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Magical words vs. critical thought

We really shouldn’t denigrate the left or reject their ideas out of hand. After all, they are effectively schooling modern capitalists to substitute the phrase “socially responsible growth” with “profit.”

‘Trump bashing’ not always fair

I realize you are trying to be “fair and balanced” by printing former Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s opinion pieces, but I have to wonder why you would run some of what Mr. Napolitano writes (“Trump’s trial is not a charade but deadly serious business based on constitutional norms,” Web, Jan. 22). When you see one of his pieces, you know that you are going to get a Trump bashing.

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Utter hypocrisy

To get a current measure of Democratic/liberal hypocrisy, just read the articles about Joe Biden's son (if you can find any), and instead of reading "Hunter Biden," insert "Eric Trump." Try to imagine if the press coverage or congressional interest would be any different.

College isn't for everyone

Not all parents who pay college tuition are bourgeois — indeed, some are as "woke" as their children. But for those parents who cling to their antiquated bourgeois values and beliefs, Thanksgiving dinner this year may be more of a shock than in years past ("Pete Buttigieg releases college affordability and workforce development proposal," Web, Nov. 18).

On left, no place for white men

I have found that there is just no place for me in the world of politics. The female 2020 presidential candidates, campaign staffers and news media people mostly seem to have overinflated egos and dislike men. The same is true of many female newspaper editors, but it seems to be less true of them than it is for the political women. It also seems to be true of other causes and their organizations. And I don't want to be somewhere I am not wanted.

Schiff's illegal 'parody'

Once again the Democrats have cost the taxpayer millions of dollars with their latest witch hunt. In the process, its leader, Rep. Adam Schiff, has committed numerous criminal acts against the president and all Americans through lies and deception that violate his oath of office. One of the most serious crimes Mr. Schiff has committed is forging a declassified document submitted as evidence by President Trump in the impeachment investigation.

End 'Pay to Slay' now

The first step toward Middle East peace is to end the hatred. With such strong hatred in the Arab streets, any reasonable leader should think twice before taking a chance.

Spencer made own bed

U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer chose poorly when he decided to argue with the commander in chief about Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. He chose to punish a decorated warfighter for taking a picture that thousands of in-theater vets and news photographers have taken in every war; and he chose to cross swords with the president and the secretary of Defense.

Stifling speech is undemocratic

As an academic and scholar, I was saddened to read of the efforts by some to prevent Ann Coulter from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley ("Ann Coulter 'Adios, America!' speech spurs protests, arrests at Cal-Berkeley," Web, Nov. 21). The essence of democracy is the willingness to hear and debate alternative points of view, regardless of whether we agree with them. Universities, as bastions of academic scholarship and creative thinking, should be the last place on Earth to ban anyone with different perspectives from expressing those perspectives. It is the willingness to conceive of and discuss ideas outside the spectrum of conventional thinking that propels humanity forward. I fear for our society as we dangerously censor and abuse people who disagree with us instead of civilly debating them. This is what happens in fascist dictatorships, not in true democracies.

Truman made best possible choice

While I usually agree with Andrew Napolitano, his claim in "The dangers of a Trump imperial presidency" (Web, Nov. 21) that President Truman "killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki" needs context.

State Dept. ruined relations

George Kent, deputy assistant secretary at the State Department, alledgedly overheard a July 26 phone call between President Trump and Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, in which the two discussed investigations that President Trump wanted Ukraine to pursue. Mr. Kent also said Mr. Trump told Mr. Sondland that Mr. Trump didn't care about Ukraine.

Financial 'statement' unlikely

If you believe President Trump will release his financials prior to the election, I shall sell you a used car as new or even a government-financed bridge in New York ("Trump promises to release 'statement' on his finances before electio" Web, Nov. 21). As is true of most billionaires, the finances of Mr. Trump present a picture of legal tax evasion, and in his case a history of failed financial efforts. While neither of these should disqualify him for running for or holding office, their disclosure would remove any picture of invincibility.

Trump, not Obama, gave real aid

Democrats keep focusing on the negative effects of the Trump delay in providing aid to Ukraine, but they forgot that first, when Russia invaded the Crimea region, then President Obama did not offer any real assistance to Ukraine.

Release whistleblower info now

What Rep. Adam Schiff is hiding reveals the truth ("Democrats' star witness shoots down 'bribery,' cover-up claims," Web, Nov. 19). Mr. Schiff's witness, Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, an obvious anti-Trumper, showed his illusions of grandeur by saying: "I am the director for Ukraine. I'm responsible for Ukraine. I'm the most knowledgeable. I'm the authority for Ukraine for the National Security Council and the White House." Mr. Vindman complained about "outside Influencers" interfering with his work.

Stop making up crimes

So Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress ("Roger Stone criminal trial attended by a parade of 'alt-right' personalities," Web, Nov. 17). Wait a minute — I thought a "liar" who was convicted of lying to liars was forgiven for 1,000 years.

Equality least likely in socialism

Just after participating in the writing and signing of the U.S. Constitution, Benjamin Franklin was asked what sort of government the Founders had made. He is said to have responded, "A republic, if you can keep it." Recent events and trends suggest we may be losing it. But public schools no longer teach history, logic or critical thinking, so people don't know what they don't know -- and don't know what that means.

Obama, Clinton and real meddling

If you can't find anything wrong, simply make something up and put it on national TV nonstop. That's what passes for principle with Washington Democrats, anyway, and those who have never read the Ten Commandments, as they seek revenge on our startlingly successful president.

Student-athlete pay a bad idea

Dennis Lennox makes no case for paid student athletes ("College should pay student athletes," Web, Nov. 17). OK, big-time college sports result in millionaire coaches, super-successful athletic-gear makers and big income from TV — without easing skyrocketing tuition costs for other students. But those facts don't justify making a few student athletes professionals.

British deep state exists, too

There is significant media speculation about the existence and the power of a deep state in the United States and in other nations. Jed Babbin ("How politicians in U.S. and U.K. frustrate the will of the voters," Web, Nov. 18), attributes the British Brexit problems to members of Parliament and the media, while America's current difficulties result from those in government and the media who were and are horrified that Donald Trump was elected president.

Youth need more value teachings

Sadly another mass shooting has happened at a school ("2 dead, several injured in California school shooting; gunman caught," Web, Nov. 14). As usual, there will be more time spent on the aftermath and little acknowledgement over the deep social roots, created over the past 40 years, that produce these senseless acts.

There is no legal pot industry

I believe that Matthew Adams is a little bit confused ("Congress can fix legal marijuana business banking problem," Web, Nov. 14). He writes, "Businesses in the legal marijuana industry " in one sentence and then follows it soon after with " the federal government still has anti-cannabis laws on the books." So in point of fact, according to federal law (the Controlled Substances Act), there is no "legal marijuana industry" — despite liberal efforts to confuse the American public on the issue.

Congress made border problem

Who's to blame for our illegal immigration problems? Who's to blame for the American communities that are suffering from rampant crime, cartel violence, social and language problems in schools, drained health care and welfare systems, and drugs and gang activity in many parts of the country? There are several parties to blame.