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Close Mueller probe now

Why is the illegitimate Mueller investigation still unfolding? Why is our tax money being wasted on fake investigators and so-called lawyers? We are almost into two years of the non-Senate-approved, illegal “deep dive” that has found no collusion by the current president.

‘Diversity’ shouldn’t rule energy

“Benefitting from a diverse energy sector” (Web, Nov. 14) jumps on the diversity bandwagon, but then places bets on losers with the statement that “new renewable energy sources [are] becoming more commercially viable each year.” Wind and solar, the major renewables today, generate only about 10 percent of the electricity generated by coal and natural gas. Coal and gas serve demand 24 hours a day every day. Wind and solar only serve demand on average about 12 hours a day, and only on days when the sun shines and the wind blows (but not too hard).

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Fleeing failed socialism

There has never been an instance of migrants and caravans fleeing a capitalist country to seek refuge and asylum in a socialist country. Most migrants who crossed our border left corrupt socialist regimes. Yet they enthusiastically denounce capitalism and label the wealthy "rich fascist pigs." Their demands for entitlements and subsidies are echoed and supported by progressives, liberals, socialists and college students calling for open borders.

Time to repeal Obamacare is now

President Trump has done a number of great things, and the economy, military and our foreign relations show it. There is, however, one important item on his agenda that has yet to be fulfilled. That is the repeal of Obamacare, and now is the time to do it.

'Success' at the expense of others

Kneeling when the national anthem plays means disparaging the essence of America ("NFL television ratings see increase for most packages," Web, Nov.9). This country enjoys glorious freedoms and does not suffer injustices demanding the offensive behavior endorsed by the NFL.

No good deed goes un-Democrat

Well, the 2018 midterms are over and once again the voters have shown how much they appreciate a hard-working president who has turned in an amazing performance on their behalf — in spite of constant attacks from a biased mainstream media and an opposition party that both despise the ground he walks on. They hate him because first, he defeated Hillary Clinton, second, he is not a part of their establishment, and third, he is making great strides to undo the horrible damage the Democratic-socialist agenda had done to this country.

Nuclear weapons belong in past

Robert Monroe's desire to turn back the clock three decades is terribly irresponsible and would make more likely that which he claims to want to avoid: Losing America ("Resuming U.S. nuclear weapons testing is crucial," Web, Nov. 6).

Pillars of society under attack

Love breeds love. Hate breeds hate. Never before are these maxims more apparent than today. This nation is in distress because of an unprecedented level of hatred bordering on paranoia toward a sitting president. No longer is a president evaluated by his accomplishments, but by his manner of speech. This hatred is manifested in many ways, something our Founding Fathers never envisioned.

Voters will see left's true colors

As I watched on TV some of the Democratic strategists giddy with delight that their party took over the House of Representatives, a thought came to me: When you get handed a bunch of lemons, you make lemonade.

Change nuclear-program route

Congratulations to Robert R. Monroe for exposing the major problems confronting a much-needed upgrade to America's nuclear-weapons stockpile ("Resuming U.S. nuclear weapons testing is crucial," Web, Nov. 6).

Stop allowing false allegations

I watched most of the broadcast hearings on the nomination of now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I was concerned about the vicious and absolutist blanket demands by one party and their "True Believer" adherents that all Americans "believe the survivor" ("Another Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story," Web, Nov. 3). Their goal was to destroy the life and livelihood of Justice Kavanaugh and keep him off of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump simply righting wrong

Those attacking President Trump's assertion that he will issue executive orders adverse to "birthright citizenship" and open-borders asylum demands were strangely silent when then President Obama repeatedly acted at variance to the congressional constitutional province with regard to immigration laws.

Caravan slippery slope

When the several-thousand-member immigrant caravan arrives at the U.S. border, how many should be transported to each state? What is each state's fair share when it comes to housing and care?

Left uninterested in health of U.S.

If the Democrats were truly interested in the health of the American people, wouldn't they be opposing the caravans and open borders? How many new diseases have already been introduced into the U.S. by illegals? How many diseases that were formerly eradicated from the U.S. have illegals brought back?