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Hydrogen not so green after all

Before we enthusiastically invest in hydrogen as part of the “decarbonization” strategy suggested by Rich Powell,several mitigating factors should be considered (“Hydrogen investments may be key to global energy competitiveness for U.S.,” Web, Nov. 23).

Maxwell treatment shameful

Human rights lawyers Francois Zimeray and Jessica Finelle have filed a complaint with the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention alleging “serious violations of Ghislaine Maxwell’s defence rights and presumption of innocence.” The decision to incarcerate Ms. Maxwell for over 500 days in isolation certainly strikes me as of doubtful legality and it seems highly unlikely Ms. Maxwell will receive evenhanded treatment.

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Nancy is the real problem

It looks like everyone is after Jihad Joe Biden. They want a resignation or impeachment. Both circumstances are more than appropriate for this reality- dyslexic imbecile; however, both simply treat a symptom rather than the problem.

Get vaccinated

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, science, medical experts and I urge everyone to wear a mask and get vaccinated. Nevermind the naysayers, misinformation and outright lies about how to handle the COVID-19 and delta-variant pandemic. The lives you save will be your own and those of your family, friends and fellow human beings around the world.

Who's pulling puppet Biden's strings?

Several recent Times headlines make my blood boil: "Chaotic exit latest Biden challenge" (Page 1, Sept. 1); "Biden blindsided by radical Islam and Americans pay with their lives" (Web, Aug. 31); "Joe 'Mr. Diplomacy' Biden sinks special relationship with United Kingdom" (Web, Aug. 31); "Biden plays politics with our national security" (Web, Aug. 31); and "With Biden's insulting behavior, the devil is in the details" (Web, Aug. 31). Do these columnists really believe Biden is in charge?

Afghanistan the fault of Democratic Party

Everyone seems to be blaming Joe Biden for the current fiasco in Afghanistan. Yes, the buck stops with him, but he is very adept at blaming others. One group he is not pointing to is the Democratic Party. Yet since all his advisers are Democrats and the legislative branch is controlled by Democrats, this is a loss orchestrated by the Democratic Party.

Biden failure is more than Afghanistan

What the world is witnessing is the fall of the greatest, most blessed country in history. One of America's greatest presidents warned of our demise. Abraham Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." What an important message for America today.

Set priorities to fix U.S.

When in the course of human events it becomes apparent that election of a particular president has been a monumental blunder, a decent respect for ourselves requires that we fix the problem.

Kill Fauci's dog-torture project

I was appalled and disgusted to read "In dog testing debacle, Fauci isn't 'following the science'" (Web, Aug. 26). One of Dr. Fauci's NIH divisions authorized experimental drugs infected with biting flies to be fed to laboratory beagles, who become ill, necessitating frequent blood draws. Eventually they kill "Snoopy." It must be excruciatingly painful to be eaten alive by this parasite. Indeed, technicians reported the dogs "vocalizing," which means screaming in agony.

Time for GOP to bare claws

The Biden administration is emblematic of waste -- waste of opportunities in the foreign arena (think Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and China) and waste of taxpayer dollars domestically ("Biden's vacuous mind drawing villainy into Afghanistan and America's backyard," Web, Aug. 29).

Party or country?

The Democrats in the House and Senate seem to be more party members than Americans. Not all, but the majority. It appears now that not all of the Americans in Afghanistan will be evacuated, as was initially said by the talking heads of the Biden administration. The narrative changed to 'All who wanted out would get out.' But many could not for a variety of reasons (i.e., family, distance away or being turned away by our new, friendly Taliban).

Consequences will be deadly, long-lasting

President Biden is a bungling disgrace as our commander and chief and should be removed from office immediately. He has left thousands of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. The lives and freedom of these American citizens' are in the hands of America's brutal enemy, the Taliban.

May abandonment define Biden

In the midst of the Civil War, President Lincoln told Congress: "The fiery trial through which we pass will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation." Lincoln's trial lit him down in high honor. Not so with President Biden's trial.

Extremism thrives on fear

Radicals or extremists are not created by accident. Out of fear or hope, moderates may even sometimes grasp for extremists, believing that they can achieve what is needed.

All near-term options lousy

We are in a real mess and have no good choices for getting out of it. The options are as follows: 1. Biden clings to office. 2. He resigns and we get Kamala Harris for president. 3. He's impeached and we still get Harris. 4. He's removed by provisions of the 25th Amendment and -- you guessed it -- we get Harris. 5. He dies. We get Harris. 6. Both Biden and Harris are somehow removed from office -- and we get Nancy Pelosi as president.

Something is rotten in Washington

Since Inauguration Day in January, our nation has changed from an energy-independent net exporter of oil and gas to an energy-dependent OPEC beseecher. Our southern border has been opened and we have enticed everyone in the world to come here with our promises of shelter, health care, education, etc. As a result, drugs, trafficked humans, terrorists, gang members and diseases of all types are entering.

How many boosters, Joe?

COVID-19 booster shots for all fully vaccinated Americans is nothing but a smokescreen to divert attention from the critical issues currently gripping our nation. These, of course, include the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the U.S.-Mexico border crisis.

Lack of foresight shocking

"New border asylum policy would strain DHS's finances" (Web, Aug. 19) only further demonstrates the ineptitude that epitomizes the Biden administration. It is as if Joe thought ending the Trump policy of keeping migrants waiting in Mexico would somehow not balloon the number of unapproved border arrivals to a rate of over 2 million a year.