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No excuse for Tourette’s joke

The op-ed originally headlined “Democrats sputter lies like they have Tourette’s syndrome” (Web, Sept. 13), written by Cheryl K. Chumley, was offensive and rude to those with Tourette’s syndrome. Would The Washington Times be OK with publishing articles poking fun at neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, ALS or Parkinson’s disease? How would readers feel about something like “Politicians must have Alzheimer’s because they can’t remember the promises they made” or “That politician squirmed in their seat like she was having an epileptic seizure”? I have a feeling The Times would never publish such sentences because they are absolutely inappropriate and offensive to large groups of people living with conditions that affect them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Rebuild missile defense

“Toward a cost-effective ballistic missile defense” (Web, Sept. 19) is important and factually accurate, but sadly is unlikely to change U.S. policy. As the director general for U.K. cooperation with the SDI program, I worked closely with the first three directors of the American program: James Abrahamson, George Monahan and Henry Cooper. We all agreed that the only effective ABM defense would have to be space-based.

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Mueller probe all smoke

After reading more and more about the investigation into President Trump's supposed collusion with Russia, Robert Mueller sounds more and more like Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, Joseph Stalin's hit man. Under Beria, over 500 NKVD agents and 30,000 Red Army officers were executed. In addition, the NKVD was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Soviet citizens convicted of high treason by false, sometimes even absurd, accusations.

Wanted: Wilson, Pershing resolve

In 1916, in response to Pancho Villa's gang raiding a New Mexico town and other Mexican gangs attacking and killing Americans inside U.S. borders, President Woodrow Wilson dealt with the incursion post haste. He dispatched Gen. John J. Pershing with some 200,000 troops, to hunt down the gangs inside Mexican borders.

Get the truth out

As our lion and President Donald Trump returns from his America-first dominance at both G-7 and the North Korea summits and 2018 election rallies, Bill and Hillary Clinton's shadow-impeachment strategies and media-domination ploys continue.

Take hard line on border -- now

No more liberal, open borders or free entry to the U.S. must be allowed. We lost control of our border under previous administrations. Control must be restored. This inhumane wreckage on America has created immense strains on our national security, wealth and social justice.

Amtrak should look to Greyhound

For Amtrak to thrive in today's world, it should be similar to Greyhound. Greyhound has staffed stations, and Amtrak should have the same. Amtrak has many unstaffed stations at former ticket booths and baggage checks that used to be staffed, but it should restaff many of those stations with contracted people who can do ticketing and baggage check, with some places also doing package shipping.

Call a spade a spade?

Perhaps instead of calling them illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants, we should call these people what they really are: criminal invaders. Why should criminal invaders get court dates? Why should they get welfare? Why should they have any legal rights or consideration at all? They are uninvited, they cause overcrowding, they bring disease and crime, they are a substantial financial burden and they kill 25 American citizens per day. The whole illegal-alien issue is nothing more than a globalist plot. And globalism is treason.

Left-only restaurants

Last week, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled by fellow diners at a Washington restaurant and ended up leaving the establishment to avoid an escalation of the situation. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by the owners of a quaint restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, to take her business elsewhere ("Sanders: I was 'told to leave' Virginia restaurant because I work for President Trump," Web, June 23). The justification for this less-than-hospitable reception? These two women happen to work for the administration of President Donald Trump.

'Complain train' going nowhere

Democrats are under the false impression that complaining about President Trump is the way to win back the people. What they fail to realize is that the American people were fed up with their rotten leadership and denied them the power to continue destroying our country.

Let states manage forests

Nicolas Loris makes a strong case for state management and control of energy extraction on federal lands ("Let the states manage resources on federal lands," Web, June 18). The headline really caught my attention, as I thought the op-ed was referring to all federal lands. Instead it discussed energy production on federal lands. I was hoping that the national forests would be mentioned. State management of the national forests has been proposed as a model to promote healthy forests, support rural economies and fund rural schools. State-managed forests have a record of substantially larger per-acre, harvested-timber volumes, with significantly larger per-acre revenues that help support local economies.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Solve conference at MIT in Cambridge, Mass., Friday, May 18, 2018. The Solve initiative connects innovators with corporate, government and academic resources to help them tackle world problems. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

A lesson for Canada

Talking the talk is easy. Walking the walk is not so easy. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, thought he could take an easy shot at the United States, and Donald Trump in particular, for American determination to get out-of-control immigration under something resembling control. Lesson apparently learned.

Remove Rosenstein

The Justice Department should be ashamed for not following the law and the Constitution of the United States in that it is withholding documents from Congress. Its people have also lied about the contents pertaining to national security. Since when is buying a conference table for $75,000 a matter of national security? It's merely an embarrassment to the DOJ for how it handles taxpayer money. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be removed, and an honest person — one who is responsible to the people and laws of the country — should replace him. American citizens are tired of all the lies.

Make Fonda pay for tweet

When a Democrat holds the office of the presidency, conservatives are warned not to personally attack the First Family, especially the president's children. Pundits were warned not to attack Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls.

Opinion vs. truth

In their op-ed "Unearthing American evolution in Jamestown" (Web, June 20), Kym Hall and David Givens blithely quote Indiana Jones: "[A]rcheology is the search for fact, not truth." Then they write, "Fact is something that cannot be changed while truth depends on a person's perspectives and experience." The two have defined "opinion," not "truth." The latter exists whether you believe it or not.

Left cares about winning, not kids

On a daily basis, America's so-called "family courts" separate hundreds to thousands of children from their fathers without so much as a peep from the Democratic left -- in fact, they created the separation laws. In contrast, the separation of illegal-immigrant children from their fathers (and mothers) is met with howls and screeches heard across the land ("Democrats in no rush to help Trump, GOP clean up family separation mess," Web, June 19).

Project won't harm Mount Vernon

Dominion Energy has long been a major supporter of Mount Vernon. As such, it was disheartening to see a complete falsification of the purpose of one of our energy infrastructure projects and its potential impact on this historic icon and nearby community ("When energy and commercial development clash," Web, June 7).

U.S. can't house world

Immigrants ask permission, fill out forms, wait patently in line and respect the laws of the country to which they wish to immigrate. Invaders, by contrast, just break in and take what they want. Most Democrats and some Republicans don't seem to understand the difference.

After taxes, procreation a luxury

The high overt and covert rates of taxation easily account for lowered American birth rates, since taxpayers can no longer finance large families for themselves when they are financing other peoples' children and welfare through their taxes ("U.S. births hit a 30-year low, despite good economy," Web, May 30). More children for welfare families and third-world immigrants who have their shelter, food, medicine, education, clothing, goods, etc., provided at the expense of the taxpayer whose children are never born. Call it the cowbird phenomenon. The cowbird pushes another bird's eggs out of the nest and replaces them with her own eggs so the victim bird ends up raising another bird's children while her own children lie as broken eggs under the nest.

Mars finding could reveal life

A car-sized, nuclear-powered, robotic science lab has been exploring the planet Mars for the past five years. It is looking for signs that Mars once could have supported life. That journey itself started in 1976 with a previous Mars mission called Viking, which was inconclusive. Earlier this month NASA announced significant findings regarding this elusive search for life beyond Earth ("New Mars discoveries advance case for possible life," Web, June 7).