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Cherry-picking ‘legal scholars’

Where were the Democrats’ distinguished legal scholars when President Obama betrayed Ukraine? Mr. Obama asked Vladimir Putin for “space” in the run-up to the 2012 elections, with assurance of resolving “missile defense” issues. In March 2013, Mr. Obama obligingly cancelled the final phase of the European Missile Defense System, and then sat on his hands when Russia annexed Ukraine in February and March 2014. Yet the phrases “bribery,” “abuse of authority,” “inviting foreign intervention,” “quid pro quo,” “withholding lethal military aid,” “undermining national security” and “treason” never came up.

Stop ‘corpocracy’

Recently learning how controls over capitalist systems and markets have made some European nations more competitive, accessible and free — thus further favoring consumers and workers — than North America has left me seeing how we, the latter, are increasingly under corpocratic rule (“Andrew Yang on impeachment: ‘This is going to be a loser,’” Web, Dec. 5).

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Justice coming for shady left

Andrew McCabe's upcoming indictment is just the beginning of a long-overdue justice parade ("Andrew McCabe, ex-FBI No. 2 official, faces prospect of criminal charges," Web, Sept. 12). The hammer must also come down hard on the likes of Hillary Clinton and former "alphabet agency" bigwigs James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice and James Comey, to name just a few. It is likely that indictments are in store for all of these people and should be.

Disappointing Democratic lineup

My take from last week's Democratic presidential debate is that it was a stage of hatred. Not only were the opponents angry at each other, they were openly racist haters of America. They showed hatred for most of our values, such as hard work and taking responsibility for one's own life and the state of the nation.

Singleton made an impact

Famed Hollywood director John Singleton died this year on April 28 in Los Angeles from a stroke. Earlier that month he had come back from a trip to Costa Rica and felt pain in his legs. On April 25 news outlets reported that Singleton was in a coma. On April 28 he was removed from life support, and died at age 51. He was a very talented and influential director.

Try to educate the left

Thank goodness for The Washington Times. President Trump and this newspaper have opened the eyes of countless Americans to how biased the rest of the news media really is and the uphill fight we wage every day against fake news. I especially enjoy reading the opinion section and the book reviews, because they do a great job of countering the other op-eds we are faced with on a daily basis. I also enjoy reading the letters to the editor and have found that I agree with the writers almost 100 percent of the time. As comforting as that may be, however, that is the problem.

Don't forget redistricting

While I am never surprised at how the mainstream media misrepresents and often blatantly lies to make the president and the GOP look bad, I am indeed surprised that The Washington Times appeared to follow that script when reporting on Republican Dan Bishop's big win in the North Carolina 9th District special election this week ("Republican Dan Bishop wins North Carolina special election," Web, Sept. 10).

Student loans are a choice

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said that she has outstanding student-loan debt of some $20,000, which she recently reduced to about $19,000 with a payment made (so she says) during a House Finance Oversight Committee hearing. "AOC" seems to believe that she, as well as her fellow college debtors, are entitled to relief or outright cancellation of such debts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Democrats' absurd imagination

Hard-left Democrats have lost all sense of reality while trying to instill fear in our citizens. The mind of Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has come up with 12 years as the length of time humanity has before the world ends — unless we remove numerous things supposedly harming the environment. Ocasio-Cortez cohorts in stupidity who are running for office support this notion, which takes God out of the equation (as if they know God's plan for the human race). This must keep Democrats up at night, so instead of counting sheep they dream up Russian collusion and other acts by "deplorables." I'm sure their tiny brains are taxed after three years of prosperity under President Trump.

Left's 2020 message: Gimme

I characterize the 2020 Democratic message as the "utmost campaign" — utmost control of the federal government and our lives by utilizing utmost control of taxation, climate, health care, immigration, economics and anything else 'blue wave' fabulists think the unwashed must have. They intend to substitute the heavy, dull, gray blanket of top-down control and government-mandated equal outcomes for the wisdom and success of individualism and ingenuity, which has achieved record low unemployment and rising wages in our rollicking free enterprise system. And who are these controllers? Why, the very same who hungered for autocratic governance when George Washington wisely eschewed the mantle and title of royalty and chose instead a democratic republic with the Electoral College. The progressive peloton intends to protect the yellow jersey of intersectionality, the tangled web that binds together social-justice warriors and identity and grievance politics. The Democrats of 2020 are the antithesis of the America we love.

Share tariff windfall

Many are concerned that a significant tariff on all Chinese goods, 30%, for instance, would negatively affect U.S. consumption. Here is a solution, which could be called the "Chinese Tariff Dividend": A 30 percent tariff would annually collect $150 billion on $500 billion of Chinese imports, generating $600 per U.S. adult ($1,200 per married couple) annually. Congress should legalize the distribution of the "Chinese Tariff Dividend" to all adult U.S. residents. This payment would be very simple to administer as a credit on tax returns.

Trump, not left, Earth's champion

The Democrats' climate-related proposals are serious — they just do not relate to anything remotely affecting the climate in a positive way ("Republicans seek 'serious' climate solutions" Page I, Sept. 6). Low-impact power sources, such as nuclear, and carbon capture, which is really just regenerative agriculture, are not on the Democratic radar screen. What's more, complaining about withdrawing from the Paris accord is rich considering that France gets more than 80 percent of its power from nuclear.

Trump making good on wall pledge

I'm thrilled that President Trump has found a creative solution in diverting $3.6 billion in military contracts to pay for 175 miles of his proposed wall ("Trump says border wall being built 'very rapidly,'" Web, Sept. 4). The wall will defend America from an unrelenting illegal immigration invasion, as well as human and drug trafficking, and the threat of terrorism.

AOC spews hurricane balderdash

Am I to assume the stock photograph of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez putting on glasses, which accompanied "AOC says Hurricane Dorian 'is what climate change looks like': 'This is about science & leadership'" (Web, Sept. 3), is there to imply that the congresswoman is overdue for an eye exam? If you're going to give the devil his due, then the preposterous are to be given the benefit of the doubt, too -- and I doubt Ocasio-Cortez assimilated this nonsense alone.

Bike laws, licensing save lives

I hope New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be bold enough to rebuke the disproportionately influential bike lobby and move forward with his plans to rein in bicyclists ("Bill de Blasio eyes license requirement for bike riders," Web, Sept. 4).

Wage reflects work, not worth

The summer before my senior year in high school, I was hired as a handyman at a marina in Long Beach, California. I was 17. The work was hard and took place six days a week, outside in the hot sun. I was cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the pool, repairing wood docks, painting boats in the yard and more. My salary was $1.10 an hour. The year was 1957.

Senate obliged to legislate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made clear once again that he will not allow bills — in this case, those involving gun reform — to be brought to the floor, debated and voted on without a signal of support from President Trump ("Mitch McConnell looks to Trump before making any move on gun legislation," Web, Sept. 3). If this unprecedented position of not allowing bills to be debated without a guarantee that they will become laws were the stated policy of former Senate majority leaders, imagine all the important legislation that never would have been enacted: Social Security, Medicare, civil rights, etc.

The sharply rising cost of living

I'm old enough to remember when professional baseball ballplayers spent their entire careers with the same team. These days, only money buys loyalty. I don't know what the average salary was for MLB players during the '30s and '40s, but I do recall that Babe Ruth earned the astronomical salary of $80,000 per season.

Koch a generous philanthropist

I first met David Koch 40 years ago when he ran for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket ("Remembering David Koch," Web, Aug. 29). Although I am a life-long registered Republican, my philosophical leanings are libertarian and I usually follow libertarian candidates. In this race, Koch had little chance of winning, but he was always willing to invest his personal resources to promote his views. He did this throughout his life and I admired him for doing so because he always did it in a very calm and thoughtful manner. Consequently, I believe he was extremely effective in advancing his limited-government views.

Rid government of 'deep state'

James Comey's behavior makes for a perfect example of the treasonous actions of the deep state, those unelected, entrenched government employees who believe they know better than the American public and have a "duty" to protect us from our own misguided beliefs ("James Comey's smug skirt of spirit of law," Web, Aug. 29).

Trump has revived U.S. military

President Trump inherited the most politicized, low-morale, unilaterally disarmed military ever, and he has rebuilt it into the greatest in the world. Now, officers who have been rightly fired for continuing Democratic policies such as "leading from behind" and social engineering with unfair diversity preferences, have no right to complain that Mr. Trump has used his own tactics to reverse President Obama's ruinous politicization.