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‘AOC,’ angry bull in china shop

Every time the photo-friendly Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opens her mouth, she proves the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, who quipped,”Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak out and remove all doubt.”

Murder is murder

So they are “investigating” whether the Saudi shooter in Pensacola was a terrorist (“Pensacola shooting ‘looks like terrorism,’ Trump national security adviser says,” Web, Dec. 8). That’s almost as rich as thinking that calling a crime a hate crime makes the crime that much worse.

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Left's guilt transference

When our country gives foreign aid to another country, it is frequently done in an effort to affect the foreign country's policies. We have historically tried to eliminate human-rights abuses and improve living conditions and policies with such aid.

No legal grounds for impeachment

The Democrats have played their deceptive attempt to impeach President Trump in a manner that is against everything for which our basic rule of law has stood for more than two centuries. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Smith lied again when he said there is overwhelming evidence against Mr. Trump. Asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to reopen incomplete investigations concerning Ukraine's work with the Democratic National Committee to dig up dirt against Mr. Trump in support of his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton was justified. Delaying aid to Ukraine was justified.

Hearings a despicable show

The first thing that popped into my mind as the Democrats conducted Wednesday's impeachment hearing was "The Three Stooges" show, because it truly was a Hollywood performance ("GOP witness says there is no evidence of bribery in impeachment inquiry," Web, Dec. 4). It was orchestrated by the counsel representing the Democrats, as he gave complete latitude to the "stooges" and stiff-armed professor Jonathan Turley.

Obama deserved impeachment

So, Rep. Jerry Nadler may use much of the time during today's Judiciary Committee hearing to have constitutional scholars attempt to characterize President Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as "high crimes and misdemeanors," justifying impeachment ("Trump set to spurn impeachment hearing, White House says," Web, Nov. 27). I would encourage the American people to review what didn't justify impeachment — and we need only review the actions of our last president to see these.

Congress' despicable behavior

As one of the millions of hard-working, taxpaying American citizens, I am appalled by the current state of affairs in America. The circus we have in Washington, specifically in the U.S. House of Representatives, affects us all.

Pythonesque Democrats

Living in Britain, I enjoyed the humor of John Cleese and his associates in the TV program "Monty Python's Flying Circus." The series and its later films highlighted an ability to poke fun at the pomposity of life. It led to the coining of a new English word, pythonesque, which is used to describe the ridiculous.

Not entitled to special treatment

The tactics of the LGBTQ lobby to undermine the rule of law and trample the rights of other Americans by playing the victim at every turn must not be allowed to succeed. The latest heinous example is the attempt of certain Department of Justice LGBTQ employees to confuse the public with regard to Attorney General William Barr and influence the Supreme Court with regard to the cases involving gay and transgender plaintiffs now before the court ("Justice Department's LGBTQ workers say administration's stance on protections harming morale," Web, Nov. 28).

What abuse of power?

The Democrats and career bureaucrats in the federal government are learning that the president of the United States has the ultimate authority in the executive branch of government. The deep-state lifers have their own agenda and they are finding out the hard way that the president has the ultimate authority to assert his own agenda.

Clintons still in it to win it

While the desperate Clintons continue working hard to manipulate and lead their long line of anonymous, deep-state operatives into attemting to impeach Donald Trump, what's become clear are deeper Clinton motivations to secretly destroy the Trump-Pence presidency.

Utter hypocrisy

To get a current measure of Democratic/liberal hypocrisy, just read the articles about Joe Biden's son (if you can find any), and instead of reading "Hunter Biden," insert "Eric Trump." Try to imagine if the press coverage or congressional interest would be any different.

College isn't for everyone

Not all parents who pay college tuition are bourgeois — indeed, some are as "woke" as their children. But for those parents who cling to their antiquated bourgeois values and beliefs, Thanksgiving dinner this year may be more of a shock than in years past ("Pete Buttigieg releases college affordability and workforce development proposal," Web, Nov. 18).

On left, no place for white men

I have found that there is just no place for me in the world of politics. The female 2020 presidential candidates, campaign staffers and news media people mostly seem to have overinflated egos and dislike men. The same is true of many female newspaper editors, but it seems to be less true of them than it is for the political women. It also seems to be true of other causes and their organizations. And I don't want to be somewhere I am not wanted.

Schiff's illegal 'parody'

Once again the Democrats have cost the taxpayer millions of dollars with their latest witch hunt. In the process, its leader, Rep. Adam Schiff, has committed numerous criminal acts against the president and all Americans through lies and deception that violate his oath of office. One of the most serious crimes Mr. Schiff has committed is forging a declassified document submitted as evidence by President Trump in the impeachment investigation.