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No one needs an AR-15

After hearing gun owners try to justify owning the AR-15, I must say that they are not being forthright.

Stop tolerating unethical 'leaders'

The media thrive upon sexual misconduct allegations made against politicians, judges and even those from among their own ranks.

Nix push to police Supreme Court

In their attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas, liberals and the mainstream media go from bad to worse ("Senators push bill to force Supreme Court to adopt code of conduct, ethics," web, April 26).

Biden keeps trying to rearrange reality

President Biden is trying to defy reality once again by giving people with poor credit even bigger loans to default on ("GOP slams good-credit penalty for homebuyers, demands reversal of higher-rate rule," web, April 27).

What would George do?

I'd vote for Donald Trump now even if George Washington were running for the same office.

Education up to individual

Even as a retired engineer, I still appreciate the Western classics I was required to read in Northern Virginia schools in the 1960s.

Stop election shenanigans

Republicans -- and in particular conservative Republicans -- need to get serious and legally aggressive in confronting the threat of Democratic election-litigation shenanigans.

Left should go fossil-fuel-free

President Biden's attacks on fossil fuels are responsible for the current hardships facing our citizens, including high costs for everything and shortages of essential medications and other products.

Fed piles on debt

The notion that there is truth in lending has for decades helped consumers feel safe when borrowing money -- but it doesn't seem to have been picked up by the Federal Reserve or the media covering the bank's actions.

People suffer under dictators

In this year's World Happiness Report, Russia ranks 70th out of 96 nations, which to this former visitor seems about right.

What happened to journalistic integrity?

In my view, mainstream journalism should strive to challenge the powers that be in order to truly comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable in an increasingly unjust global existence.

Biden, the Augustulus of our time

When Rome fell, Augustulus ruled as an ineffective and incompetent emperor prior to the Gothic monarchs assuming control.

Replace 'default' with 'budget'

The periodic kabuki dance about raising the federal debt limit is always accompanied by histrionics and catastrophic predictions of a federal government default and shutdown.

FBI's church spying despicable

Thank you for your editorial "FBI's targeting of Catholics is anti-religious and anti-American" (web, April 13), which chastises the FBI, Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland for spying on the Catholic Church.

Fox's bad moves

After seeing what happened to Anheuser-Busch with its Bud Light fiasco, just how stupid can Fox News be?

Faux equality brings everyone down

The recently announced federal rule to force home buyers with good credit ratings to pay higher rates in order to subsidize riskier borrowers is just another example of Biden's faux equality ("Biden to hike payments for good-credit homebuyers to subsidize high-risk mortgages," Web, April 18).