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Hurting states to spite Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, have made a big mistake. As the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate they encouraged “resistance” to the Republicans, especially the Republicans in the Trump administration. That has meant only opposition — no compromise or negotiation. The result is shown in the new tax laws, which had no Democratic input or support.

Sessions, keep investigating

The justified firing of seditious former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has brought the rats out of hiding and into the light of day (” ‘Lack of candor’: Reason for firing McCabe one of most serious in FBI,” Web, March 18). John Brennan, who abused the privacy rights of American citizens and the ever-corrupt Samantha Powers have now weighed in on the McCabe firing. Not out of a sense of honorable duty, but more than likely because they now realize their own crimes expose them to criminal prosecution.

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Don't believe everything you hear

By any measure, most everything connected to the economy was in a downward trend during the last years of the Obama presidency. So when the mainstream media and the Democratic leadership tell you that any good news you hear about the stock market, the economy and outlook for the country is due to President Obama's policies having just started to work, don't believe them.

Reason for anti-Trump digging

Many who opposed Donald Trump winning the last election took some solace when they suddenly heard about the "deep-state" and "shadow government," and President Obama buying a house near the White House with his close confidante Valerie Jarrett. They thought somehow this could keep the Trump administration within the guidelines of law and civility and stop the new president from doing things they didn't want him to do.

'Transgendering' is the annihilator

According to the recent article "Media now resorts to extreme narrative: Trump's 'insane'" (Web, Jan. 3), Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center, recently cited an MSNBC report that claimed President Trump's "profound sexual and masculine insecurities are literally threatening to annihilate the planet."

Doubting agencies is security risk

President Trump continues to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin's comments, and he continues to question U.S. intelligence agencies' analysis of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Naturally, he does not want the validity of his election questioned, but his criticism of our intelligence agencies and the FBI poses a risk to national security.

'Team' mentality wastes time

Today gives lesson to the warning of the Founding Fathers and George Washington's farewell address about the danger of factions (now known as political parties and caucuses). The Founders saw factions as oriented for dominance and power over other factions, which would result in public division, distraction from good governance and general public unhappiness.

Trump Jr., Kushner bad for Trump

That the ubiquitous former Trump adviser Steve Bannon believes Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are idiots is hardly surprising. But they hardly redeem Bannon for his lack of character assessment in the Judge Roy Moore affair. Donald Trump Jr. and Kushner are silly, pompous nincompoops who are godsends to Saturday Night Live. They are a couple of empty Armani suits, overindulged by a president who should know better.

Say no to inaugural 'freebies'

"Corporate interests cut checks to fund governor's inaugural" (Web, Dec. 23) quotes a spokeswoman for Virginia Governor-elect Ralph Northam as saying that this month's inauguration is not a political event, but a celebration to bring all Virginians together — thus justifying large "donations" to the inaugural committee from corporate and business interests. This is absolute garbage.

Churchill saved the modern era

From my perspective of 80 years, "Darkest Hour" is the most important film ever made. It shows clearly why British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was Time's "Man of the Century." Against the opposition of the leaders of his own Conservative Party, the members of his Cabinet and the Labor and Liberal parties, Churchill refused to negotiate with Hitler after the surrender of the French — even with most of the British army trapped at Dunkirk. The film depicts the wonderful words Churchill used to win Parliament's consent to fight alone against Hitler.

Try new resolution: kindness

With the new year upon us, many people are thinking about resolutions. Some common ones are to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthily or find balance and simplicity in daily life. But what if we all made a resolution to practice more love and kindness toward everyone, including ourselves?

Repealing mandate fixes little

Repealing the Obamacare insurance mandate does not restore personal freedoms lost with Obamacare rationing. Rationing means government not reducing, but rather refusing to pay costs. Bureaucrats now have tools to control chronically ill, elderly and disabled people.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck leads on a white horse with fellow police officers during the 129th Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., Monday, Jan. 1, 2018. (Walt Mancini/Los Angeles Daily News via AP)

A deadly end to the old year

In a world without villains, an old year would go out like a lamb, punctuated only by accident and disappointment. As if a solemn warning of a very specific kind, the last day of 2017 ended with violence, grief and alarm in a Denver suburb, where a gunman with motives yet unknown ambushed four police officers, killing one of them.

More 'what if' types needed

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano's op-ed was one of the best your newspaper has ever published ("What if everyone really meant Merry Christmas?" Dec. 27). It should be required reading from the White House to the light house. It articulates the values which once permeated our culture but have long since dissipated.

Cohen owes apology for remark

I demand a public apology from Rep. Steve Cohen, Tennessee Democrat. For him to go on the air, on national television, and call the commander in chief "the most despicable human being ever" to serve as U.S. president makes him not only despicable himself, but also anti-veteran and anti-American.

Replace tax bill with jobs bill?

My boyhood hero, Robert Kennedy, said, "Jobs are better than welfare." As a liberal Democrat, I agree. But I would add that a job that pays a living wage well above the federal government's official poverty line is the human right of every American willing to lead a responsible and productive life.

Saakashvili made true reform effort

As an employee of Georgian President Poroshenko, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze has every political and material incentive to distort the truth about former President Mikheil Saakashvili ("Not the reformer Ukraine needs," Web, Dec. 26).

Trump hatred just a diversion

The Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the last presidential election has morphed into an anti-Trump witch hunt. The question not asked, though, is who had the most to lose from a Trump victory. The answer is a resounding "President Obama!"

Nations have right to own cultures

Whenever the problem of invaders entering our country illegally is raised, an automatic response is the canard, "We are a nation of immigrants." Well, so is every other nation in the world. Does anyone seriously think that in countries such as France, India or China, one night the animals went to sleep with the area devoid of human habitation, and when they awoke the next morning, the people were suddenly there, with their cultures fully formed? Does anyone seriously argue that these nations do not have a right to preserve their national identities?

Erekat must be suicidal

The term chutzpah is best explained by the example of the boy who murdered both his mother and father and then asked the judge for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. Saeb Erekat, a top official in the Palestinian Authority, is giving that example a run for its money. Mr. Erekat has long accused Israel of genocide — but recently checked into an Israeli hospital for medical treatment.

Comedian paid for canceled gig

"Conservatives get canceled, liberals quit laughing: How Trump's election killed comedy" (Web, Dec. 24) references a comedian's planned appearance at the University of Connecticut earlier this year and reads, "Within days, the University of Connecticut canceled Mr. Benjamin's scheduled appearance, costing him a $7,500 paycheck." This is false.

No more freebies for Congress

Rep. Sheila Jackson apparently got a free upgrade to first class on a recent United Airlines flight ("United apologizes to passenger who says U.S. Rep. got her seat," Web, Dec. 25). To make matters worse, in order to make this happen United bumped a passenger who had already reserved the seat.