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Just more trickery

Out here in real America — you know, that place politicians fear to tread because they may be asked what a gallon of milk costs — we have some questions regarding the impeachment of President Trump (“DOJ: Barr denies Bolton’s book claim of being worried about Trump ‘favors’ to other countries,” Web, Jan. 28).

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'Trump bashing' not always fair

I realize you are trying to be "fair and balanced" by printing former Judge Andrew P. Napolitano's opinion pieces, but I have to wonder why you would run some of what Mr. Napolitano writes ("Trump's trial is not a charade but deadly serious business based on constitutional norms," Web, Jan. 22). When you see one of his pieces, you know that you are going to get a Trump bashing.

Magical words vs. critical thought

We really shouldn't denigrate the left or reject their ideas out of hand. After all, they are effectively schooling modern capitalists to substitute the phrase "socially responsible growth" with "profit."

Left's attempts have faltered

Americans are tuning out the latest attempt by Democrats to turn supporters of the president away from his assured re-election. The team of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer reinforce what Americans already know: The Democratic Party is now entirely off the rails with very little chance for redemption or recovery.

Trump right on Iran

Taking out Qassem Soleimani was brilliant and long-overdue action by President Trump. The president is right not to brief Congress on top-secret sources and methods in order to protect the ability to take such an action again. Soleimani was a commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and was planning new attacks. He had the blood of many Americans and Muslims on his hands while serving from 1996 until his death in 2020 and was the commander of the Quds Force.

GAO finding no surprise

Recently, the Government Accountability Office, a component of Congress, found President Trump guilty of withholding funds from the Ukrainians ("Trump says GAO is part of 'the Swamp' after watchdog finds he broke law on Ukraine aid," Web, Jan. 17). Let's be clear: The GAO is a deep-state creature composed of bureaucrats who are left-wing sympathizers and anti-Trumpers.

Senate must dismiss articles

Most fair-minded Americans, whether Republican, Democrat or independent, were aware of and disturbed by the unfair, partisan impeachment process that denied the Republicans and President Donald Trump witnesses or documents. The thing most harmed, however, was our Constitution's fundamentals of fair process, equal justice for all, and innocent until proven guilty. The House has attempted to have the legislative branch override the authority the president has under our Constitution.

Sympathy can't pay down debt

When liberals talk about President Trump or anyone else in authority (generally Republicans), they say, "No one is above the law." However, when it comes to illegal immigrants, the left is all for open borders for those who wish to come and amnesty for those already here.

Impeached but unbeatable

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to take great delight in stating that President Trump is now impeached and nothing will ever change that ("Nancy Pelosi's revenge: Trump is 'impeached for life,'" Web, Jan. 13).

Trump within rights on Soleimani

Times columnist Andrew P. Napolitano continues to argue that President Trump acted unlawfully in taking out a terrorist mastermind ("Shifting justification for the killing of Soleimani persists," Web, Jan. 15). Since Congress has not declared war, he argues, the president had no authority to act.

Pelosi's pen stunt poor choice

Signing the articles of impeachment is an important historical and rhetorical moment, one that should be marked appropriately to create a record for future generations. But in my opinion as someone who has spent over 40 years studying political communication, it was a rhetorical mistake to stage a formal signing ceremony followed by the distribution of pens ("White House rips Pelosi over impeachment 'souvenir pens,'" Web, Jan. 15).

Democrats owe us millions

Considering that I've heard many Democrats say they wanted more witnesses to see whether President Trump was hiding anything, I'm surprised that they haven't asked for a presidential colonoscopy, too. Nevertheless, I think the taxpayers of this country should be reimbursed by the Democratic Party for the full cost of the phony impeachment hearings that were based on nothing but hearsay, innuendo and unfounded accusations.

What of personal responsibility?

In "Cornel West warns against Bernie Sanders rivals' attempt to sow division" (Web, Jan. 16) writers Seth McLaughlin and David Sherfinski quote Adilka Pimentel, a Bernie Sanders supporter and Make the Road Action member, as follows: "We have been organizing to survive and organizing to live, but now we want to organize to transform society and transform our lives."