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Remove congressional-duty shirkers

State of the union? Nancy Pelosi personifies the answer to that question. It’s become crystal clear that draining the swamp is never going to happen. The career politicians know how to manipulate the process for lifetime appointments.

Congress, president, clean up acts

Members of Congress, you are strangling the citizens of the United States of America with your outrageous ego battles among one another, each attempting to gain some supercilious triumph over your enemy, who is simply a member of the other political party. You have lost sight and purpose of what it is you have been elected to do, which is serve the people of this country. What you are doing instead is simply trying to build your own personal political bases — at the cost of the American populace and the United States economy.

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Shore up Navy now

As a former Navy enlisted man and naval officer who served on 13 ships, including destroyers, radar pickets, aircraft carriers and auxiliary ships, I am concerned with the lack of readiness of the U.S. fleet.

Sen. Feinstein likely fabricating

Friday's front page of The Washington Times carried a story about California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein forwarding a letter to investigators concerning U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ("Kavanaugh denies allegation of sexual misconduct in school," Web, Sept. 14).

No more free rides

Due to the increase in the number of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in Europe, we are seeing an increase in the number of asylum seekers here in the United States.

Left's Trump attacks will continue

Bob Woodward's anti-Trump book, "Fear: Trump in the White House," hit the media spotlight just 60 days prior to the midterm congressional elections. Mr. Woodward's publisher is Simon & Schuster, an affiliate subsidiary of CBS Corp. and its news division, which vilifies and selectively reports on the president. In this context, there is no coincidence to be found in the timing of the Woodward book release.

'Anonymous' may not be far away

The recent anonymous New York Times op-ed highlighting serious problems with President Trump and allegedly written by a senior official in the Trump administration is not an unexpected development in the recent news cycle.

Identify 'Anonymous' now

President Trump has called the anonymous op-ed recently published by The New York Times a security risk. Many TV talking heads have mocked this comment, but the president is right. The piece by a "senior government member of the Trump administration" shows the member's disregard for the oath he took to be faithful to the U.S. Constitution, which designates the president chief executive. This individual's cavalier attitude toward this obligation makes it imperative that the U.S. attorney general find out who he is, where he works and what clearances he holds. If he holds a top-secret clearance and has access to classified information, that information could be at risk in the event he takes a similar attitude toward his obligation to protect it.

Anonymous op-ed traitorous

Many Democrats and folks in the mainstream media are gleeful about the gutless, anonymous New York Times op-ed boasting about "protecting the nation" from the president, who was elected to carry out the will of his voters.

Trump will overcome

Now that the Mueller investigation is fizzling to a conclusion, the left is shifting its focus to the 25th Amendment by addressing the supposed incapacity of the president to deal with his office. The New York Times' anonymous op-ed writer from the Trump White House and Bob Woodward's book "Fear: Trump in the White House" are the most recent attempts by a desperate left-wing media to trash President Trump and remove him from the office to which he was elected by the will of the people. But these ludicrous attempts to get to President Trump will all fail because in the end he has done nothing wrong, he is sound of mind and he has led this nation to one of its great eras in a very short amount of time.

Consequences for inaction

Americans, wake up. Your employees are failing you. That's right — you employ your senators and state representatives. And yet I sometimes wonder if you even know their names.

Abortion condemns

In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court made an immoral procedure legal — but it cannot make that procedure moral. Nor can anyone rightly say that abortion isn't murder, since Jesus in the Didache taught His followers that abortion is murder and the way of death for anyone involved in supporting it.

Remember lives lost later, too

Tomorrow the bell at Ground Zero will once again toll and the roll call of the 2,996 human beings murdered in Osama bin Laden's heinous attack on Spet. 11, 2001, will once again be read. Their names are etched in the perpetuity of stone. When will America begin tolling a bell, reading the litany of names, and on what wall or monument will we put that ever-growing, longer list of the thousands who continue to die as a result of bin Laden's attacks?

McCain was no saint

Let's provide an accurate portrayal of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain — the good, the bad and the ugly, and not create a myth. Yes, he was a war hero, tortured beyond belief; he became a senator, but he had faults, including adultery, accepting questionable donations/gifts (see the Keating scandal), advocating war and having an explosive personality.

Say no to more Kerry

The good news about John Kerry is that he is no longer secretary of State ("John Kerry says Trump 'doesn't know what he's talking about' on Iran deal," Web, Sept. 2). The bad news is that he has again become involved in politics, supporting what many consider to be his poorest decisions while in office.

Youth need 'social intervention'

As a youth counselor, I agree with the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. ("Aretha Franklin funeral eulogy slammed; pastor stands firm," Web, Sept. 2). Maybe he could have selected another time to say what he did, but his words are true. I urge anybody that disagrees with him to visit a juvenile court and see the lack of male presence among represented parental support. Or how about on any given late night in any inner-city neighborhood? You can see a large number or youth wandering the streets. Why is this, and where are their parents?

Confirmation protests childish

The pathetic, embarrassing behavior of the Democrats and their outlandish, unhinged minions who screamed their heads off at the conformation hearing to make Judge Brett Kavanaugh a Supreme Court justice crossed the line of common decency and decorum ("Kavanaugh withstands Democrats' coordinated attack: 'I am a pro-law judge,'" Web, Sept. 4).

Government won't fix factories

What Stephen Moore and his fellow economists — most of whom have never worked on or managed a factory production line — don't understand is that filling empty U.S. factories with idled U.S. factory workers will raise prices for products made in the United States ("The threat of tariffs may work," Web, Sept. 2).

Kavanaugh much needed now

No one should be living under the delusion that Brett Kavanaugh will not become a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Judge Kavanaugh will sit on the court before the midterm elections and will help decide all of the election cases that the progressive left will attempt to alter, modify, disrupt or pervert in some way.

Sessions should back Trump

Saying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is "missing in action" is on-target, not vitriolic ("Trump turns up heat against Sessions, his strongest ally in the Cabinet," Web, Sept. 2).

CNN lacks all credibility

So Michael Cohen's attorney is now saying Mr. Cohen lied about President Trump knowing there was a meeting supposedly concerning illegal actions. CNN, which shoved this all down peoples' throats, will not take the story back. This is "the swamp" in all its lying nature. CNN's license to be on the air in any way should be taken away. Its lack of investigation into these lies is the way of Washington and much of the press.