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Ben Wolfgang

Ben Wolfgang

Ben Wolfgang covers the Pentagon and foreign affairs for The Washington Times.

Previously, he covered energy and the environment, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, and also spent two years as a White House correspondent during the Obama administration.

Before coming to The Times in 2011, Ben worked as political reporter at The Republican-Herald in Pottsville, Pa.

He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Ben Wolfgang

Kentucky voters Tuesday gave Democratic presidential candidates a tight race. Hillary Clinton has lost support among the working class in Appalachia, extending her primary race against Bernard Sanders. Oregon Democrats also voted Tuesday, but results were not available at press time. (The Paducah Sun via Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders in virtual dead heat in Kentucky

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernard Sanders battled to a virtual tie in Kentucky on Tuesday, further miring the Clinton campaign in a brutal primary fight while it also tries to turn its attention to another front — the general election battle against Republican Donald Trump. Published May 17, 2016

Even as she's still fending off a tough primary challenge from Sen. Bernard Sanders, Hillary Clinton this week has undertaken a coordinated effort to appeal to the groups of voters she'll need to capture the White House. The former first lady has targeted Hispanics, courted women, and tried to win over young voters. (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton targets 'Obama coalition' for Donald Trump showdown

Hillary Clinton's prospects in November depend largely on pulling the famed "Obama coalition" back together for her showdown with Republican Donald Trump, and the Clinton campaign in recent days has taken explicit steps to court Hispanics, women, millennials and other key blocs of voters that propelled President Obama to victory in 2008. Published May 12, 2016

New polls find that voters find Republican front-runner Donald Trump far more trustworthy than likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, although her favorability improves when she is in office rather than campaigning. (Associated Press)

Clinton distrust renews Democrats' pessimism about general election

From suspicion over the Clintons' Whitewater dealings to 2008 claims of having braved "sniper fire" in Bosnia to now, where she faces questions over her use of a secret email server to conduct business in the State Department, Hillary Clinton has earned a level of distrust that's almost unprecedented for a major political party presidential nominee. Published May 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton

Clinton slams Trump as dangerous families, women

As she laid out an ambitious plan to lower child care costs across the country, Hillary Clinton Tuesday painted presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump as dangerous for women and families, previewing a line of attack she's sure to ratchet up as the general election campaign begins in earnest. Published May 10, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself in the unique position of being the party's presumptive nominee while continuing to lose primaries. (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton's failure to fend off Bernie Sanders delays party unification

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is intent on ignoring her nagging battle with Bernard Sanders and focusing on the looming general election, but that strategy is about to get much more difficult, with the Vermont senator poised to notch more big primary wins in coming weeks and complicate the former first lady's efforts to unify the party. Published May 8, 2016

Donald Trump breaks with Republicans on raising taxes, minimum wage

Just days before Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan meet to bridge differences and unify the Republican Party, the billionaire businessman again broke GOP economic orthodoxy and one of his most prominent and earliest supporters said she would work to oust Mr. Ryan from his post. Published May 8, 2016

A group of coal miners wave signs for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as they wait for a rally in Charleston, West Virginia, on Thursday. (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton's coal flip-flop could prove costly in general election

Hillary Clinton's pitch to voters in Appalachia fell flat this week, and she is in real danger of losing the West Virginia primary to Sen. Bernard Sanders next week -- but analysts say the former first lady has deeper problems in coal country that could spill into the general election. Published May 5, 2016

Marcel Lehel Lazar, the computer hacker better known by the name "Guccifer," said Hillary Clinton's server was like an open book to him. (Associated Press)

Indiana loss requires Hillary Clinton to focus again on Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton has been the likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee for four years, yet she's still struggling to solidify herself -- and even upstart Republican Donald Trump has surpassed her, clearing away all 16 of his opponents in less than a year. Published May 4, 2016

Networks called Indiana for Sen. Bernard Sanders at 9:10 p.m. (Associated Press)

Surprise Indiana win vaults Bernie Sanders toward convention

Sen. Bernard Sanders captured a surprise win in the Indiana primary Tuesday, giving his campaign more fuel to fight until the Democratic National Convention in July and frustrating Hillary Clinton, who desperately wants to shift into general election mode. Published May 3, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to steelworkers in Ashland, Ky., Monday, May 2, 2016. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders look past Indiana primary

Both of the Democratic Party's presidential candidates seem to be looking past the Hoosier State's Tuesday primary, with Sen. Bernard Sanders now focused on a strategy of wooing superdelegates to his side and Hillary Clinton making an all-out push in Appalachia to pull blue-collar, working-class voters into her camp. Published May 2, 2016

An FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server is ongoing. (Associated Press)

Trump sure to exploit Clinton scandals that Sanders ignored

Hillary Clinton so far has been able to skate through the Democratic presidential primary without having to truly confront what ultimately may be her biggest hurdles to the White House: numerous scandals and controversies that have taken a back seat in her tooth-and-nail fight with Sen. Bernard Sanders. Published May 1, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. speaks during a United Steel Workers Local 1999 rally in Indianapolis, Friday, April 29, 2016. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

Bernie Sanders ends lawsuit against DNC over voter data breach

While both sides continue to blame the other, Sen. Bernard Sanders' campaign on Friday withdrew a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, ending a monthslong controversy over unauthorized access to voter data files that had driven a wedge between the Vermont senator and party leadership. Published April 29, 2016