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Recall Soviet help to Nazis

Mr. Lakhonin is absolutely correct: The heroic deeds of the Soviet people must not be forgotten (“Why the heroic deeds of the Soviet people must not be forgotten,” Web, Aug. 21). But we must also remember the less-than-heroic deeds of the Soviet government. Some of what Mr. Lakhonin writes is factual, but some of it is incomplete or simply untrue.

U.S. citizenship not right of all

A number of extraordinary ideas have been launched by presidential contenders in both major political parties, and some are finding traction. One such idea focuses on birthright citizenship, established by the 14th Amendment (“Trump says ending birthright citizenship back on agenda,” Web, Aug. 21). Many of those who believe birthright citizenship should be retained offer as arguments that it is enshrined in the Constitution and is a fundamental American value. But which comes first? Is it a fundamental American value because it is in our Constitution, or is it in the Constitution because it is an immutable fundamental value?

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Barr smear last-gasp move

The Democrats in their infinite hatred for President Trump reminds me of an old story where a dog chases a bus until he catches it. Once that happened, the question posed was, Now that he caught it, what is he going to do with it?

Cure this 'disease'

Having once been a Democrat, I have started to delve into why that party has slipped into political deviance. I read somewhere that being a Democrat is akin to having a disease with physical and mental ramifications. It is "transmitted" through exposure to CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times. If you haven't been "vaccinated" against fake news, you're in danger. Scientists ought to identify it as "Psychogullibilitis" and work diligently for a cure, before the disease becomes an epidemic by the 2020 elections.

Let go of 'collusion' rant

The Mueller report has cleared President Trump of the allegations, made by sore-loser headmistress Hillary Clinton, that Mr. Trump enlisted the Russians to help him win the 2016 election. The damage to Mr. Trump and his administration caused by the false narrative during the two years of the Mueller probe can't be called justice. It was an injustice of the highest order — legally, morally and constitutionally.

White or wheat? Doesn't matter

Have you ever wondered where this "healthy whole grain" stuff comes from ("With Trump rollback, school lunch could get more white bread," Web, May 2)? Just Google "healthy whole grains masturbation" and up comes Sylvester Graham (as in graham crackers) and on down the page the Kellogg family and John Harvey Kellogg (of the Kellogg Co.) come up. Nevermind the nutrition implications here because they are nearly all bad. The school lunch program is based on the anti-masturbation diet that goes all the way back to the early 19th century. This is your government and this is what passes for evidence-based nutrition. There is none, and it basically follows from a cult turned into a very profitable corporate enterprise.

Clinton's 'obsession'

Now America has definitive proof, from her own mouth, that Hillary Clinton is delusional. She has actually said publicly that she is living "rent free" in President Trump's head, due to his "obsession" with her email situation. Why does she insist on humiliating herself?

Biden is the immoral one

I find Joe Biden's accusations of President Trump to constitute a very strange double standard on many levels ("Joe Biden uses Trump's signature phrase against him: 'Make America Moral Again,'" Web, April 30). First, I find it very ironic that the ex-vice president would set himself up as a moral judge. His faith says that abortion is the killing of babies, yet he has been in leadership positions in a political party that not only supports abortion, but now also supports the killing of babies after their birth. That is immoral.

'Two-state' no solution for Israel

Shoshana Bryen ("The reality of the 'two-state solution,'" Web, April 29) correctly points out that a full-fledged state established under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority will inevitably be corrupt, belligerent and totalitarian — just like the PA regime is today — and would therefore endanger Israel and undermine American interests in the region.

Socialism just another con

There are many types of socialism, none of which works. Under USSR Socialism (Communism), Joseph Stalin killed millions of his own people, including nearly 800,000 executions and 1.7 million deaths in the gulags. Under this brand of socialism the common people suffered; they did not prosper as promised. Under China's Socialism (Communism), Mao Zedong killed at least 45 million of his own people. There, the common people still suffer (with the exception of that capitalist group formed to make money for the state) and have never had a choice. Under German Socialism (National Socialism, or Nazism), Adolf Hitler killed millions in death camps and started World War II, causing the deaths of millions more. Under German Socialism, the common people prospered for a few years, but then were totally destroyed along with their country.

Ignorance looks bad on Biden

Joe Biden has had a long career in politics, checking many of the boxes that denote success in the glitzy world of the Beltway ("Joe Biden, the old bird who can't recall how to fly straight," Web, April 29). Sometimes he has stumbled and dribbled egg on his face, as when, in 1988, he cribbed part of British politician Neil Kinnock's personal story and reported it as his own. He belatedly owned up to that mistake (sort of) but the relief he felt at coming clean became a habit. So now that he has become one of the drove of Democrats seeking presidential gold, he is apologizing all over the place.

Capitalizing on atrocity

It certainly didn't take long following a deranged lowlife's attack on an innocent Jewish congregation observing the end of Passover for government tyrants to demand anti-constitutional laws be passed to disarm the American people. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is asking that Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham include provisions in the proposed Senate legislation for the complete outlawing from civilian ownership of every type of semi-automatic gun. As Rahm Emmanuel once said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." That is exactly what these elected scumbags do time and again: Capitalize on the criminal behavior of the very few to deny the overwhelming vast majority its constitutional rights.

Distorted teachings justify killing

This Muslim-American says shame on the Easter Day Sri Lankan suicide bombers and all who target places of worship ("US raises travel warning after Sri Lanka suicide bombings," Web, April 26). Contrary to their twisted ideology of destroying churches, the true Islam instructs Muslims to in fact defend all places of worship.

No ex post facto laws

Cal Thomas' op-ed, "In defense of Kate Smith" (Web, April 24), refers to a fad that ought to be called anachronistic fake history. It holds that if behavior that was acceptable a century ago is no longer accepted by today's brighter lights, then the past must be corrected to say the behavior was wrong back then, too. This isn't just dishonest. It's asinine. It requires our dead ancestors to have foreseen that their ingrate progeny might decide to turn what was once all right into wrong.

Trump right about Gen. Lee

The political left is not satisfied unless it's always outraged. The Gen. Robert E. Lee furor is just the latest stupidity for it to get mad at ("Trump defends 'very fine people' remarks about Charlottesville protests," Web, April 26). And its constant ally, the mainstream media, is grasping at straws now that the Mueller has come out.

Un-American Omar, Tlaib

Incredibly, voters elected biased Muslim women to the U.S. House of Representatives. Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota have established platforms of Jew-hating rhetoric. Is this typical of Muslim politicians?

No more pawns for Arab states

The Palestinian issue is still not settled because the Arab League has found it convenient to keep its brothers in subservient positions, in refugee camps and on U.N. welfare rather than integrate them into its societies ("Trump pressures Arabs to pay for peace in stealth build-up to Middle East 'deal of the century,'" web, April 23). After all these years, it is time the Muslim world showed compassion for their own and stopped using these destitute people as an excuse to promote hatred against Israel and Jews.

What are we paying for?

I'm 74, and have been watching for over 50 years via newsreels, photos, videos, etc., illegals cross our southern border. The estimated 22 million illegals who now walk about our country are here because our elected legislators have pretty much sat with their thumbs planted in their backsides for all of that time. Now I'm hearing that we have another massive wave of illegals heading toward our border.

Thatcher said it best

Several people have become enamored with socialism's promise of "free stuff." However, those so seduced do not see the picture clearly. "Free" is not synonymous with "quality."

'Free' tuition should be earned

Karl Marx's famous slogan "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" would seem to fit Sen. Elizabeth Warren's proposal for providing college tuition for some students ("Elizabeth Warren unveils plan to erase $50,000 of student debt for most Americans," Web, April 22).