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Military members struggling

Most of us are celebrating the holidays with family members and enjoying bountiful meals — but what about the approximately 160,000 families of active-duty military personnel who cannot afford to feed those at their tables?

Biden’s destructive ‘pilots’

The actions and policies of the Biden administration remind me of the Japanese kamikaze pilots who would drive their planes into the decks of our ships during World War II. This action caused inestimable destruction. Notwithstanding the damage to America and its image, the Biden kamikaze ‘pilots’ continue to bear down on their targets, whether they be climate change, the reckless abandonment of Afghanistan, the southern border crisis or the ill effects of inflation fueled by rampant spending.

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Left's efforts will fail

Gun sales have been off the charts ever since Obama came on the scene. In fact, I haven't been in a gun store in the past decade that didn't have a picture of him and the caption "Gun Salesman of the Century" beneth it.

Rittenhouse jurors got it right

I have to commend the jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial for their courage and integrity. They did the difficult job of finding not-guilty a young man who has been unfairly maligned not only by the far-left news media, but by the president of the United States.

NAACP has priorities backward

Here in Virginia, it appears that calling out the Chesterfield redistricting map is a higher priority to the NAACP than the Friday night quadruple shooting in Richmond that left two children dead.

Ignoring history dooms us to repeat it

It was refreshing to read Michael McKenna's recent Commentary piece on history, specifically World War I, as a reminder of where the world is now and how we got here ("What did we commemorate on Veterans Day?" Web, Nov. 14). The abuse of history by Americans has always been an intellectual problem, and it has never been more prevalent than it is today.

Don't leave abortion up to ballot

In her op-ed "Republicans must embrace pro-life issue to win in 2022" (Web, Nov. 16) Marjorie Dannenfelser presents some very interesting Virginia gubernatorial election statistics. She reports that the loser, pro-abortion Democrat Terry McAuliffe, thought abortion was a winning issue for him and exploited it over and over again. The winner, Republican Glenn Youngkin, ran as a pro-life candidate. Eight percent of the electorate voted with the abortion question as their primary issue and gave Youngkin a 17% plurality, a winning margin.

The Biden python never stops squeezing

The Social Security folks have announced a 5.9% cost-of-living increase for those who receive benefits. So those who have worked all of their lives, played by the rules and are ready to finally enjoy life are happy. Yay! But hold on -- at the same time, Joe Biden's Medicare flunkies have announced that in 2022 there will be increases in Medicare premiums, deductibles and co-pays, to the tune of over 14%. Medicare recipients get stabbed in the back.

Rittenhouse jurors needed sequestration

Being that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a high-profile case, jurors should have been sequestered. Even though they are told not to watch TV accounts, listen to the radio, read the newspaper or discuss the case with anyone, the jurors are human beings and it is difficult to know whether they will comply.

Private sector will foot the bill

America's government was created by founders and patriots from the private sector who wished to protect their unalienable rights as individuals. They enshrined in the Declaration of Independence the dreams of free individuals -- and then revised them 12 years later to "provide for the common defense [and] promote the general Welfare" of a society of free individuals.

Fauci's COVID-19 pipe dream harms kids

So Anthony Fauci wants to see less than 10,000 cases in the U.S. in order to call it a day on COVID-19. Let's see: If you tested all 330 million U.S. citizens and had a false positive test rate of 10%, that would be 33 million. The only way you will get to less than 10,000 is if you come close to a zero test rate. Fauci is clearly one of the most scientifically incompetent psychopaths ever to occupy his position. He has been failing upward in the NIH bureaucracy for over 40 years. The only thing he is good at is obtaining power, and apparently money, too.

True justice has nothing to do with race

Racial justice is just racism ("Critical race theory undermines religious faith," Web, Nov. 15). There is no special category of justice based on one's skin color. No matter how good the "intention" might be, racial justice is just code for reverse discrimination based on race. It is similar in that regard to "social" justice, which is just code for socialism, or using guilt to promote outcomes based on one's social status instead of merit. The focus is on "equity," not on equality. Equality is the proper term and it has nothing to do with one's race or social status.

Government owes us protection

We have a larger problem of lawlessness than we think. No better example can be found than the rap concert in Houston where nine people lost their lives ("Texas A&M student hurt at Astroworld dies; death total at 9," Web, Nov. 9). The mass media have not been able to even fathom the idea that there might be public responsibility for citizen safety at such events.

What's the secret ingredient?

Recently we found out that the COVID-19 vaccine manufactures are allowed to exclude "trade secrets" from the lists of ingredients they put on their packages. Samples allegedly analyzed from vaccine vials were said to contain graphene oxide, an extremely toxic compound. Let us not forget that for years vaccine makers were putting mercury in our incoulations with impunity.