done using term 'owner' over racial sensitivity concerns, commissioner says," Web, June 24)? The idea that a person who actually does own a part, or all, of any organization, business, etc., should not be called the owner is absurd.

Reduce costs, get a discount

Patients can and should know what their medical expenses cost. However, they currently have no incentive to find out because in large part those costs are paid by a third party, their medical insurance. A solution for this problem is to give patients an incentive to research these costs and find providers and hospitals that offer the same needed services at a significantly lower cost. This could be done by offering those patients a reduction in their medical deductible payment based on those savings. If this were done, competition between hospitals as well as competition between doctors would increase, and the costs of medical care would decrease.

Congress dithering as usual

President Trump had given U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement the go-ahead to "legally" begin removing more than 1 million illegals in our country. Now, after approximately two-and-a-half years of "resist at all costs," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked the president for more time. Mr. Trump, offering more consideration than he has been shown by the Democrats, has agreed. Offering a two-week delay, Congress now has a very short time to do what they could have done years ago.