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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

To read Jennifer Harper's Inside the Beltway columns, click here. Contact her at [email protected].

Articles by Jennifer Harper

Press corps fractures as news bureaus wane

The Washington press corps is no longer a homogeneous gaggle of mainstream media reporters. It has become a hybrid coalition of unrelated tribes that ultimately could shortchange the American public in favor of special interests. Published February 12, 2009

Press bearish, Obama still draws public

His first televised prime-time press conference drew 50 million viewers. He's chummy with Katie Couric, gets glib at town hall meetings, casts benign favor on bloggers and one day, perhaps, he'll have a beer with Sean Hannity. Published February 11, 2009

Many Americans vexed by spelling

The nation is not letter perfect. Americans may be embarassed, even. Make that "embarrassed" - it's among the common words that vex the spell-challenged in an age of spell check. Published February 10, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Call to order

Just so you can keep track of everything, we now provide a handy-dandy guide to the latest cultural embellishments on the Office of the President of the United States. Published February 8, 2009

One-ton, 43-ft. snake roamed Earth

It was as big as a bus, weighed a ton, swallowed crocodiles like hors d'oeuvres and was as mean as a snake. Wait. It was a snake -- the biggest snake that ever slithered the Earth -- or so its 60-million-year-old remains would indicated. Published February 5, 2009

'Octo-Mom' gives birth to fertility ethics debate

Mega-birth is no simple matter. The fertility-enhanced birth of octuplets to an unmarried mother with six other children has forced Americans to wrestle with questionable celebrity. Published February 4, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Nerves of Steele

He's chairman of GOPAC, a Republican National Committee heavy — and Michael S. Steele is ready to rumble, ready to provide a rallying point for GOPers who meekly peer at the new Obama-world around them. Published February 1, 2009

Super Bowl can lead to odd injuries

They choke. They sprain something. They forget to visit the restroom or attempt to open a beer bottle - with their teeth. Published January 27, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Day by day

Lofty observers are now applying the same historic standard to the two opposing circumstances of President Obama and former President George W. Bush: "Only time will tell." Published January 25, 2009

Still kicking: Dictators make rounds

They're tanned, they're fit -- well, they're upright, anyway. A pair of world leaders resurfaced on Friday just in time for a post-inaugural audience and a new administration in Washington. Published January 24, 2009

Press's affair with Obama hits bumps

He enjoyed unprecedented positive coverage on the campaign trail, and has vowed to be transparent with the news media. President Obama, however, has garnered a skimpy press honeymoon, though some say journalists will favor him as long as they agree with his concept of "change." Published January 23, 2009

Pro-life marchers lose attention

She's asked President Obama to come for a visit, and she has bloggers on her side now. Still, Nellie Gray — who founded the March for Life 36 years ago — pines for some meaningful attention from the press. Published January 21, 2009