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Roberts a disappointment to right

Michael McKenna writes in his column, “A new, better Supreme Court makes its debut in New York pandemic case” (Web, Nov. 28), that the court’s vote should have been 9-0, but was 5-4. I agree with Mr. McKenna’s assertion that the vote should have been 9-0.

Coins could carry virus

When the coronavirus was first detected, news reports said that it could survive on metal for up to fours hours. Knowing this, a thought came to mind about coins given as change when we shop. Who’s to say that this isn’t part of the reason that the pandemic is spreading like wildfire?

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Mr. Private Jet for climate champion

Joe Biden has nominated John Kerry as America's "climate envoy" ("Biden names climate statesman John Kerry as climate envoy," Web, Nov. 24). How can a man with six houses, 12 cars, two yachts and a private jet tell Americans and the world to take a bus to save energy?

Media tried to hide Trump's popularity

Most Americans will come to realize that after they boldly elected African-American President Obama (twice), he did virtually nothing to improve race relations or the lives of most African-Americans. Rather, we will come to accept that President Trump did more for Black Americans — with a soaring (pre-COVID-19) economy, very low unemployment rates, an increase in real household income, an improvement in rates of homeownership and assistance to opportunity zones and historically Black colleges. This despite the media's unsubstantiated accusations of racism, constant criticism and refusal to report the president's accomplishments.

Obama's sour grapes

Considering the historically large amount of support for President Trump by non-White voters, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to give any credence to former President Obama's ignorant characterization of Trump supporters ("Obama: Trump an 'elixir' for Americans 'spooked' by a Black man in the White House," Web, Nov. 22).

Don't replace Lee statue

When replacing the Robert E. Lee statue in the U.S. Capitol's National Statuary Hall Collection, suggestions such as Pocahontas, Maggie Walker and several other diverse dignitaries have been made.

Shutdowns hurt more than help

The lockdowns are not working. In fact, they are hurting the economy more than they are preventing the spread of the virus. The lockdowns only delay the spread of the virus; they don't actually prevent it. The same number of people will eventually get infected. We don't know that breakthrough vaccines are safe, and there is evidence that people can get infected even after antibodies are present.

We know there was fraud

Is Joe Biden really president-elect? The answer is clearly no. No media outlet or presidential candidate can declare victory. It's up to states to certify the results. And the courts and state legislatures have a say in who becomes president.

Mothers' last attempts not in vain

Never in the recorded history of humankind has there been anything that compares to the atrocities committed by the Nazis from 1940 through 1944. Germany operated 23 concentration camps with up to 1,000 satellite camps that saw more than 6 million Jews (including 1.5 million children) and thousands of Roma exterminated.

Democracy can't afford voter fraud

There are many, including some of President Trump's supporters, who think investigating and litigating voting fraud is a waste of time and money because even if all fraudulent votes, voters and abettors were identified and prosecuted, the outcome wouldn't change. In other words, it is the result, not the preservation of election integrity, that is important to these people.

Socialist 'utopia' will disappoint

China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and soon the United States of America — the common denominator is communism. Welcome to the success story of socialism, where one size fits all and you will be told what size you get.

Boeing put cost savings before lives

"FAA clears Boeing 737 Max after flight-control system fixed" (Web, Nov. 18) provides an excellent overview of Boeing's problem with the 737 Max, but missing from the article are the lack of qualifications of the pilots involved in the two fatal crashes and the high probability (not possibility) that if the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System failures had occurred in the United States the aircraft would not have crashed.

Resist 'useful idiots'

As a libertarian, I admire personal freedom within our raucous and free-wheeling society more than anything else, while respecting that we must observe the rules of the American road. But those rules represent the rub, for my ideal of as much freedom within a strong and coherent society as possible is very different from the top-down autocracy the progressive wing of the Democratic Party — the very loud cohort of liberals gaining traction as Joe Biden gets his footing — wants to impose on the rest of us.