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Left’s attempts have faltered

Americans are tuning out the latest attempt by Democrats to turn supporters of the president away from his assured re-election. The team of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer reinforce what Americans already know: The Democratic Party is now entirely off the rails with very little chance for redemption or recovery.

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There are 'moron leaders,' too

It is easy to buy into Mr. Tyrrell's opinion that the Democrats are relying on stupid people to help them win the 2020 election ("Dems lure voters that believe America is anti-immigrant and racist," Web, Nov. 12). However, it only speaks to one side of the equation. The other side is equally evident — those "moron leaders" who drip with venom, seeking to inflame and overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Stop feeding the insatiable beast

The federal government is a mighty maw whose revenues rarely equal expenses. Thus, Democratic presidential contenders Sen. Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a confiscatory capitalist (as if there were a real difference between the two), plan to feed the maw with a new source of government revenue — a wealth tax. This has never before been assessed in our fair land, and it is possibly unconstitutional, but nevermind — because the urgency is apparently such that the uber wealthy ought to suck it up and take one for the team every year. These proposals earn shouted hosannahs, standing ovations and rhythmic applause everywhere that economically illiterate citizens gather, the unfortunate European experience with such a tax notwithstanding.

Homelessness a health issue

If we are to resolve and make inroads into the problem of homelessness we are going to have to deal with the root causes of that condition. The price of homes is not the cause of homelessness in this country. Mental illness and drug addiction are the principal root causes of homelessness, and until that is recognized and dealt with the problem will not be resolved.

Left interferes on own just fine

The ongoing House process to impeach President Trump represents the most egregious abuse of our Constitution in our nation's history. A political party, which has been hell-bent on removing this president from the day he won the election (and even before that), is for the first time using the impeachment clause of the Constitution for blatant political purposes. Its impeachment leader, Rep. Adam Schiff, has blatantly lied to the American people — repeatedly — in the course of developing the "case" against President Trump.

New hope for Bolivia

A great victory for freedom was achieved in Bolivia this past Sunday, after Socialist President Evo Morales resigned and fled the capital, La Paz, under pressure from armed forces Chief Gen. Williams Kalimantan. The Oct. 20 elections were found to have been rigged by Cuban and Venezuelan Communists, and election monitors said the elections were fraudulent.

Keep watch on growing hatred

Liliana Segre, who at the tender age of 13 was sent to Auschwitz, is credited with the creation of a parliamentary committee against hate, racism and anti-Semitism in Italy. She's now under police protection after receiving online and offline anti-Semitic threats ("Auschwitz survivor becomes symbol of tensions in Italy," Web, Nov. 7).

Churchill comparison not fair

I've starting thinking of Andrew Napolitano as prosecutor, jury and hangman Napolitano. He's no longer the fair-minded judge of the president that he was at the beginning of Donald Trump's term in office. (I would never have accused him of being a supporter, but he seemed fair at one time.)

Trump tried to sniff out corruption

How ironic — the day Andrew P. Napolitano's op-ed ("Would Roosevelt have made a Trumpian demand with a world leader?" Web, Nov. 6) which basically accuses President Trump of a crime, is printed in The Times, the front page leads with the headline, "Legal scholars see no 'quid pro quo' crime." In reading these two pieces one can plainly see just how politically partisan this entire episode is.

Good, free and ongoing infeasible

While there is some serious question about how we would pay for the Elizabeth Warren-proposed "Medicare for All" plan, another weakness in Ms. Warren's plan should be self-evident. With no additional charges for medical-care usage, the number of individuals who previously chose or were forced by financial circumstances to avoid medical care will now be few in number. There will be an influx of such individuals into the current available medical facilities.

Left yearns for President Pence?

Donald Trump is the duly elected president of the United States. Elections are a process with winners and losers. If you don't like the outcome, you have the next election to offer your platform. That's what elections are all about.

Nats 'drought' not so long

While the Washington Nationals deserve tremendous credit for their amazing run to this year's World Series championship, this was not "the city's first [title] since 1924 — ending a 95-year drought" ("View from the top: Nationals deliver jubilant city a dream come true," Web, Oct. 31).

No basis for impeachment

What is constitutional impeachment? Where and when did it originate? When is impeachment to be used and under what circumstances? If you've wondered any of this, I recommend "Impeachment: The Constitutional Problems" by Raoul Berger. The U.S. Constitution states a president may be impeached for bribery, treason, and high crimes and misdemeanors. Bribery and treason need little explanation. The debate comes when one attempts to define high crimes and misdemeanors.

Thank you, Trump

I want to thank President Trump for igniting the economy to help so many people who want to work but who were previously unable to find jobs.

Trump not like Nixon, Clinton

Democrats are trying to point out supposed double standards at play in the GOP by pointing out that the Republicans changed the rules during the Benghazi closed-door hearings — hence why the Democrats want closed-door impeachment hearings now. But you can't compare the impeachment of a sitting president to the Benghazi closed-door hearings.

Just more of the same

As the 2020 election approaches, the cold war started by the Democrats two years ago has been ramped up to prevent the re-election of President Trump. The "whistleblower" report is essentially just a continuation of the second Steele opposition-research dossier.

Enough is enough

Since the day of his inauguration, President Trump has been the target of impeachment attempts by the Democrats. This clearly demonstrates that the left sees impeachment as a political weapon rather than as a way to protect our country from a rogue president, which is what it was designed to be. First came the manufactured Russia-collusion allegations, which consumed our politics, media and money for nearly three years and greatly inhibited our president from doing his job. Now we have the phone-call allegations.

Extremist history revision

The Washington Post obituary for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi identified the nefarious, Iraqi-born leader of the Islamic State (the one who ordered the rape, torture and murder of thousands, and who directed the bulldozing and destruction of dozens of religious sites and artifacts between June, 2014, and February, 2015) as an "austere religious scholar." I'm curious — in the interests of intellectual honesty, will The Post revise its historical record to pronounce 20th-century Nazi book burners "rigorous literary critics"?

Congress running roughshod

I'm a 74-year-old retiree and lifelong independent voter. As I watch and read about the ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Trump, I get more and more heartsick about the way Congress is behaving.