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Americans are finally fed up

When level-headed, concerned parents of kindergartners are marked as extremists, Republican voters are called evil semi-fascists, whites are condemned as deep-seated racists and MAGA supporters are branded as the main threat to "the democracy," most Americans have tuned out the noise -- but sharpened their voting pencils and intellect ("Biden uses Labor Day speech to call MAGA Republicans a threat to democracy." Web, Sept. 5).

NIL deals need revision

Based on "Alabama on top, fans in the stands, stars on the field. So why is everything different?" (Web, Sept. 1), it would seem that the the Supreme Court greatly underestimated both the number of players who would sign NIL deals and the ability of NIL deals to motivate players to transfer.

Responsible people repay debts

When it comes to student loan "forgiveness," not currently under consideration by the executive-order magic wand is the serious erosion of American character that it enables.

Vaccines worsened pandemic

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert M. Califf is a raving incompetent ("FDA clears COVID-19 boosters targeting fast-moving variants," Web, Aug. 31).

Promised unity, delivered division

Biden's so called "Soul of the Nation" speech last week is just the latest example of a corrupt career politician who desperately wants Americans to ignore the dystopian catastrophe his presidency represents.

Biden is the real danger

Joe Biden stated categorically that supporters of Donald Trump are a threat to America ("Biden ramps up attacks on 'MAGA Republicans' in fiery campaign speech," Web, Sept. 1).

Taxpayers shouldn't foot loan bill

I am a Democrat who disagrees with President Biden's plan to forgive billions of dollars in student loan debt ("Biden buys the vote with student loan forgiveness," Web, Aug. 30).

NASA's troubling legacy

The coming Artemis I launch should remind us that some of NASA's early prime engineers were Nazi scientists captured after World War II and secretly relocated to America under "Operation Paperclip."

Letter to the editor: Loan "forgiveness" is unfair

Just when I thought I had seen every taxpayer abuse by politicians, here comes President Biden with his plan to "forgive" student loan debts ("Betsy Davos rips Biden student debt plan as '100% illegal,' say power rests with Congress," Web, Aug. 30).

Biden's obsession endangers all

In his excellent Commentary piece, "Biden still courting Iran" (Web, Aug. 26) Jed Babbin is too reluctant to point out that President Biden is endangering us all with his obsession to reverse all the good that President Trump achieved.

Special election now

On the same day that former President Donald Trump said he was the "rightful winner" of the "compromised" 2020 presidential election because of FBI collusion with Big Tech in suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, former New York Gov. George Pataki said he worries that the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border could trigger a 9/11-like terrorist attack.

Let police do their jobs

Earlier this month in Salt Lake City, a mentally disturbed man died after fighting police. Enough of the lunacy already.

Mar-a-Lago warrant was bogus

The Democrats and the despicable news media have been giddy with joy since the raid on former President Trump's home, thinking Trump is guilty of some criminal act before any of the evidence is in.