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Don’t replace Lee statue

When replacing the Robert E. Lee statue in the U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall Collection, suggestions such as Pocahontas, Maggie Walker and several other diverse dignitaries have been made.

Shutdowns hurt more than help

The lockdowns are not working. In fact, they are hurting the economy more than they are preventing the spread of the virus. The lockdowns only delay the spread of the virus; they don’t actually prevent it. The same number of people will eventually get infected. We don’t know that breakthrough vaccines are safe, and there is evidence that people can get infected even after antibodies are present.

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Who would survive Biden presidency?

So Joe Biden plans to grant citizenship to more than "11 million undocumented people" if elected — as though the Reagan amnesty legislation hadn't already make the United States a target for more illegal entries, resulting in a doubling of the illegal-alien population in the country.

Trump record speaks for itself

It should be obvious by now that the remaining Obama supporters in the Justice Department, CIA, FBI, State Department, Pentagon and U.S. armed forces are still using their positions to have President Trump defeated in the 2020 election. Their stonewalling on releasing emails and documents has been effective in keeping the public uninformed on critical issues.

Biden belongs behind bars

During the last presidential debate, the real Joe Biden came out and showed what a pathological liar he is. Througout the event, when challenged he shook his head from side to side and denied what most of the public has seen in the news.

Left, right must come together

Demented Democrats, anyone? The woods are full of them. The more common one is the basement dweller, as seen on television debating Donald Trump. This particular specimen is a great metaphor for how deep and dark Democrats are taking the world.

Expose social-media censorship

The use of social media has spread like kudzu, an invasive vine that smothers and silences native species right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave ("A big censorship test run," Web, Oct. 19). Some traditional sources of news and advertising have been rendered impotent by the ease and attraction of social media, the influence of which has occasioned interest from antitrust authorities.

U.S. needs space-based defense

Brandon J. Weichert has much right in his op-ed, "Only Star Wars can beat North Korea's nukes" (Web, Oct. 19). Despite the devastation unleased on the world by the Chinese COVID-19 virus, we must remain concerned about the risk of a nuclear strike by regimes with which it seems impossible to create a stable, diplomatic dynamic.

GOP doing better now than in 2016

Don't believe what you're seeing in the polls about Joe Biden beating President Trump by a landslide. There are 14 states that will decide the battle between President Trump and his challenger, Joe Biden: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Biden dangerously dirty

The events of the last few days have left us with one cold, hard fact about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Compelling proof emerges each day that Joe Biden can be bought. In fact, Mr. Biden is a man who has been bought and sold, time and again, to countries like Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan.

Flyovers done by patriots

Before the Packers/Buccaneers game last Sunday, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck commented disparagingly about the taxpayer expense of a military flyover of a stadium seated to 25% capacity. Mr. Aikman said that under a Biden-Harris ticket, "that stuff ain't happening." What I find so bizarre is these two men are making a living commenting on the abilities of grown men to play a game we all played in adolescence. When I was on active duty and a jet flew over, buzzing our position so low that the deafening sound of their engines wouldn't be heard untll well after the aircraft were beyond us, we would all look at one another and someone would holler out, "The sweet sound of freedom!" followed by rousing rounds of "Oo-rah"s.

True Islam condemns murder

I am a Muslim-American belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and I unequivocally condemn the barbaric beheading of a French teacher by a Muslim teen who was enraged that his victim showcased to students inflammatory caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

Which candidate will do most good?

Over the past three decades, California's philosophy has become politically dominant in the U.S. This would be equally beneficial throughout the country if we all shared Pacific seaports. The homelessness in San Francisco seems to indicate that Reaganomics is running its course there as well.

Boot Feinstein et al

President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat and a Roman Catholic, would be appalled to see how today's Democratic members of Congress treat people like Judge Amy Coney Barrett. So, too, would the founders of our country, who drafted Article VI of the U.S. Constitution. It reads, in part: "The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

Skin color doesn't make anyone superior

It's true that white cars and pickup trucks are seen more than automobiles of any other color in Arizona; perhaps it is because white reflects the sun and tends to be cooler. Or maybe there is some other factor at play, like the manufacturer makes more of those models and marks their prices lower to get rid of them.

Trump a true 'people's' president

Whether you like the current U.S. president or not, you might want to view the record of TV broadcast coverage on the evening of the 2016 election. Records of talking heads and other assorted "experts" reveal the antipathy the upper crust has for middle-, working- and lower-class Americans.

Death numbers need ratios

Remember how a sharp rise in global temperatures was compared to a "hockey stick" back in 2006? Turns out it was a gross exaggeration. Likewise, the global COVID-19 death rate has been greatly exaggerated, as revealed in a recent World Health Organization report. Crises often invite exaggerations. This report reveals a 0.023% mortality rate, lower than the initially estimated rate of 3.4%, which would be approximately 265 million deaths. A 0.23% death rate is about 18 million people.

'Experts' are contradictory

The final verdict from the World Health Organization, the National Institutes for Health and BitChute experts regarding face masks has been announced. It turns out masks are either utterly essential or unnecessary; fool-proof or fool-hardy; and worth the discomfort of claustrophobia (despite self-contamination or reinfection). Almost everyone agrees that mandatory or voluntary masks and nasal and mouth plugs (or hazmat suits) will either stop or prolong the spread of COVID-19.

Hunter Biden's sweet deal

That darned swamp drains exceeding slowly, doesn't it? Even after gallons of "drain cleaner," it remains murky and still smells like old-fashioned political corruption ("'Use your influence': Hunter Biden report undercuts father, upends campaign," Web, Oct. 14).

Do your job, Congress

As I watched the confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett last week, I was struck by the fact that our Congress menbers come well prepared to act informed and intelligent on a wide range of topics which they feel need attention. Yet Congress is filled with similar topics these same politicians have been ignoring for decades: debt reduction, immigration, etc.