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The U.S. must prioritize competition with China

Clifford May is right to suggest that the competition between the United States and China will be determined by will. But it will also be determined by the ability of the U.S. to focus and prioritize, including with respect to its defense posture (“Beijing’s strategy for Cold War,” Web, Dec. 1)

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Term limits for Congress now

The socialists running the Democratic Party are attempting to remove our capitalist representative form of government and replace it with a socialist economy and government similar to those of Venezuela. Their weapon of choice: the $3.5 trillion (actually$ 5.5 trillion with all costs factored in) Biden human infrastructure bill.

So much for herd immunity

Herd immunity was never in the cards for the COVID-19 vaccines, and if you want to know why just ask your local veterinarian ("Biden admits herd immunity is a mirage," Web, Sept. 29). In fact, a veterinarian who works in animal agriculture has direct experience with what you are witnessing, as these "leaky," non-sterilizing vaccines are administered across the population.

Why is U.S. now soft on crime?

Crime in the United States has increased dramatically in the past two year,s particularly in Democrat-controlled cities ("U.S. facing biggest homicide rate increase in 60 years," Web, Sept. 23).

Don't 'forget' about 2020 election

Michael McKenna's piece instructing Donald Trump and his supporters to just forget about 2020 is maddening ("Time for Trump and GOP to get over 2020 election," Web, Sept. 29). The point is not to decertify the 2020 results and reinstate Trump as president; the point is to document what happened to ensure that it never happens again.

Marine jailed to shield Biden

I just heard about the injustice inflicted on Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who despite having served in the U.S Marine Corps for many years, was jailed this week. The reason: He violated UCMJ laws by making a video asking for those responsible for the botched Afghanistan evacuation to stand up and admit their guilt.

Trump was cheated, period.

Michael McKenna's recent column completely misses the point ("Time for Trump and GOP to get over 2020 election," Web, Sept. 29). By only noting that the ballot count favored Biden, he is parroting the left's talking point. The larger point that he doesn't even mention is that there were tens of thousands of illegally counted ballots identified by the auditors. There were also likely 200,000 or more illegal votes identified by an independent canvass. This same level of cheating occurred in other states, too.

Biden must be removed now

As usual, I believe the wrong question is being asked about President Biden and the botched evacuation of Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of 13 American military personnel.

Why left is rushing to spend our money

Why do Democrats really want to spend $3.5 billion (some learned folk argue that is actually closer to $5.5 billion) at a time when we have an existing national debt of almost $29 trillion? Because today's interest rates are extremely low.

Left's Jew hating goes unchecked

Our polity is in turmoil, with little patience on either the red or blue side for amicable discussion of differences ("The Squad loves dead Jews: Support for Hamas implies nothing less," Web, Sept. 28). Misinformation is rife and celebrated when even mature voices defer to the clarion call of a partisan victory. Present-day politics has dumbed down our discourse, often leaving a foul residue of ancient prejudice front and center for a new generation of American voters ignorant of history. They wallow in the mephitic milieu, echoing legislators and academicians of like mind.

On our way to dictatorship

The last guy in the White House didn't stand for failure or incompetence from those working for him. You got the orders and you produced effectively -- or you were out. That's called accountability.

Say no to ruinous spending plan

If the Biden spending plan gets passed, it will be the end of the United States as we know it. Trillions upon trillions of dollars more in debt will cause a final bankruptcy to America and great misery to the people from which we will be unable to recover.

Complacency with left dangerous

Do Americans fear crises and catastrophes of unimaginable hardship, or are they so brazenly ignorant and infantile that they believe they can safely walk across a minefield instead of walking around it? They certainly do not fear the harsh reality of an authoritarian government, where only one political party is in charge. Instead, they exude and live out the belief that they are impervious to hardship. They seem to prefer to lazily sit on their veranda, watching the sun go down, while a man wielding a knife walks directly toward them.

Biden will not be welcomed at border

Last week Joe Biden loudly condemned a part of his own executive branch, becoming the first president ever to do so. His bitter denunciation was based solely on some pictures he had seen on TV, and without benefit of trial or jury. Of the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, those "people will pay" -- instead of commending them. In doing so, he was discrediting the weeks of extraordinarily hard work done by the Border Patrol in trying to manage the tens of thousands of immigrants streaming illegally into Texas thanks to Biden's wildly irresponsible statements declaring our borders open.

Why the snub of Canada?

Canada opened it border crossing to our citizens last month but we have not reciprocated. Can anyone explain this? Canada has a higher COVID-19-vaccination rate than we do and is probably more "woke"than the U.S.

Kill the Department of Education

The best way to indoctrinate a population is through its schools and/or its media ("Time to end government's monopoly on education," Web, Sept. 20). Today both methods are in use, resulting in at least a generation of students ignorant of not only civics and history but morality as well.

Punishing the vaccinated

Tennessee and Alabama have taken the position that hospitalized COVID-19 patients who have been vaccinated cannot receive antibody medication until all the unvaccinated have received it. This seems like a bizarre way to encourage people to get the shot: "Get vaccinated. Then, if you get hospitalized, you'll be denied medication." Talk about a misguided priority system.

Trump the kind of 'crisis' we need

Correct me if I am wrong, but Donald Trump did not start any wars during his time in office. So, according to Bob Woodward, a "national security emergency" would have been required for Middle East peace accords to be brokered.