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Resist more ‘Californication’

A.J. Rice did a nice synopsis of the political peril facing Republicans in Virginia, but I disagree that Northern Virginians “vote their interests” (“The ‘Californication’ of Virginia,” Web, Nov. 13).

Left forgets Golden Rule

The Golden Rule tells us, “Do unto others as you woud have them do unto you.” Given the Democrats’ finding of now Associate Justice Kavanaugh guilty of abusing women before any real facts were in, let us see what they want done to them.

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Not-so-healthy recommendations

Anybody who has not realized that the federal government's involvement in dietary guidelines has been a public health disaster is probably already dead from following the guidelines ("Gum, bottled water, pizza bagels want to be called 'healthy'," Web, Oct. 30). There are 30 million diabetics in the U.S. population, and that many again with pre-diabetes, otherwise referred to as metabolic syndrome. Asians as well as African-Americans, not to mention Native Americans, have been especially susceptible to the garbage which has emanated from the FDA over the past several decades. You don't have to appear fat, either.

Fight anti-Semitism with fire

Anti-Semitism has been ascribed to many factors over the millennia, but the one with most purchase in our sophisticated age is simply that many people require an "other" to explain their failures and disappointments, for it stills the restive mind to project one's deficiencies on others ("The chosen people, chosen again," Web, Oct. 31). And Jews, from their earliest coherence as a distinct people, were decidedly an "other." In the historical perspective, it is apparent that they delighted in their distinctiveness, never intuiting that the degree of difference would lead directly to a genocidal coefficient of hatred, one with which we deal to this day.

Saudis still ally against Iran

In her intelligent and convincing op-ed, "American interests after the Khashoggi murder" (Web, Oct. 30), Shoshana Bryen shows why we should consider our long-term interests in the Middle East rather than a momentary blunder by our ally.

Amendment not free-ride ticket

Does anyone with any common sense believe that the birthright clause in the 14th Amendment was intended to give illegal aliens a free ticket to citizenship? This is an abuse of the legislation and President Trump should be supported in his decision to put an end to it.

Screen potential illegals at border

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, huge numbers of immigrants came by ships that were required to unload at Ellis Island. There they were screened for criminal backgrounds, disease and fitness. At times, they were required to have employment offers in the United States. Any "failures" were immediately sent back to their home countries or put in hospitals and not allowed to enter.

Come together across divides

The abject causes of our immense national divide are coming into focus. Decades ago, the idea of a government policy that advocated shifting our wealth, manufacturing and technology to countries with philosophically diametric dispositions would have been a subject for the House Un-American Activities Committee. The "winners" in these institutionalized, supply-side, subversive policies who own and control almost all the media and most of both major political parties are doing everything in their power to maintain this program, which offers unregulated advantages to foreign manufacturers -- against our national interests.

And then they came for me

Anti-Semitism flourishes on both the far right and the far left ("Pittsburgh mourns with Jewish community, says 'hatred will never win out,'" Web, Oct. 28). On the right are the neo-Nazis and their European-style traditional racism. They are small in number and are mostly inconsequential today.

Why FAA let to lag in security?

State motor-vehicle departments have become the means for millions to acquire Real ID cards in lieu of passports, military IDs or other federally approved documents, so that they may board commercial airliners for travel within the U.S. Compliance is required by October 2020.

Americans aren't anti-immigrant

As has been in the news, millions of illegal aliens are invading our country. It is apparent that liberals, particularly Democrats, are for "open borders" for those who wish to come and amnesty for those already here.

Democrats the violent ones

Never ceasing to miss an opportunity to monopolize a crisis, Democrats were quick to blame President Trump for the intercepted pipe bombs that targeted the likes of former President Obama and the Clinton family.

Hypocritical left

Talk about flip-flopping politicians. In 2005, Sen. Barack Obama pontificated that undocumented illegal aliens just can't pour into the United States at will. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada once convulsed against the concept of chain migration and Hillary Clinton notably advocated a "border barrier" to stop these inflows. Even Sen. Chuck Schumer got into this foray by publicly positioning himself against undocumented aliens entering the United States.

Obama moves led to Trump

Recently former President Barack Obama campaigned in Nevada, praising his administration for many accomplishments — but failing to mention his most serious scandal, which was the promise he made to Vladimir Putin to unilaterally disarm the United States. While Russia continued to invade its neighbors, upgrade its nuclear arms and missiles, patrol with nuclear submarines off our shores and in adjacent seas, establish military bases in Latin America, fly nuclear-armed bombers close to our bases and disrespect the United States in every way, Mr. Obama continued to want to eliminate all American nuclear arms.

No more 'divided' than usual

The refrain that America is more divided than ever is both unsubstantiated and dangerous. Many in the media and some politicians have put forward this proposition (likely in the hopes of tarnishing President Trump), but they have not provided any evidence.

Left will take anyone

With the Democrats' strong support for illegal immigration, I can only assume they have re-written Emma Lazarus' poem to read as follows: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, your spies, saboteurs, terrorists, criminal gangs, drug dealers, fugitives from justice, people with contagious diseases, Muslims with their Shariah law, etc. We welcome the good, the bad, and the ugly — as long as they agree to vote for Democrats to replace the voters missing because of abortion."

End illegal border crossing

Stop the hand-wringing and nonsense rhetoric and take the necessary actions to permanently end the uncontrolled, Democrat-inspired illegal immigration, with its financial harm and loss of innocent lives ("Caravan grows to 14,000 people: Report," Web, Oct. 22).

Citizenship not universal right

The United States is walking on egg shells. Since 1965 our immigration laws have been strangling our nation. The entire demographic of our country has been poisoned by chain migration and the importation of Democratic voters. If this does not stop, as President Trump has been exhorting the country to do, the entire culture of this country will be altered irreversibly.

Feinstein must leave the Senate

It is time for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to go ("Feinstein says she'd back new Kavanaugh probe if Democrats take Senate," Web, Oct. 17). Her pathetic display of behavior prior to and during the Kavanaugh hearings was indicative of her poor judgment and inherent bias against Brett Kavanaugh. She, along with a number of her Democratic cohorts, is a total embarrassment to public service. The cards she played with Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford were emblematic of manipulative and strategic maneuvers that ultimately tarnished the validity of genuine victims and the bona fide meaning and relevancy of the #MeToo movement.

Ellison a hypocrite

It seems that when the shoe is on the other foot, Rep. Keith Ellison, Minnesota Democrat, becomes the victim. But, when someone else is accused, especially a Republican or a Christian, he will lead the charge that an accusation is proof enough — even though it is difficult to fathom that someone as seemingly calm, level-headed and naturally likable as Mr. Ellison would ever be abused. However, what goes around comes around, and now he is in the proverbial barrel. Enjoy the ride.