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Recall Swalwell now

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell has threatened gun-owning American citizens with nuclear strikes if we refuse to surrender our firearms (“Democratic Rep. Swalwell warns gun owners that ‘government has nukes,’” Web, Nov. 16). Just who in the military do you think will use a nuke on a U.S. citizen or group of citizens for exercising their constitutional rights, Mr. Swalwell?

Boot Hamas from Gaza

Following the 2014 Hamas-Israel conflict, the United Nations (no friend of Israel) reported that Israel had a right to prevent weapons getting into Gaza. After the recent weeks of attacks on Israel’s Gaza border and the firing of 500 rockets in one day, including tank missiles, at Israeli civilian targets, there can be no further disagreement that Israel is fully justified in its embargo.

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Segregation by another name?

It seems that racism will not die. The latest demand from the political left is that teachers look like their students. And, as we as a population become browner and blacker, the leftists say there are not enough brown and black teachers. But think about that: If a classroom has 35 students and 20 of them are brown or black, the leftists would demand that the class have a brown or black teacher. But what about the remaining 15 white kids? Do they not deserve a teacher who looks like them, too?

Don't bring back Democrats

Just how naive and easily manipulated by the pathos of political correctness and the liberal media is the American electorate that we may actually be on the cusp of repopulating Congress with the same political party that brought us the Obama agenda?

Trash deadly junk science

What happened to Maryland football player Jordan McNair is an example of incompetence on the part of the coach, and also apparently abuse ("Forced eating, vomiting set Maryland scandal apart," Web, Aug. 26). It won't be the first time that this has happened and it might be the rule for many athletic teams. One notorious example in the past 40 years was forced hydration — 'Drink before you are thirsty' was the forced regimen. This actually did not come from any sound, honest scientific trials, but the sports-beverage industry. The result was hyponatremic encephalopathy, which leads to death. Long-distance runners were dying of these conditions, and one of the most notorious was a young woman, Dr. Cynthia Lucera, during the 2002 Boston Marathon.

Trump followed law with flag

I read with interest "Trump pays tribute to McCain, orders flags back to half-staff after complaints" (Web, Aug. 27). While the organizations mentioned in your article recognized that the president was following the law ordering U.S. flags to remain at half-mast for two days, they insisted Sen. John McCain deserved an extended period of recognition. Their opinion has prevailed and President Trump has re-lowered the flag until the time of Mr. McCain's burial.

Trump keeping promises

The American people are slowly but surely realizing that President Trump is not part of yesterday's Republican Party. First of all, he is a fighter. That's new for Republicans. Second, he really is for the middle class. His tax plan lowered taxes on the middle class and raised taxes on the rich, as evidenced by the outcry from states with high state and property taxes.

McCain will be missed

The late Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican and former presidential candidate, was always a breath of fresh air. What you saw was what you got with the "Straight Talk Express." Mr. McCain could work across the aisle with Democratic Senate colleagues, including Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman and others, on a regular basis. His across-the-aisle partners also included Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy on comprehensive immigration reform and Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform. Mr. McCain's history in the Senate harkens back to an age of collegiality no longer seen today. Like New York's late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Mr. McCain was an intellectual giant standing head and shoulders above today's newer generation of senators.

No great gesture

Amid the accolades for a man who crossed the aisle with ease are mixed, truly vile divisional politics ("John McCain has died of brain cancer, Vietnam War hero and senator was 81," Web, Aug. 25). Exhibit A is the Democratic leadership of both the U.S. House and Senate offering to rename the Russell Senate Office Building to honor John McCain.

Media against Trump

Freedom of the press does not mean the freedom to lie or tell half-truths. All news outlets have a duty to inform the public, no matter who is in office — and to leave their personal feelings at home.

Treason will be punished

Treason is a crime we identify as against the government -- but when the agenda becomes a personal assault, it takes on a whole new set of terms. The management at the top of the FBI and Justice Department must have thought they were wearing capes, that they were indestructible. These rogue patriots likely rose to the top because of their investigative skills, but they make lousy criminals.

Trump economy soaring

The greatest story of 2018 is the President Trump economic boom. The boom is making the American military strong again and it is effectively leading in the world. The boom also makes it possible to establish a new military space service branch, which will make America dominant in space and the leader in space technology and the development of new weapons.

Garnish foreign aid for wall

Taxpaying citizens of the United States foot the bill for the financial aid to foreign countries via their tax dollars to the federal government. Perhaps, then, one way to have Mexico help the pay for that wall President Trump wants built would be to give Mexico a mere 2 percent of the usual total amount of financial aid we give it — every year until the cost of the wall is paid off.

KKK insignificant

There are between 5,000 and 8,000 Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members today, distributed in nearly 180 different Klan factions (or chapters), according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Most of these chapters are located in the southern region of the U.S. This hate group, organised in 1865, used to have about 4 million members in 1925, when it was at its largest.

Turkey's no friend now

Turkey is a member of NATO and for many years was both an ally and a good friend of the United States. Unfortunately that is no longer true. Sadly, during the past 20 years the influence of Islamist leaders have changed the course of Turkey and most recently unjustifiably damaged religious freedom in that nation.

All should respect the flag

I am the son of non-U.S.-citizen parents who proudly said to me many times over, "That beautiful piece of red, white and blue hanging off that pole is your flag, not ours." During renditions of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with their right hands over their hearts. Those not in uniform should remove their head coverings with their right hands and hold them at their left shoulders, over their hearts. Persons in uniform should render the military salute at the first note of the anthem and hold this position until the last note. When the flag is not displayed, those present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.

When will Clintons pay?

Whence comes justice in the federal bureaucracy? When will Hillary Clinton be brought to justice for storing and exposing classified information on her private, unauthorized file server? When will she be held accountable for her pay-to-play ploy in the Uranium One transaction, whereby her unique role as secretary of State allowed Russia to rob 20 percent of American uranium stocks in exchange for huge donations to the Clinton Foundation and garnered her husband exorbitant speaking fees?

Radical left not morally superior

In recent times, many radical leftists have pretended to be paragons of virtue. They have condemned practices and policies of history (some of which were indeed despicable) and presented themselves as morally superior for having done so. I view this with disdain. The generations which preceded these self-anointed philosopher monarchs had to deal with evil: Slavery, Fascism, Communism and more. But what stikes me, an interested observer, the most is that these radicals have failed to condemn the epidemic of out-of-wedlock birth rates, the refusal of many elements to accept individual accountability (victimhood and a society-owes-me mentality), and the ruination of the nuclear family.

'Reinvention' or ruination?

During the Clinton administration, Vice President Al Gore proclaimed a goal of "reinventing government." President Obama proclaimed his goal of fundamentally transforming America.

Brennan not being muzzled

Our Democratic political leaders, including our own Sen. Mark Warner and former Secretary of State John Kerry, as well as many in the press, who rail against President Trump for "penalizing" and taking away the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan free speech are being disingenuous to the American public ("John Brennan on Trump: 'Claims of no collusion are, in a word, hogwash,'" Web, Aug. 16).