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Cuomo on hook for nursing home deaths

While it is bad enough that former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo used his office to intimidate and sexually harass women, his downplaying of nursing home deaths and the lying about it (so he could profit from his then newly released book is a far worse crime (“Janice Dean, whose advocacy helped oust N.Y. Gov. Cuomo, struggles with forgiveness,” Web, Dec. 2).

Combat no place for political correctness

Obama’s Department of Defense announcement on Dec. 3, 2015, meant that regimental combat teams and special forces units became bureaucratic toys for those who wanted to imagine equal opportunity and affirmative action could coexist with warriors enduring the brutality imperative for victory.

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A fetus is a human, period

Abortion tears at the social fabric of our society like no other issue, and it requires proponents to avert their gaze from the obvious ("Supreme Court takes up Texas law banning most abortions," Web, Nov. 1). For instance, prenatal development is a continuum with no clear, defining feature distinguishing embryo from fetus other than a human-made definitional one.

Corporate cash isn't bottomless, Joe

All corporate profits in America in 2020 totaled $2.24 trillion. Biden's first spending plan will end up being around $2 trillion. This will be followed by more spending of approximately $5 trillion. And Biden says big corporations are going to pay for it.

A nation is a terrible thing to waste

Right now I can't even imagine what America will look like the next 36 weeks, much less 36 months -- but rest assured the next presidential election will come, and when it does I hope we'll still have something resembling a Constitution.

NYC will regret mandate

We are not a one-size-fits-all world. By imposing vaccine mandates on city workers, New York is simply cutting off their nose to spite their face ("NYC braces for fewer cops, more trash as vax deadline looms," Web, Oct. 29).

Not in our best interests

President Biden met with world leaders at the G20 summit. Surely, among other topics of discussion, was a plan to require the entire world to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This despite that fact that there is much resistance to such a mandate.

Facebook's rebranding blunder

So the marketing whiz Mark Zuckerberg has changed the name of his company Facebook to Meta. Unfortunately "meta" means "dead" in Hebrew. Good luck with that and let's hope it's not prophetic.

Kudos to patriotic pilot

Nothing would instill a greater sense of security in me than having the pilot on a flight I am taking let me know he is unhappy having a senile president who is owned by China and undertaking the utter destruction of our economy, freedoms and border security ("Southwest launches probe into pilot who allegedly said 'Let's go, Brandon,'" Web, Oct. 31).

Tough but likely effective

Another caravan of thousands of illegals is currently headed to the Texas border. Gov. Abbott has begun to implement border-protection measures to deal with this impending onslaught. But there are two other effective defensive methodologies that could be considered for review.

Warp Speed shutdown cost lives

In the turmoil of the Biden administration, a very important point is being buried and must be raised. Trump's Operation Warp Speed was only partially about the vaccines -- even though they are what received all the attention.

IPCC still at the climate shenanigans

For over 30 years, since the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report (AR1), we have been told that global warming will plunge the world into mega-famines, mega-droughts, climate terrorism and even nuclear war. The same breathless hysteria is found in the latest report, AR6.

Where are all the white supremacists?

While appearing on Tucker Carlson Today, author David Horowitz asked an extremely cogent question, which frankly amazed me. He asked whether American businesses would spend a fortune on T.V. advertisements (75% of which feature Black actors) if they thought the white viewing audience was substantially made up of white supremacists.

Biden deliberately puts citizens at risk

If American citizens must endure vaccine testing and mandates, masks, social distancing and proof of vaccination in order to safeguard their own health and the health of others before being allowed travel and go to work, school and restaurants, why don't the hundreds of thousands of foreigners allowed to freely trespass over our southern border have to do so, too?

Don't let Biden 'cult' destroy U.S.

The current administration is essentially laughing at the American people for thinking they elected Joe Biden. And the laughter would be warranted, too, if Biden had really won the election -- but he didn't, so the joke's on them. Non-existent voters elected Joe.

Don't let Hollywood think for you

Politically motivated personality attacks, ads and other hyper-publicized hot-button issues constantly distract us from confronting our government's crippling trade and economic policy. Our federal government operates against our domestic manufacturers and allows unfair advantages to foreign "partners." Where we were once the free world's arsenal and the richest country on the planet, we are now the largest debtor nation. Today we tolerate shortages of essential items while our adversaries flourish from our patronage and free technology.