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Recall Soviet help to Nazis

Mr. Lakhonin is absolutely correct: The heroic deeds of the Soviet people must not be forgotten (“Why the heroic deeds of the Soviet people must not be forgotten,” Web, Aug. 21). But we must also remember the less-than-heroic deeds of the Soviet government. Some of what Mr. Lakhonin writes is factual, but some of it is incomplete or simply untrue.

U.S. citizenship not right of all

A number of extraordinary ideas have been launched by presidential contenders in both major political parties, and some are finding traction. One such idea focuses on birthright citizenship, established by the 14th Amendment (“Trump says ending birthright citizenship back on agenda,” Web, Aug. 21). Many of those who believe birthright citizenship should be retained offer as arguments that it is enshrined in the Constitution and is a fundamental American value. But which comes first? Is it a fundamental American value because it is in our Constitution, or is it in the Constitution because it is an immutable fundamental value?

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Citizen guns threaten government

The Washington Post recently decided to honor every victim of mass shootings in the past 54 years by printing their names in the paper. Yet that number was only 1,196. Now, I'm not belittling the victims' memories, but if this number is correct, guns are the safest things to own besides socks.

Banning Tlaib, Omar a mistake

Keeping two anti-Semitic Democratic congresswomen from entering Israel was a mistake ("Rashida Tlaib won't travel to Israel despite approval to visit family," Web, Aug. 16). It is a mistake even though they did not request any meetings with government officials or briefings from Israeli experts — in other words, they did not plan a fact-finding mission, but rather a propaganda extravaganza.

Divisiveness the cause of violence

Never before in our history have we seen the level of divisiveness and hate rhetoric that is now rampant throughout the country. A congressional representative calls for people to get in the face of Republicans. Another publicizes a list of Trump donors, endangering the donors and their families. Administration officials are accosted while at restaurants. Rioters disrupt congressional hearings and call for the Senate majority leader to be killed, right in front of his home. The president is blamed for mass shootings and falsely accused of being a racist.

Left consorted with Epstein

The New York Times and other mainstream-media outlets casually mention Prince Andrew and President Trump among those who consorted with financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Yet by convenient omission they have failed to observe that former President Bill Clinton traveled 29 times or more on the "Lolita Express" with Epstein.

Lying the left's new strategy?

A consistent tactic of Democrats is to accuse Republicans of the very actions they themselves are committing. For two years we heard Democrats claim President Trump colluded to steal the 2016 presidential election. Meanwhile they have been working nonstop to steal the 2020 election.

'Racist' canard unraveling

I'm sick and tired of hearing that I am now being labeled as a white supremacist, white nationalist, deplorable Walmart shopper and every other stupid, slanderous, abusive term that the Democrats can spit out against anyone who supports President Trump. As a 100-percent disabled Marine Vietnam War veteran, this is intolerable.

Tolerance not just for Muslims

According to "Muslims clash with Israeli police at Jerusalem holy site" (Web, Aug. 11), "Muslim worshipers and Israeli police clashed Sunday at a major Jerusalem holy site during prayers marking the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha."

Humans will always divide

As white supremacists pine for a whites-only utopia, I wonder how long it would take before we Caucasians began to segregate ourselves according to subracial or ethnic identities (e.g., Western European from Eastern European heritage).

Turkey no longer a friend

Turkey is a member of NATO and for many years was both an ally and good friend of the United States. Unfortunately, that is no longer true ("Turkey criticizes US freeze on Venezuela assets," Web, Aug. 9). In the past Turkey was a victim and constantly afraid of further Russian aggression. As a result, it was a reliable ally in fighting against communist expansion. It helped us significantly during the Korean War. But it betrayed us during the Gulf War, when it reneged on a pledge and forced our military to attack Kuwait only from the south. While our victory was quick, it would have been even faster had Turkey kept its promise.

Confiscate left's guns

Let's get all registered Democrats, those who have ever given donations to the Democratic Party and all those who have ever voted for a Democrat in the past 20 years, to turn in all of their "assault weapons," handguns, shotguns and any other kind of firearm — immediately. This would include all of the armed personal guards for Democratic politicians. Then, the next time there is a mass shooting, we can be sure it was carried out by a Trump supporter (or at least a Republican). What could be fairer than that?

Wealthy athletes whine, don't give

Miami Dolphins player Kenny Stills' protest over the team owner hosting a private event reminds why I stopped buying NFL tickets and products ("Dolphins' Stills says his criticism of owner isn't political," Web, Aug. 9). We football fans are not paying for a player's politics; we're paying to watch them perform on the field. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a right to do whatever he wants, and if Mr. Stills disagrees then he should put in a request to move to another team.