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Indoctrination over education

West Virginia University is considering adding "diversity, equity [and] inclusion," along with the "elimination of discrimination and harassment" to the long-established standards of teaching, research and service for the evaluation of its tenured faculty ("West Virginia University eyes 'woke' criteria for tenured professors," Web, Nov. 11).

Trump's Benedict Arnold moves

During the Revolutionary War, a brilliant young officer distinguished himself in several pivotal campaigns.

No one but Trump

I've let all sorts of pundits spout off on the 2022 election, while objectively endeavoring to figure out what really happened.

Horribly consequential Pelosi

Upon stepping down as House speaker, Nancy Pelosi was praised by President Biden as "the most consequential speaker of the House of Representatives in our history" ("Biden praises Pelosi's leadership as House Speaker steps down," Web, Nov. 17).

Remember JFK with respect

The anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas is fast approaching.

Biden and his criminal pals

This week, Rep. James Comer said there is significant evidence that proves President Biden lied to the public about his son Hunter Biden's dirty dealings during the Obama presidency.

Left still afraid of Trump

Your editorial Wednesday ("Don't count Donald Trump out") cites conservatives falling away from Trump after the midterms.

A welcome announcement

It is a genuine pleasure to see an energetic former President Donald Trump at the podium and listen to a man who can project his voice and enunciate his words ("Trump speech divides GOP, as loyalists cheer and others fear 2024 defeat," Web, Nov. 16).

GOP can still lead

The most amazing thing about the recent midterm elections was the fact that so many people seemed to vote against their own best interests.

'Catholic' politicians are posing

A lack of respect for human life is spreading throughout the United States. Sadly, it has even spread to the approximately 70.4 million Catholics in our country.

Government should protect

In 1944, after the failed assassination attempt known as Valkyrie, Hitler proclaimed to the German people that his survival proved that Providence was on his side, and he would carry on in his mission.

Left's control no secret

As even the ultra left-wing Atlantic magazine admitted in April: "[T]he left controls the commanding heights of the culture: universities, news organizations, Hollywood, art museums, advertising, much of Silicon Valley, and the teachers' unions and teaching colleges that shape K-12 education. And in many of those institutions, dissent has been stifled."

Stop blaming and start fixing

Before the election last week, most political pundits of all stripes were warning about an oncoming "red tsunami."

Count all votes on Election Day

France and Brazil recently conducted nationwide presidential elections on one day -- and had the results on election night.

Take USPS out of voting

Josef Stalin is reputed to have said, "I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this -- who will count the votes, and how."

Trump deserves shot at 2024

The calls to move past Donald Trump have to be ignored by the voters ("Mutiny: GOP figures turn on Trump for deflating party's midterm score," Web, Nov. 10).

Left cashes in on sex changes

President Biden and the Democrats are pushing gender change for preteens without parents' knowledge ("Biden puts girls at risk to advance radical transgender agenda," Web, Oct. 31).