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U.S. saner than ever

I take exception to actor Robert DeNiro’s recent statement that under President Trump the United States is suffering from “temporary insanity.”

Hearing on gender informative

Other than to report a he-said-she-said exchange between one legislator and one witness, your Feb. 9 article on a hearing in the Maryland General Assembly (“Maryland explores ‘unspecified’ gender option for driver’s license applications,” Web) raised but did not really discuss a matter very important to many Marylanders. The hearing delved deeply into gender-related issues, and a video of it is posted on the Maryland.gov website. The testimony, which begins at the 9:10 mark, is followed by 45 minutes of informative give-and-take between the first three witnesses (two of whom are medical doctors) and several Republican legislators.

Condemn left’s anti-Trump moves

Democrats, liberals and the mainstream media were united to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican primary, the 2016 election and the necessary electoral college votes, but they did not succeed — and now Mr. Trump is the 45th president. Still, the left has relentlessly persisted in trying to weaken the Trump presidency and has provided information it knew to be false in an attempt to remove Mr. Trump from office. These actions must be condemned.

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Left's comeuppance?

For the first 30 years of my life, I was a proud registered Democrat, following in the footsteps of my mother and my father, a steel worker and card-carrying union member. Our family was very conservative and traditional, as were most of the people in our small, heavily Republican town in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Compassion only for some

Young children brought to the United States, legally or illegally, have little to say in the matter. So "Dreamers" didn't just pack up their knapsacks and wade across the Rio Grande; their parents brought them here. Many Dreamer supporters like to remind us incessantly that we cannot blame these children for their parents' actions (knowingly violating the law and placing their children in legal jeopardy). Liberals' mantra on this matter seems to be "As a country, we can't blame these children for what their parents did."

Incest victims' plight among worst

As someone who was sexually harassed, I know first-hand about the inner pain that victims experience. But as someone who spent five years as a therapist working in the fields of alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health, I want to share my observations and research findings about various forms of "abuse."

Follow Obama-library lead

"Obama's presidential library ripped as 'ugly waste of taxpayer resources' by Chicagoans" (Web, Jan. 29) notes the fiscal and aesthetic concerns facing the local taxpayers in the design for former President Obama's new Chicago-based center. However, you left out a key feature in the plan, distinct from other ex-presidential library sites, which could benefit federal taxpayers.

Why allowances for Dreamers?

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: America doesn't 'owe' "Dreamers" anything. It's time that those who have benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program admit they are in the illegal jackpot because their interloper parents put them there. While non-citizens in America are lawfully granted certain protections under our laws, that does not give them the right to make demands of any kind on our country or our legislators (no matter how weak or corrupt those legislators may be).

No more mushroom treatment

Many lines of inquiry suggest that time may be ripe for a cleanup on the FBI aisle ("Salvaging the legacy of the FBI," Web, Jan. 25). While the field agents of our most celebrated law-enforcement agency are above reproach, the politicized executive suite is soiled.

Who are 'Dreamers,' really?

Most presidents depart office with some measure of disarray outstanding. President Obama departed with mounting debt, a moribund economy, a bogus Iran settlement and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) mayhem.

Border first, amnesty second

In 1986 President Reagan gave amnesty to many illegals in exchange for securing the border. Today, in 2018, how can anyone talk of amnesty without first talking about securing the border — the way it should have been secured 30 years ago?

Trump remains true to his word

At President Trump's speech at the World Economic Summit, he re-emphasized that America will look out for it's own interests first, that other countries need to bear the burden of our shared security and that he will implement a free and fair trade policy that he stressed will be "reciprocal."

Veterans understand how to honor the flag

The National Football League (NFL) rejected a Super Bowl advertisement from American Veterans, a veteran's organization, which urged people to stand for the national anthem, claiming such an ad would constitute a "political statement" and violate the spirit of the game. Is the NFL implying that during those years in public school, when my generation stood and sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" during weekly formal assemblies, we were making a political statement, not simply celebrating patriotism?

A good year for Republicans

The lines are clearly marked. The Democrats call the Trump tax cut a disaster that will benefit only the wealthy and big corporations and increase the national debt. The Republicans call the tax cut a great economic stimulus that will bring back jobs and wealth by encouraging industry to return to America, create new businesses, and give the average middle class workers a $2,000 tax cut.

Allowing illegals to vote assures fraud

If you need any further proof that the entire Democrat-created phony crisis of illegals over citizens in shutting down the government was about giving illegals citizenship to vote in the 2020 general election, then look no further then to the new proposed California law that will register everyone, citizens and illegal aliens alike when getting licenses to vote in elections.

Why Turkish troops are in Afrin

Turkish forces recently launched "Operation Olive Branch" into northwestern Syria against the PKK-linked Kurdish militia in Afrin. For months, Turkish officials tried to convey to the U.S. that enlisting one terrorist group to fight another is a risky strategy, especially when the former group seeks the territorial dismemberment of Turkey. The Trump administration, in return, sent mixed messages and failed to fulfill its pledges to a NATO ally's security.

Vegetarians heading for extinction

Richard Berman goes through the details of why Franken-burgers are definitely not going to be good for your health ("The 'plant-based burger' scam," Web, Jan. 23). They are the product of plant-based, industrial agriculture that has been devastating the environment and ruining public health for 10,000 years. In the last 100-200 years this folly has gotten a substantial boost from Seventh-Day Adventists, Ancel Keys and federal farm policy. Subsidize grains to produce cheap food, make it taste great with sugar, mix it with medical quackery (Keys) and then subsidize the hell out of it to produce mega industries (think Monsanto and the Kellogg corporations to name two) and you obtain both a public health and climate change disaster.

A DACA solution

The Democratic Party insists that all Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) candidates, some 800,000 of them, are all Rhodes Scholars working as apprentices at Dupont while putting Mom through medical school. Conservative critics quote statistics of over 50 percent not at high school fluency in English, and disproportionate crime involvement and welfare dependency.

Democrats and the shutdown

The Obama administration made its shutdown as hard a possible for its citizens by closing down all the national parks, including those that are purely outside like the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Memorial. As to the latter, the Obama administration did not have the guts to arrest the 90-year-old vets who broke in. The Trump administration has taken a kinder approach and kept as many open as possible, mainly those that are not inside structures.

Blocking a vote to favor illegals

I wonder how the Democrats can look in a mirror thinking that they weren't guilty of shutting down the government. I watched numerous Democratic politicians blame the Republicans for the shutdown saying it was all on them but every single one of them refused to accept responsibility knowing that the Senate was a 60-51 split in their favor. Their whole premise for the most part for not voting for a budget pertained to DACA, those children brought to this country illegally by their parents.

'Outhouse of a country' would be better

It's hard to believe the amount of news coverage that is given to the non-news story about our president allegedly calling less-than-blessed countries s-holes. While there are enough witnesses claiming that he never said those words to make the story a non-starter, the coverage continues. Even though the president may have never said those words, those reporting those words obviously never heard of political correctness. No county should ever be referred to as a s-hole. The political correct phraseology is "Outhouse of a country." I suggest the news media refrain from the s-hole comments and use the politically correct terminology in the future.

It's Trump's economy, not Obama's

One year into the administration, the stock market is booming, jobless claims are the lowest since the Nixon era, consumer confidence is soaring and the raging question being debated by talking heads is who is mostly responsible for this historic resurgence: President Obama or President Trump?