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Roberts a disappointment to right

Michael McKenna writes in his column, “A new, better Supreme Court makes its debut in New York pandemic case” (Web, Nov. 28), that the court’s vote should have been 9-0, but was 5-4. I agree with Mr. McKenna’s assertion that the vote should have been 9-0.

Coins could carry virus

When the coronavirus was first detected, news reports said that it could survive on metal for up to fours hours. Knowing this, a thought came to mind about coins given as change when we shop. Who’s to say that this isn’t part of the reason that the pandemic is spreading like wildfire?

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Boeing will regret decisions

In what was later described as a "culture of concealment," Boeing's decision to keep its ill-fated 737 Max planes flying — regardless of indicators, including employee warnings, that they should be grounded and serious software glitches corrected — resulted in 346 ticket buyers suffering a most horrific death ("FAA clears Boeing 737 Max after flight-control system fixed," Web, Nov. 18). Yet, couldn't those same Boeing decision-makers and/or their young families also potentially be flying on one of this aircraft's ill-fated flights?

'Harmony' means Dems must listen

Joe Biden is now calling for harmony. This follows a long career of criticizing, insulting and demonizing Republicans. Perhaps the most memorable quotation was he told Black Americans, of the GOP: "They're gonna put y'all back in chains." Clearly comments like this do not engender harmony or amity.

Trump's case no lost cause

In the Nov. 19 edition of The Washington Times, a front-page news article described the problems and pitfalls facing and being encountered by Rudolph W. Giuliani, 'America's mayor,' in leading President Trump's election challenge in court ("Giuliani takes up Trump's cause, but doesn't help in court").

Justice must be done for vote fraud

We get up every morning, go to work, pay our taxes and every four years vote for president — but now that isn't enough. Voter fraud on a scale unheard of in modern times has cast doubt on every political race in the country.

Pause the confetti, mainstream media

The mainstream media Pinocchio of the year is that Joe Biden is our president-elect. OK; if that fires them up, they can go for it. But there's a fly in their ointment. A fire hose of evidence is piling up showing that Joe didn't win the election. The Democrats' worst nightmares -- Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, a laptop, a 5-4 (sometimes a 6-3) conservative U.S. Supreme Court majority — are all in play. Then, of course, will come the inevitable Trump victory.

Stop demonizing wealthy

It appears that once again Joe Biden and the Democratic ideal of tax-and-spend plans lack understanding of how to stimulate the economy ("Divided Dems agree: Repeal Trump tax cuts for Biden's big-spending agenda," Nov. 16). They are ignoring the fact that the Republican 2017 cuts were converted into capital investing dollars for small, minority-owned businesses such as mine. It also included tax credits to bring businesses back into this country.

To left, votes, not voters, matter

As a quote attributed to the brutal dictator Joseph Stalin goes: "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." The corruption by the Democrats in the voting process is insulting and a travesty to our republic. Poll watchers were kept at least 15 feet from the ballots so that the only thing they could observe was the running of ballots through shredding machines or the burning of said ballots. The message: Nothing to see here; move along.

Record will show left's malfeasance

History will eventually shine a light on the utterly shameful role that the Democratic Party and its media allies have played in this election. When the pandemic struck, they did not focus attention on the Chinese source of the virus or offer any novel solutions. Rather, they used the virus as another opportunity to attack the president. Next, they knowingly used it to undermine the fairness of the nation's electoral processes. Finally, the Democrats and mainstream media are now attempting to shut down legitimate inquiries into the election and, in doing so, are tacitly encouraging their thuggish allies in the streets to physically attack those with whom they disagree. This disgraceful record ought to give all fair-minded Americans cause for great concern.

More divided than ever

We're a divided nation. In fact, it's the greatest divide since before the Civil War. This election was a farce, proven by the countless mountains of evidence that Democrats not only fabricated votes, but used voting software such as Dominion to change votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. The only way there can be some repair is if true audits are done in every swing state and the rule of law is applied. Honestly, I see us heading toward our second civil war. I hope I'm wrong. All I ever wanted was to be left alone, but the Democrats keep trampling on our rights.

Scarier than the Cuban revolution

I wonder if there is a way to check to see what percentage of Trump votes were from Republican voters and what percentage of Republican voters flipped for Joe Biden. I'd also like to check on members of my own family who did not vote. Their votes might have mysteriously gone to Mr. Biden, too.

No one voted 'for' Biden

In this election Joe Biden was irrelevant. No one voted for Joe Biden. Few of the electorate even read his 110-page, socialist manifesto, which is a pity because if they had they would have rejected him. So, no, this election was not about issues or policies. This election was about the unconditional love of Trump supporters and the all-consuming hatred of Democrats and Never Trumpers.

Vice President Trump?

Robert Knight correctly points out the irony of Democrats now calling for "unity" after having trashed President Trump and his supporters for four years ("Democrats calling for unity but vow for vengeance," Web, Nov. 15). Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution provides a remedy that could satisfy all sides and cool inflamed passions.

Constitution must be common ground

There is a little Democratic angel on everyone's left shoulder and a little Republican angel on everyone's right shoulder. Who you are politically on any given day is a result of who is winning the war of words between those two angels.

Something is rotten in Pennsylvania

I agree with President Trump not conceding this election. Some of the data looks suspicious and needs to be investigated. For example, in Pennsylvania Joe Biden got 49% of the vote. Typically the absentees will look similar. In this race, though, Mr. Biden is gaining 5% to 10% in the absentee voting.

Left knows it cheated

In a professional football game, sometimes the offense knows they have committed a foul. Perhaps someone was off-side, a dropped pass was ruled a catch, a player was ineligible or some other kind of penalty occurred, and for some reason it wasn't called right away. Then, in order to keep the incorrect call from being overturned on review, the offense hurries up to the line of scrimmage and tries to snap the ball for the next play as fast as possible. If the ball can be snapped before the referees can call time out and correct the mistake, the game goes forward as if nothing wrong had happened.

Develop new warheads now

Once again a Commentary article in The Washington Times is right on target. "Our stockpile of nuclear weapons may not work" (Web, Nov. 12) by Robert Monroe outlines the risks of relying on computer programs instead of testing to determine stockpile reliability.

Credit Trump for vaccine

Over 71 million American voted for President Trump in the 2020 election, which tells me that half the country never bought the media hysteria on the COVID-19 pandemic. The health experts had models of over 2.2 million Americans dying from COVID-19. Just 675,000 Americans died from the 1918 flu pandemic, yet the media never blamed President Wilson for those deaths. After all, he was a Democrat. Fast-forward to 2020, when just around 239,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, and Mr. Trump is getting the blame because he's not implementing any foolish national mask mandate. The majority of Americans who died from COVID-19 were in Democrat-run states. Why isn't the biased media blaming those states' governors? Or China, for that matter?

Last chance for U.S.

- The Washington Times

It may be unfortunate but things don't happen by accident. The global bio attack knocked the roaring economy out from under Donald Trump's easily assured second term. This was big and quite the success. It may have taken them four years to overthrow an American president, but it would seem they just may have finally accomplished it without firing a shot. This was the short-term coup hatched four years ago by those within the gates.

Vote 'padding' an open secret

Virginia must disqualify Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their electors. The Democrats' win of the electoral and popular vote in this election is irrelevant in the current environment of insurrection and rebellion orchestrated by Mr. Biden, a past senator and vice president who has given aid or comfort to enemies of the United States.